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How are you? How is the pay per calling?

I'll make this brief:

Google Ads Pay Per Call Verification Update

Google Ads is requiring verification of all phone numbers used with call extensions – as of June.

Yet, with direct mobile click-2-call, a landing page is still irrelevant to quality score, but now required.


The strategy I've used for 2 years was to find a slightly related domain on Google, and use that as a domain.

Calls would always go to your phone number, and avoid the landing page altogether.

This would save time on building a landing page, AND give you a slight boost in Quality score.


The latest Call-only ads from Google Ads introduced phone number verification.

Simply put, you just need to have the phone number from your Call Extension visible somewhere on your website,

OR, simply place the Google Ads Conversion script onto your website/landing page to verify your website. To see how to add your Google Ads Conversion script to your landing page, check out the Google Ads Pay Per Call Marketing 4.0 Guide here.

Quality Score

One COMMON question I get asked is about quality score. After years of experience and data, as well as, hours on the phone with Google Ads specialists, your QUALITY SCORE FOR CALL-ONLY ADS works like this:

[CTR: Click-through Rate] x [Ad Title/Description Relevance] x Time

Click-through Rate (CTR)

To increase your CTR, increase your bid for a short duration to get some clicks on your ad. This will let adwords know your ad WILL be clicked by other users.

Ad Title/Description Relevance

Have your keyword in the ad. At least 1 or 2 times. When you search using Google, you will see the keyword you are looking for highlighted for visibility. This is what Google Ads wants.


Your account history is important, along with the history of your ads. Your Costs will decrease over time as you continue to get clicks.

Your Landing Page has little Relevance

Once again, for call-only ads, your landing page has little relevance to your quality score. If you are running desktop or tablet traffic to your landing page, then your LP will have more relevance, but the majority still comes from the above equation.

For more information on the new verification process, go here:

Finally, feel free to ask questions, I will gladly answer them!



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  1. So if we are using a service such s unbounce will we be able to verify site ownership and phone number?

  2. Hi. I currently have some high performing ads (using call extensions) to drive calls for a third party I am working with that are working very well so this new change is a bit a pain. The numbers I am using are not currently on their site as they are specific to the campaigns to help analyse performance etc. I would be interested to know about verification process for new call only ads, specifically how long does it take (there was talk of ads taking 7 days originally) and is automated approval like regular ads or does an actual human check the verification URL to check the number is on there? When submitting a call only ad does it automatically go “Under Review”? Any advice would be welcome so I know what to expect when I finally succumb to creating new ads before 2 June. Thanks

    • Hey James, the verification is done automatically. A google bot simply scans your page for a phone number, or the verification script.

      With a new account, it will always go under review, to verify payment method, domain registrar, and IP’s (to ensure you haven’t been banned before).

      • Hi Leonidas. Thanks for your reply. Normally ads get approved within a couple of minutes but I noticed in your video that your ad went “Under Review” which normally happens if it detects a potential issue (such as Trademark etc). I wasnt referring to the account being under review (which I know can happen with new accounts) but rather the ad itself. Do all new Call Only ads show as under review initially and generally how long before they get approved in your experience? I heard it was taking days or is that not the case?

        • Hey James, call up adwords support. They will fast-track your approval if it takes more than 1-2 days. Call ads need to verify the code, and I’ve had another affiliate tell me his call-extension phone numbers are still awaiting verification despite having the script & the number on the page.

          I haven’t had issues thus far, but I still like running the older call-extension ads.

  3. Hi Leonidas. Thanks for your feedback. Just setting up new call only campaigns and noticed that i cant reproduce my best performing display URL format on it. Having tested various options in the past i now always remove the “www” from the display URL ie “”. When I set new call only ads up with this it saves it but then adds the “www” in to the live ad so “” shows live as “”. Do you have any thoughts or experience on how to get the system to show what I want. Its a while since I set any new campaigns up so not sure if they changed something along the way. Your thoughts?

    • Hey James, this is not something I am familiar with. I usually just plug in whatever URL, and in this case, a validated URL. I’m not sure what the issue is for you though. You DONT want the ‘www’?

  4. Hi Leo. In your Pay per call Adwords 4.0 video you used a simple landing page as an example for Call Only Ads. My question is: If we buy a new domain and only upload a landing page like in your video, with no other content on the website, privacy policy, contact us page…etc, will Google accept our LP and will we get traffic?

    • Hey Dani, great question. I recommend adding at least a basic privacy policy, and T&C page.

