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Review: Cashvertising: 100 Ad-Agency Secrets, Sell Anything To Anyone

Want Better Results From Your Advertising? Ad expert Drew Eric Whitman says:

“I'll teach you more about how to create powerfully effective moneymaking advertising than your competitors will know in their entire careers-guaranteed!”

Ok, so did that catch your attention?

I couldn't have written something more catching, and smooth than a professional ad-copy marketer like Drew Eric Whitman. This man is a genius, not by chance or luck, but by knowledge, expertise, and application!

He is author of “Cashvertising: How to Use More Than 100 Secrets of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make BIG MONEY Selling Anything to Anyone”.

Ca$hvertising is perhaps one of the most influential, most enthusiastic books I have ever read. If you are into consumer psychology, advertising, or would even like to REALLY know why you bought that $149 pair of shoes, then this is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ!

Better yet, this does not read like a text book. I am currently reading another book about developing your web presence, and in sharp contrast to THAT book, Cashvertising is written to flow. It is written to interest!

The entire book can be seen as an active case study, as you learn the techniques Drew talks about, yet AS YOU ARE READING THEM, you catch them being used to catch your interest in the process! Very, very intriguing!

So, What's In It For Me? (WIIFM)

The book is broken down into only 4, but VERY conscious opening chapters. Remember, the book ACTIVELY uses the same techniques it teaches, from the titles, to the chapters, and sentence structures.

Chapter 1. What People REALLY Want

Remember Maslows Heirarchy of needs? Well, advertisers have figured out the needs consumers that will get consumers to BUY. We have the Life-Force 8, which appeal to our most basic, primal, and strongest desires. Then we have the 9 Learned (Secondary) Human Wants, typically built upon from social conditioning (what people tell us, and what we think is right).

Chapter 2: How To Get Inside Their Heads: The 17 Foundational Principles of Consumer Psychology

Now we enter some very heavy psychological and sociological theory, specifically related to advertising and marketing. We start with “The Fear Factor – Selling the Scare” being the most basic, and transition into “Ego Morphing – instant identification”, “The Means-End Chain”, and “Examples vs. Statistics”.

There are a total of 17 theories, and the great part is, they are NOT over-complicated scientific article-style reads. Instead, these theories are written simply enough to learn, AND understand.

Chapter 3: Ad-Agency Secrets: 41 Proven Techniques For Selling Anything To Anyone

This chapter is all about application using REAL, statistically tried and tested case-studies to apply immediately. While reading these, you start becoming aware of the methods being actively used on you as well. Very, very cool!

While there are 41 techniques, let's take 3 as an example.

The Psychology of “Social Proof”

People BELIEVE testimonials. Who is your dentist, or car mechanic, or what about that movie you just saw or restaurant you ate at? Were they referred to you by someone? In most cases, yes.  You received a testimonial telling you how great their service is, and you decided to go along for the ride. Better yet, some people ONLY respond and act based on testimonials from friends, relatives or even third-parties (think ‘video reviews').

If your customer is satisfied, get their testimonial. You would be doing a great disservice to yourself by not getting that testimonial. In many cases, a strong testimonial will engage the reader to act WAY MORE than your ENTIRE sales letter, or ad!

Directing Mental Movies

I'm not particularly good at this (yet), so here is an excerpt straight from the book:

“Would you rather eat a fruit tart, or a big slice of deep-dish bing cherry pie made from freshly picked, organic fruit, and a flaky, handmade, buttery crust, topped with a big scoop of double-churned vanilla-bean ice cream? Ooooh, look how all the sweet cherry juice flows our every time your fork sinks into that nice, thick slice. Yeah… put a little whipped cream on it, will ya? Wow…did you ever see so much fruit?!”

Simply put, write an ad that appeals to the 5 senses. Better yet, if you can get a ‘sensationalized' testimonial from a happy customer… you just scored BIG TIME!

Guarantees that Guarantee Higher Response

I love Walmart. Why? Not because of their supposed low prices (not always true), or the fact that they have everything, but because of their returns policy!

Offering a money-back guarantee instills trust into the customer, who thinks, “wow this product must be really good, I guess I will try it out for 60 days, and if it's not what I need, then I will return it”. Well guess what, a very small percentage of consumers who think this way, actually end up returning the product. They become confident with the product, and it avoids the “beat the clock” mindset of using products and sending them back within the minimum time.

Walmart does it, car companies do it, and even consultants do it (satisfaction guaranteed or your money back)!

Chapter 4: Hot List: 101 Easy Eays To Boost Your AD Response

Finally, we have a HUGE check-list of writing response boosting ad-copy.

These are 5-10 word summarized of what your brain should be actively processing when dissecting, and optimizing your ad. A cheat-sheet to simplify even further.

Why You Should Get Cashvertising Today

Alright, so Advertising – plain and simple – is the goal of increasing sales by interesting people enough in a product or service that they ultimately trade their money for it!

Cashvertising did exactly that, from the writing, to the theories, to the practical application, to the real-life statistics, and finally to seeing HOW and WHY they all work!

Even more importantly, this is one of the few books that I will keep by my side on every new marketing campaign.

So go ahead, get this book today (from your Local library, or Amazon), read it, then walk into your local mall, or read that magazine, and SEE everything from Cashvertising in Action!

P.S. Quote from the Author

“P.S. I knew you'd read the P.S. How? Because the P.S. is one of the most important parts of any sales letter, and it's often read first, before the body copy. Always use the P.S. to restate your offer here. Repeat your contact information, and push your prospect to take action! Now, turn the page and start reading!”

~ Drew Eric Whiteman, Author of Cashvertising

Leonidas K.

Leonidas is an incredible Web Developer, amazing Digital Marketer, and outstanding Brand Ambassador. He is the author of various exciting case studies in digital marketing. Make sure to read them to make your life so much better!

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  • Thank you, Leonidas, for this wonderful review of my book CA$HVERTISING. It's so greatly appreciated! <HANDSHAKE> Drew.