So you are probably wondering, how do you create an email campaign that has higher opens and response rates, and ultimately generates a profit?

Well, I've personally run several email marketing campaigns with various products and services, and have read extensive material on increasing your CTR's!

While, there are about 1 billion tips out there, here are 7 Tips that WILL Increase your Email Marketing CTR AND can make or break your campaign:

1. Be Specific On Your Key Message

When reading an ad, 60% of people only read the headline! Does your headline include the absolute key message of your email? This can gain or lose your reader entirely, based on how well it supports your overall email. The more consistent you are with your key messages, the higher your open-rate and click-through-rate will be.

2. Personalize Who It's “From” To Establish a Relationship

Personalizing your own account is incredibly important. Getting an email from ‘' will certainly lower your trust in the legitimacy of the sender. Instead, ‘' will encourage you to open it just a bit more. So spend the time, and personalize your email just a bit, even include a signature with your contact information.

3. Include their “Name” and “Email” using Mail Merge

Personalizing your email can easily increase your CTR. Would you really open up a message if it was directed towards ‘recipeint #123'? It's easy to set up a Mail Merge to include the name of the recipient in the body. This makes the reader feel as if the email was written specifically for them. Better yet, include their name 3 times, for increased relationship building.

4. Balance Out Your Email Content To Maintain Engagement

For every promotional email, there should be 2-3 free content emails, containing articles, events, videos, webinars, etc. If your list responsiveness is dropping, ask yourself, “how often am I sending promotional emails pushing for a sell?” Gradually, if you push too much for sales, then your list will lose interest, and loyalty. Instead, keep track of your click-through metrics to determine which readers spend the most amount of time with your emails, and which ones share often.

5. High Quality Content is King

The old saying, “quality over quantity” is incredibly important with email marketing. Providing high quality content will establish your brands status as the insightful source of information. One method of quality content, is providing information that can be used by the reader immediately. You can provide tips for your niche, a quote, or a video. Quality information will be passed along between friends and colleagues, if done right.

6. Ask Your Readers And Listen To Them

As much as you would like to think you know your readers, why not ask them? This information is absolutely invaluable! You can do this by asking them on your next email, conducting a survey (incentivized or not), or even monitoring your brand on social media. Study what they like, and dislike, and they will more than likely remain loyal to you.

7. Monitor Your Metrics, and Optimize Your Message

Testing absolutely everything is key to a successful, high conversion campaign. Most email providers allow you to test how your email will look in different browsers. As well, you should test all of your links. Also, test your images, because these can easily get different click-through-rates

There is no one particular formula for a successful campaign, but instead, email marketing allows for flexibility and optimization. Make sure to learn at absolutely every step of the way, and the results will come naturally.

Quote For Your Thoughts:

“More contact means more sharing of information,Β gossiping, exchanging, engaging – in short, more word of mouth.”

~ Gary Vaynerchuk, Author of Thank You Economy

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