Adwords Pay per call advertising

Google Ads is expensive… Am I right?

I loath those days of dropping a cool $100 on roughly 20-30 clicks to a website… that's insane!

But before you read, I recommend you brush up on your PPC knowledge. Otherwise, be warned, I simplified this as much as I could.

$100+/Click On Google Ads?

For example, I was researching the cost to advertise “personal injury lawyers” offer, and found this out…

Personal Injury Lawyer PPC Cost

Yep… $70-150+ per click… Now this obviously makes sense if you are involved with hundred thousand dollar settlements, so it's totally normal.

I will assume their ROI (return on investment) is at least 100% of their advertising budget, if not more.

Now in the case of pay-per-call affiliate marketing, the offer pay-out can range from $2-50+. Our goal is to also have a profitable ROI, and traffic that we can leverage into the hundreds and thousands.

When you have 2 advertisers bidding on the same keywords, with the same pay-out, what comes out on top, is the “Quality Score” of the ad and landing-page.

I won't go into too much detail on this, but here is a quick overview of “Quality Score” for Google Ads.

Now we understand that the cost of your click is based on Max Bid, Click-through-rate (CTR), and Quality Score (QS), allow me to extrapolate further with…

Optimized Landing Pages?

Thanks to the click-to-call feature within Google Ads, you can GREATLY improve your quality score using a variety of landing page/web-site techniques, to lower your Cost-per-click. In some cases, without ever even needing a landing page!

Here is an example of what I mean:

I've used 4 drastically different landing pages, but used the same keywords and ad-copy within Google Ads.

Cheaper Google Ads Pay-per-call advertising

The Quality score of the landing page/website dramatically influences your costs, and could ultimately prove between a positive and negative ROI.

Don't want to spend the time and money figuring out which, how and why landing pages work?

Google Ads Pay-Per-Call Mastery!

Luckily, in the upcoming Google Ads Pay-Per-Call Mastery Course, I will be revealing the simple and advanced techniques I use to lower Google Ads click-costs considerably, with respect to Pay-Per-Call advertising!

Lower Google Ads Pay-Per-Call Advertising Costs

Lower costs for your pay-per-call campaign are extremely important, when you are facing the challenge of calls not always going through, conversion issues, and obviously competition.

Lowering your CPC (in this example) from $4 to $0.45 can, once again, mean the conclusion between losing money, having a 50-100% ROI, and being extremely profitable!

Like I said, I will show you how I did this within the upcoming Google Ads Pay-Per-Call Mastery.

It's coming!


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  1. Awesome! I’m doing pay per call and make some money on WAP phone but smartphone campaigns are break even. Want to buy it as soon as it was launched and give review.

  2. Hey Leonidas, love your blog, when is the course going to launch and how much its going to cost? (please dont do it expensive :))

  3. Hi Leonidas,

    Great information – not sure how I’ve missed this article in the past.

    1) So, as I understand it, even when building Tap To Call campaigns on AdWords, the landing page Quality Score still counts even though the visitor will never actually be redirected to it?

    2) Also, just curious if you plan to provide your expertise as a Pay Per Call mastery course, or if you have decided to just continue to release these wonderful blog posts for the training instead? I realize that it may be difficult to provide it as a course since Google occasionally makes significant changes to AdWords etc, however, if you do ever launch it as a course, I would love to know if there is somewhere for me to put my name on the list to be informed for when you do offer it if I’m not on it already.

    Kind regards as usual,


    • Hey Randall,

      A relevant LP is definitely useful for a higher QS, despite the direct click to call.

      The course is in the works, despite the lack of news. Just been traveling lately ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks again Randall.

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