Adwords Flyer Case Study


So what could be better than really pushing what you've learned into action?

How about combining an offer, flyer, and adwords into a full out campaign to generate online cash?

If learning how to make money online isn't for you, then stop right here!

Otherwise, continue, because this can get ugly!


So now that I have your interest, let's move right ahead into the details.

What is the Offer?

Take 1 offer from the various CPA networks: MyPCBackup (or JustCloud).

This offer is special, because it converts on both a lead (CPL) for $4-6.50, or on a sale (CPS) for $105-164.

  • Offer: MyPCBackup/JustCloud
  • Cost-Per-Lead: $4-6.50+
  • Cost-Per-Sale: $105-164+

If I go directly to the business that sells this service, I could probably net more, but they have yet to respond as of this post.

Also, why not consider saving your precious files, music, documents, and dreams onto the web? You will be happy knowing you can show your friends, boss, lover all of your amazing photos, files, movies from anywhere in the world, as they massage your ego into how amazing your new found cloud drive is. Furthermore, if you lose everything in that one freak laptop accident, you will feel safe knowing your data and hopes are secure.

Feel free to backup your life with MyPCBackup Here.

So Google Ads it Up?

Anyone who has used adwords knows it's quite the financial sink. Luckily, you can get a $100 credit for Google Ads Here.

As of week 1, I am testing 6 ad copies, with 151 keywords. I won't reveal my high CTR ad's just yet, but here are the ones that don't have a high CTR (Click-Through-Rate):

Low CTR Google Ads ad-copy

As a hint, the higher converting copy involves using a “quote” from a real person in the description, instead of generic features.

Furthermore, the keywords themselves are all long-tail keywords, with 4-5+ words. You can do your keywords research with Market Samurai, which I highly recommend.

So what use is this adwords campaign?

Our Super-Incredible Test Flyer

Yes! While reading Ca$hvertising by Eric Whitman (highly recommended), (which focuses on everything related to effective marketing, ad-copy, and selling anything to anyone), I stumbled upon some cash-worthy gold nuggets:

  1. Ask a question in the headline/description
  2. Sell the Benefits, not the features
  3. Include quotes from real people
  4. always have a call-to-action
Using these tips of glory, I created one of the most glorious flyers ever (still in development)!

Flyer of Glory

This is a 8in x 5.5in flyer, single color (for the purpose of testing). There are 2 offers (a generic BizOpp, and the PCBackup), to offer a potential for separate conversions.

The large space in the center will include a custom domain name that simply redirects to my tracking platform, and from there onto the offer. I could test a landing page, but preferably I should test the flyer first.

Thankfully, Craigslist featured a company that is offering an incredible deal for flyer printing… 5000 Flyers for $70? Single color, 8×5.5.

So how are we going to distribute these flyers for testing?

The Foot Work of Distribution

There are various malls in my area that allow for mass distribution. They have incredible potential since the traffic easily exceeds 5000+ on a daily basis.

To avoid soliciting, these flyers will be pinned to cars in high volume areas.


With a bit of assistance, blood sweat, tears, and gatorade, 5000 flyers can easily be distributed within a weekend.
Furthermore, we have Google Ads testing through various ad-copy to determine the highest converting copy.
We will know if this method works after getting some traffic, and seeing if any of it converts, right?


As the brand Nike says, “Just Do It”. So throw on those sneakers, get yourself some liquid drink, and get a move on.

Perhaps you have found a more efficient way of managing this kind of campaign?

Quote of the Day:

“Audiences everywhere are tough. They don't have time to be bored or brow beaten by orthodox, old fashioned advertising.”

~ Craig Davis, Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide J. Walter Thompson


  1. Hey Leonidas, great setup for your campaign. Was interested how it all is turning out! I’m still relatively new to the PPC world, but I do know that people are the key. Hope to hear more soon about the results. Thanks!

    • Hey Michael,

      The campaign is currently in progress, and we will know the results within a week.

      Thanks for the interest πŸ™‚

  2. this was done wrong I can make $4000 distributing 10,000 for a specific pay per call vertical in 4 days!!!! with about $500 in expenses so $3500 in 4 days over n over n over again. Yes with flyer distribution+paypercall

      • never have someone go to a website or any other link online when running a print campaign….. NEVER!!!!! Only have them call the 800 promo phone number! I’ve sold on average 15,000 plus satellite tv system a year as an affiliate marketer. Your ad was way too busy and you had NO WHITE SPACE left in the ad. LESS IS BETTER!

  3. Hi Leo! ΒΏAre you still using market samurai for keyword research?
    I’m looking for long tail keywords research for pay per call πŸ™‚
    Your blog is awesome, keep it up with the case studies!
    By the way, are you coming to Southamerica? πŸ™‚

    • Hey Nicolas,

      For mobile marketing, most queries are 2-4 keywords regardless. So long-tail won’t work too well, unless you are targeting desktop traffic.

      Thanks for the compliments, and South America is still up for discussion. Specifically Colombia and the area πŸ™‚

  4. Tested this flyer distribution concept again here r the results 1/4 page flyer 10,000 of them put out 2000 a day this time leaving 15-20 at a time i left them at the counters where the cash registers are(point of sale) at high foot traffic convenience stores….result….$8400 in profit in 1 week….u did flyers wrong on ur test…it has to be a mass appeal product and has to be a needed product…not a want type…auto insurance is a mist have….very very high response rate…hope this helps…offline is still viable as is flyers if placed with a little think time πŸ™‚

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