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I just teamed up with Ringpartner again, and put together a great video for beginners AND in some cases, intermediates.

Google Ads Pay Per Call Bonus Features: An Overview for Beginners

This free video will complement even members already in the Exclusive PremiumPosts.

This video covers adding performance columns for data analysis, ad approval status overview, call dimensions, and segmenting ad clicks for mobile and desktop.

These are features you may have missed on your first couple run-throughs of Setting up a Pay Per Call Campaign on Google Ads.

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  1. Bro, bout the conversion tracking.
    Phone call conversions DO NOT WORK in Adwords – for some reason.
    But I found that you can add the Converted clicks column from the conversions tab when you customize your columns and this way you can actually see the conversions in Adwords as well as RR.

  2. Hey Leonidas,

    In your video, you have the PTR value around 7%. That seems like a low value, this would mean that more than 90% of the people who click don’t call…

    I was wondering if maybe there number displayed on the phone after the click is a long distance number and scare people. Can you elaborate a bit if the google forwarding phone is seen as a long distance call and if yes is there a way to fix that (have a number for each state?) to improve that metrics.



    • Hey Laurent, can you tell me at which point in the video had the 7% PTR.

      Also a low PTR isn’t relevant if your Earnings per click (EPC) is still good/profitable.

      There are no issues with long distance, or dropped calls. If the offer/ad is relevant to the caller, then they will stay on the line.

  3. Found the answer, I’ll post it here if somebody is wondering.

    How Google forwarding numbers work

    When you use a Google forwarding number with your call extension, we’ll assign a unique Google phone number to your ad. This phone number, which is either toll-free (Australia, France, Germany, Spain, US) or equivalent to a local number (UK), will show with your ad on tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. A clickable “Call” button will show with your ad on high-end mobile devices (such as iPhones and Android devices with full Internet browsers).

    With forwarding numbers, you’ll be able to see the details of your calls, and count them as conversions.

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