If you missed it, Mike from RingPartner and I did a webinar covering some really hot topics in creating Google Ads pay per call campaigns.

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I include what I do now, as of this moment, with my adwords pay per call campaigns (minus of course, the good stuff in the PremiumPosts 😉

Google Ads Pay Per Call Strategies Webinar With RingPartner

If you are in the pay per call and search engine space, then you CAN'T miss out on this video.

Also, congratulations to one of our PremiumPosts members, Ravi, on his outstanding success.

Ravi winning with pay per call and adwords

Ravi winning with pay per call and adwords

Great work Ravi 🙂



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  1. Awesome Job, Looking to get in on this action. Worked with a coach that scammed me for 3k “Still fighting that battle” but know this business model is where I want to be. I got more out of your basic videos then that entire couse. Lost money but learn a few things. Is you training simply videos or is it one on one training. I’m interested thanks Thanks -Reggie

    • Hey Reginald, the course consists of weekly videos that ease you into paypercall into an advanced level.

      Feel free to message me with questions 🙂

    • Hey Thiago, simply apply all of the basic principles I teach on this site to the spanish language (select spanish within adwords).

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