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BingAds Call Extension Update For 2018

Hey you!

If you are tired of playing around with Google Ads, then maybe you've taken a look at BingAds?

While the amount of mobile traffic on BingAds is a fraction of Google Ads…

Monthly mobile traffic for the search term ‘Divorce Lawyer' in the USA on BingAds

It's still there, and in many cases it's cheaper traffic due to lower competition.

I've updated the BingAds tutorial to better reflect the current way to setup things up.

If you are a member of the PremiumPosts, you can check out the updated video below:

Week 7: BingAds Call Extensions

Expect an updated tutorial on how to use the BingAds Editor to import, create or edit campaigns very shortly.

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  • Hey Leo,

    I paid 3 days ago and I still do not have access to the content :s I'm only seeing your travel blog and some adwords content but not any of the weekly videos. Please advise.

    Thank you :)