      Just generate one online, and use that. It’s really that simple.

      Also include some very basic text. Otherwise, that’s all you need if you REALLY want an LP for call-only ads.

      Good luck Dani

  5. What if you have multiple offers and numbers on one domain? Will google approve all the numbers on that one domain?

  6. Hey Leonidas.

    I know from previous posts you still use call extensions and there was meant to be a policy change on 2nd June with any “unverified” phone numbers becoming disapproved and also the removal of the “Just the Phone Number” setting so mobile clicks on call extension ad headlines clicking through to the website and only clicks to the “call” button generating a phone call. I am in UK and have not seen any changes at all to either of these. Have you (or anyone else reading this) seen any changes wherever you are??

    • Hey James, ironically, I also haven’t seen a solid change on live accounts. But who knows. It’s probably a slow-sweeping change.

      Also, many affiliates are experiencing issues with traffic and the call-only feature, so this maybe still in the works.

      I’m still doing the 300% mobile bid adjustments ads (which still gather 96%+ of the click-2-call traffic).

      Goodluck James

  7. Hi
    I’m creating a new Call-only ad in Adwords for the first time.
    Once I get the phone number from RingPartner (for example 855-533-9999), How should I write it in Adwords ?: 855-533-9999 or 8555339999 ?

  8. Hey Leo, I’m on the grind thanks for all the Game…question? Can I use a free version of example:

    Use a Subdomain of or etc.

    A great way to get your website started


    to create landing pages and submit it to for the verification url as well and get approved on Adwords?

    And, or can I place the Adwords Conversion script onto the free hosted version weebly

    website/landing page to verify the website, if so can you give some direction how to ad the script. And

    if not do you have knowledge of any free resources for creating landing pages that we can use to get

    approved for Adwords and Ringpartners Campaigns, All Mighty One?

    P.S. Or am I stuck shoving out more cash for a website, landing page and hosting …and if so does the domain name matter since its purpose is for marketing…example could I use and run a ton of campaigns using or verifying the same one for all ?

    Please, Advise All Mighty One !


    • Great questions!

      You can definitely use as your general domain, and use it for multiple campaigns. Keep in mind, your URL will show in the ad, so it will be relevant for CTR (the people clicking will most likely read it).

      You can use weebly to verify your domain, if you can place your phone number on the domain.

      I personally use a server with Cloudways, and you can create multiple websites on it very quickly, and attach multiple domain names without a problem. (Should probably make a guide about this).

      • Come on Leo! Give up the name of the Robot…I am a seasoned Trader…or did the Robot mutiny on you? Are you still running it?

        • Hey Orlando, it was B3 blessing robot. It’s MT4-based, and severally outdated by now. You would still need to optimize it extensively, using the old MT4 single-system optimization methods.

          Good luck 🙂

  9. FYI I didn’t my little pony was an actual website (it posted wow! who knew?…makes me feel all warm inside…eew…anyway back to business) sorry just an example of if any name qualifies to run marketing? but I see u gave a thumbs up for …the free version? wanna get this thing up n running doin my second homework 1st wk…move out of the way…Full Steam Ahead!!!

  10. Hi Leonidas,
    I am trying to Run Travel (Pay Per Call Campaign) but it gets suspended again and again ( creating accounts from different ip’s). Google Support has no answer as it is strictly adhering Google Policies.
    Many People are running the campaigns and their ads running completely fine. I am loosing my business. Please Help!

      • Can’t we run the generic keywords like airline booking, cheap flights, etc…?
        There is no as such policy for the suspension even if he target the airlines keywords but why does Google suspends the account?

  11. One of the best articles I have come across. Thank you very much for sharing such an amazing information. I’m looking forward to reading such more posts in future as well.

  12. Question why do you need a website to get verified if you’re running call only ads? And what kind of website or landing page does it have to be in order to get verified, does it have to be congruent with the pay per call ad you’re running?

    • Hey Ashley, the website verification is to prevent running ads using someone elses domain. Ie. Running ads as, instead of your own website (your website domain is still included in the ad-copy, but does not lead to a landing-page click).

      Secondly, only the business name of the adcopy needs to be congruent with the website name.

  13. Hi Leonidas,

    For the phone number, I’m assuming the affiliate company gives it to us once we get approved for the offer, right? Then we put it on our website somewhere.

    Just want to make sure that’s the case, as I’m stuck on the number part right now while I’m awaiting approval for some offers. Thanks!

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