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I created a nice video on how to look at pay per call offers.

How To Choose Pay Per Call Offers

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To summarize, things that I cover in the video:

  • apply to all offers in a network
  • Network EPC vs. 30 Day EPC
  • Network EPC does not indicate actual performance due to IVR filtering
  • Network EPC could also be an indicator of network fraud (in rare cases)
  • MAX an affiliate may be paying to generate a phone call
  • I analyze the EmpireToday offer
  • Collecting keywords from descriptions
  • Offer payout details, and my personal preferences
  • collecting keywords for an offer using the domain and the keyword planner tool
  • Finding offers from the advertiser to place into your adcopy
  • I analyze the ‘free cruise offer'
  • suggest running it on cheap, un-directed traffic
  • Suggest attempting every offer to collect data, and gain experience
  • Using data collected from previous offers, onto new offers
  • Trying different things lets you become more creative
  • Some offers are easier to convert than others, for the same niche

Now, EXCLUSIVE things that I missed:

  • VERY IMPORTANT: TEST-Call the offer, to listen to the IVR (press 1, press 2, etc) process
    • I actually DO lose money to this sometimes because I don't bother with this one. TEST the offer.
  • Don't run the TOP 3 promoted offers… usually they are the highest competition, and have the highest costs


Be FIRST on offers.

Nothing better than catching a new trend/offer-type in the pay per call niche.

When ‘lawn care' and ‘storage' offers came into the pay per call space, those who jumped on the offers right away made THOUSANDS!

I was a bit late, and didn't have the creativity at the time, so I missed out on those πŸ˜‰

Once again, read that list, and Get To it!

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  1. Hey , where can I buy phone numbers that already have a lot if traffic going to it . You mentioned it in the video as a way to promote the cruise offer .

    • Hey Inyang,

      This is not something I’m familiar with myself. I got it through the grape-vine of information on the net.

      But these exist usually with numbers of businesses that go defunct, yet people still see the ads.

  2. Hi Leo, Great video, a few questions :
    1, I am trying to understand whats the importance of calculating the max amount paid by dividing the Network EPC by 100 . In the ADT home security offer you calculated this amount about 17$ but on the same page it states that the payout is 55$ per call. So are we as the affiliate getting paid 55 $ or 17$ per successful call that meets the length of time criteria.
    2, You mentioned that having landing pages reduces the suggested bid figures when creating campaigns. So is it a good idea to create landing pages on all offers ? If ring partner does not have a free landing pages option for a particular offer , what are other options incase I am not familiar with creating landing pages with html.
    3. When you were talking about analyzing an offer and mentioned that sometimes a publisher is funneling the traffic from different sources and filtering it to provide higher quality calls for the network. I can appreciate that the publisher wants the advertiser to get higher quality calls but Can you help me understand how the publisher actually filter them? Since ideally in Pay per call the user may be doing a search on their phone and calling the number that appears and this number directly connects to the advertiser .How is this filtered and how are we supposed to change the way we analyse the offer based on this information.

    • Hey Santoz, great questions πŸ™‚

      1. $17 is the max you can pay per call, because the next affiliate is averaging $17 earnings per call.
      2. In the PremiumPosts, I show you how to get a good landing page, without making one. It is in week 1 of your course πