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I haven't found too many useful resources on Pay-Per-Call yet in the blogosphere.

Specifically, case studies, tutorials, or videos (that are marketing/fluff-free).

But the ones that I have found, are quite informative to both beginners, intermediates, and advanced users.

Pay Per Call Webinar Of Knowledge

Pop on over to Internet Marketing Duru – Promoting Pay-Per-Call Webinar, where Shira Gal, aka Duru interviews Moufid Al-Joundi, VP Network Distribution from Mundo Media.

There is both a video, and a summarized transcript as well.

If you haven't already go and watch the video and/or read the transcript, and continue your pursuit of self-education.

How A Mobile Phone Sees The World

Want to see how a website looks like through a mobile phone (obviously minus the mobile phone)? Then check out this second post on Internet Marketing Duru – Browse Like a Mobile Phone.

You will learn how to

  • preview a site as a mobile phone
  • search for competing mobile ads on Google
  • Firefox extensions to make the site think you are a specific mobile phone
  • search for ads in specific locations using a proxy (comments section)

Here is a quick link to my favorite tool:

OfferMobi Google Search Mobile Preview

Use these towards your money-making success.

Finally, make sure to check out the Internet Marketing Duru blog regularly. Shira aka Duru posts great content in the mobile space on a regular basis.


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