Antalya is Fantastic For Some Sunshine

Being the number one tourism destination in Turkey, Antalya has great sunny weather, warm blue oceans, and a super relaxed vibe.

I most enjoyed the mix of ancient Greek history that gradually evolved into the Ottoman Empire over the millennia.

While at night time Antalya was a brisk 10*C in November, in the day time, you can casually stroll around in shorts and catch some sunshine and Vitamin D.

There is even a fantastic salsa dancing scene here.

Below is a brief video review of Antalya, Turkey.

4 Days in Antalya

Walking around Antalya was a blast, because the touristic and social parts mostly reside along the coast.

At one point, I didn't get off at my bus stop, and ended up on a 2 hour long bus ride to the fringes of the city.

Otherwise, everything is walkable in Antalya.

Bonus: A Sand Sculpture Museum

To get here, simply visit Lara beach by bus, and use your Maps app to find these super amazing sand sculptures.

Conclusion for Antalya, Turkey

Antalya could be a great place to park yourself for a month or two, but I would say it's more ideal for a short visit to decompress from life, and absorb some sunshine.

There is also a language barrier, so learning Turkish is a huge benefit if you decide to stay longer.

Otherwise, Antalya is beautiful, historic, and highly recommended!

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