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Guess, what? It's taken a long time, but we finally get:

Bing Click-to-call Extensions


What does that mean for you and me? An entire traffic source to play with!

Previously with BingAds, you could only make WAP mobile ads (anything that is not a ‘smartphone') with the click-2-call feature. This accounted for nearly NO traffic whatsoever.

Bing WAP ads

WAP (non-smartphone) ads

Even still, Google holds about 90% of the mobile search market share in the US, BUT that means there is a huge 10% performed using Bing mobile.

Call Extension For Smart Phones

So here we have a Bing Ad Call Extension, similar to what Google Ads has had for nearly 3 years now.

Bing Ads Call Extensions

Smartphone & Desktop Bing Call extension

Setting Up A Call Extension

Bing Call extensions are super sweet!

Bing Call extensions are super sweet!

So what are the benefits?

You get to display ‘just the phone number', which leads directly into a phone call. This increases your Conversion Rate (CVR) substantially, if you are driving call traffic.

This also means you are getting (theoretically) only ‘Carrier'-capable traffic, and not wi-fi traffic. This means the users are making calls, instead of ipods, ipads, e-readers, etc.

Furthermore, the costs on BingAds is substantially lower than Google Ads, due to lower competition, at least in some verticals.

And The Down-sides?

After a bit of testing (and a few pay-per-call conversions), I've noticed some bugs, such as clicks to my site, instead of direct calls.

This happened on Google Ads for a bit, and was eventually fixed, or masked somehow. BingAds will fix this eventually as well.

Also Day-parting still sucks as my previous post mentions, and traffic volume is dwarfed by Google Ads.

Rinse, Import, Repeat

Luckily, Bing has some sweet importing features, so I imported a couple of my campaigns from Google Ads, and let them loose. Already my ROI is 400-500% with BingAds with Call extensions.

So go, now, and start using this new untouched traffic source for the greater good 🙂

For the BingAds Call Extension news release, go here.

Buenos Dias!


Read This Update (Oct 17th, 2013):

So after running a few more campaigns, there is a HUGE issue still in the BingAds system.

Ads are NOT click-2-call only (for the time being). You will get click-2-calls on your mobile ads, BUT the link to your site will still be there.

Which sucks because this lowers your PPCall conversion rate for the time being.

There is a discrepancy between Ad-impressions, and Call-extension impressions…

Which means that Bing doesn't get the same amount of traffic volume from Wifi-vs-Carrier, and they don't currently filter it one way or the other.

This means for now, a Landing-page is still required, regardless of how basic you make it (headline, text, click-2-call).

Hopefully, BingAds introduces click-2-call-only sometime soon.

Quote of The Day

One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.

~Elbert Hubbard


  1. What’s your split like Bing vs. Adwords? Do you do majority on both, or just take what’s working in your Adwords and export to Bing?

    My only one I got going on Bing was WAP last month, got traffic but only managed around $300 profit as the offer vanished.

    I’ve yet to try mobile search though. Need to man up and just get going.

    What do you use for your LP’s?

    • WAP is amazing, but traffic is limited.

      I took what worked on Adwords, and transferred it to Bingads, BUT BingAds can also work for other campaigns due to their lower cost in some niches.

      Give everything a try. I’m surprised at some of the stuff that works.

  2. Thanks for the update on this post. Is the conclusion that you NEED an LP for Bing click to call campaigns, or that they aren’t really worth running right now until they fix this discrepancy?

    • Recommend a LP right now as traffic slips through. Still worth testing, as some keywords seem to get heavy LP clicks, while others do decent with call-extensions.

  3. “Call Extensions have the added benefit of allowing you to designate your ads as call only ads.” Got that from Bing Ads documentation. They say they can be call only ads. Any updates on if the issue is resolved?

    • Hey Jerdei,

      Unfortunately, you will still get a lot of clicks that are not click-2-calls on bing ads.

      This is due to Nokia/Windows phones having a ‘search’ button which uses the bing search engine, yet doesn’t necessarily display the ‘click to call’ button.

      So, issue still not resolved, but you can use the script I have in the premiumposts to bypass this issue for smartphones.

  4. Hey Leonidas,

    Thanks for great tutorial.
    Is it possible to track conversions for Click2Call search campaign on Bing on keyword basis, like it was shown in your Adwords pey per call video? Or only clicks2call though landing page can be tracked?

    • Hey Alex, US bing ads users can implement call conversion tracking for keywords.

      You can also try calling Bing Ads to see if they will implement it, but I haven’t tried.

  5. Hi Leonidas
    I haven’t tested any offer of pay per click before and I want to try I’ve budget of 500£ in my bing balance account I’m afraid of the loss of my money without result . I don’t know what you mean by LP for mobile. What do you advise me ?
    looking forward for your reply.
    Thanks in advance

    • Hey Ilyass,

      Bing ads is fairly inexpensive due to low competition. Nonetheless, $500 should be fine. You will need to use a landing page, because about 60% of the clicks on your ad will go to the landing page, instead of the call extension (if you set it up properly).

      Set your campaign to mobile only, and ads to mobile only.

  6. thanks for ur reply
    could you please tell me more about landing page because this the first time I hear something like this for mobile. there any cours ?

    • Hey Ilyass, feel free to search for mobile landing pages. Try looking for click-2-call landing pages.

      You can test out dudamobile, to understand them 🙂

  7. thanks again
    Question puzzled me is how do I get my earnings
    As an example if someone call this number 999-999-9999
    I’ll get my earnings or there is tracking software in the link ? I mean each publisher with a particular number and this is impossible. could you please explain me ?

    • Hey Jamie, unfortunately this is an issue that still occurs with bing, and you can’t change anything with it. I offer a direct-to-call php script in the premiumposts you can check out, which will force a phone call for mobile devices.

      But either way, you will have to deal with headline clicks in bing ads.

  8. Yea I’m using the script but still getting a ton of headline clicks! Just thought maybe there was something else. No worries though, thanks for you help.

    • No probs Jamie 🙂

      Fortunately, the bids are low on bing ads at the moment. And you can even contact them for a credit if you spend a fortune on headline clicks.

  9. hey Leonidas, recently came across your stuff which I think is really awesome. Seems like the new Bing Ads platform doesn’t have option for Wap Ads anymore? or am I missing something

  10. Hi Leonidas,

    Thanks to your article, I started using Click To Call on Bing Ads. Problem is, say, if the Ad Impression says 100, the Call extensions show maybe 5 impressions. This on campaigns that are a minimum of QS 8.

    How do I increase the impressions of the call extension? No help on Bing support anywhere.
    Thank you

    • Hey Mark, this is an issue with Bing Ads, which doesn’t always display the click-2-call extension.

      Not something you can directly control at the moment with Bing Ads.

  11. Hey, needed some help on something. I was running ads on Bing. I had 1 keyword getting over
    3,000 impressions per day. My payment expired and the ads got paused. Once I updated the payment, the impressions never came back. No one can seem to tell me why? Any help is appreciated.

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