Pay per call marketing

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How are you? How is your pay per calling?

I've made you a new pay per call marketing guide with the absolute LATEST changes with Adwords.

Adwords Pay Per Call Marketing Guide 4.0

In this new guide, I cover:

– The latest “Call-only” ads within Adwords, and best practices for implementing

– Verifying your site for “Call-only” ads

– Creating standard “Mobile Bid Adjusted” Pay Per Call Ads.

– Pros and Cons of “Call-only” vs.ย “Mobile Bid Adjusted” ads.

Make sure you check out the “How To Start Running Pay Per Call Marketing Guide” Here.ย 


As always, thanks for checking out this guide, and feel free to ask any questions you may have ๐Ÿ™‚




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    • Hey Will,

      I called Adwords, and they didn’t have any information on an upcoming Editor update. Hopefully it’s in the works, because at the moment, you cannot bulk-create Call-only ads.

      Will update when it’s possible!

  1. Hi Leonidas,

    What are the requirements for verifying your own site route in terms of content? Need unique content? Does it have to not look like just an ad? Does my site have to be a mobile version or dynamic? Or can it be just any other regular blog post just so that you can verify?

    Thanks for the informative video!

    • Hey Lenard,

      for call-ads, you simply need to paste the verification code, OR, link your adwords account to your Google Webmaster account, which is linked to your website.

  2. Leonidas, Iโ€™m interested in the premium posts but it seems that all the PPCall training is always geared towards adwords/bing/PPC. Do you also have experience with CPV, banner ads (desktop and/or mobile) etc. in combination with PPCall and can I learn this stuff in your premium posts?

    • Hey Alex, I will be developing this content in the future for landers and PPV.

      But at the moment, click-2-call search traffic is most efficient to monetize.

  3. Thanks for the update Leonidas. Glad to see some new content here. Are you updating the premium and paid posts as well? I’d love to know how you’re doing with Pay Per Call, since you were one of its all-stars, but then like other in PPCall, seemed to disappear for awhile. I have a family now so I need to make much more than 3k a month. 10k would be a good goal, but still won’t get you very far in Los Angeles. I’m wondering if that’s possible with PPCall these days.

    • Hey Damon, glad to know you like the new content ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m waiting for an adwords editor update to include the call-only ads, which is now important.

      PPCall is still a great niche to be in, and very profitable, BUT, like anything in IM, it’s not supposed to be easy.

    • Hey Rob, the majority of the QS is still correlated with the Adcopy and CTR. The LP is only fractional compared to these metrics.

      My LP relevance was rated ‘average’ as usual, despite the LP that I used in the video.

  4. Leonidas,

    How do we bulk upload adgroups with the latest version of Editor. I don’t see “Adgroup” under any of the drop down menus. Thanks!

    • Hey Rich, It’s on the left side, under the campaign’s box.

      1. Select campaign.
      2. Select adgroups segment (bottom left).
      3. +Make multiple changes.
      4. Select ‘my data includes columns…’
      5. Paste into the spreadsheet
      6. Attach appropriate columns to your data.
      7. Process

    • Hey Sam, this video does not include setting up a WAP campaign. But it’s pretty much the same as setting up a ‘call-only’ campaign.

  5. Thanks for the 4.0 Vid.
    Sorry to ask such a basic question, but would it be possible to show exactly how you get to the part of your web-site where you have to past in the Google verification code. I am a newbie and all too often you get instructions like ‘ just paste the code between the opening and closing tags’ but unless you know where that is you can’t do it. I know that probably sounds stupid but this is my stumbling block. I am using WP. Thanks for any help.

    • Hey Fred,
      You need to login into your website through FTP (FileZilla or NotePad++). (ask your webhosting for guides and details)
      Then create a folder in your account, and within the folder, create an index.php

      Within the index.php, add the appropriate code.

      This will take about 1-2 hour of learning, but after that, it’s simple to do.

      Call up your webhost, and they will gladly guide you through the process over the phone ๐Ÿ™‚

      Feel free to ask further questions Fred!

  6. Hey Leo,

    Great to see some new content! Just two quick questions.

    1. Desktop clicks aside do you notice a better click to conversion with call only ads?
    2. Since these ads can only go to a phone call do you know if Google will / is putting less emphasis on the QS of the website?

    Thanks again.

    • Hey Jamie, these are great questions, and I don’t yet have the answer to them.

      1. These should convert the same as previous call-only ads. The Conversion is mostly on the call-center line, and the relevance to the actual consumer.
      2. QS is primarily based on CTR (click-through rate), followed by Ad-copy relevance. As you saw in my video, the landing page was irrelevant. The ‘Landing page experience’ was average as it always is.

  7. Hey Leonidas,

    For the “Call-only” ads, do we need to use/purchase custom domain for the LP that is relavant to the offer we are promoting and does that help with the quality score. Or will a generic domain be sufficient ?

    Are you seeing better performance with “Call-onlyโ€ vs. โ€œMobile Bid Adjustedโ€ ads in your campaigns ?


    • Hey Eric, the majority of my current campaigns are still Mobile-bid adjusted. Adwords has not updated their Adwords Editor to allow mass ad building for ‘call-only’ ads yet.

      Still waiting on this feature.

    • Hey Mike, it means:

      Your bid on your ads x Mobile Adjust Bid

      ie. $0.30 x 300% Mobile adjust = $1.20 Actual max bid for MOBILE

      Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hi Leonidas,
    Great video as always! A couple questions.
    1. I’m finding with all my call-only ad campaigns volume is much lower and bids are generally higher compared to text ads (w/ call extension and 300% mobile bid modifier). Are you experiencing the same?
    2. With my text ad campaigns the call extension is only appearing on the ads about a third of the time. My QS is about 6-8/10. Any ideas of how to increase the percentage of ads the call extension appears on?
    Much appreciated,

  9. I see everyone doing call only – not wanting clicks to their website. Have you guys tested call only vs allowing boh call ext and clicks to website? I run a campaign that gets a ton of phone calls from desktop traffic as well, once they are on my lander.

    • Hey Ryan, test both, and see what works for you. Keep in mind, LP clicks may lower call-through rates (going from LP to phone call).

  10. Hi do you track anything with Paypercall with any tracking program like voluum or cpv lab like how you would for regular affiliate marketing??

    I am super interested but dont know where to start pay per call !

    • Hey Kim, call tracking is mostly done through the invoca platform. Fortunately, there are a few more new call-tracking solutions being used now.

      You can track paypercall with Voluum, but you need a call-tracking platform to send a conversion to Voluum/CPV lab.

    • Hey James, this is definitely possible for you, but keep in mind, you will have large competitors in your niche. I recommend building a brand around your name first.

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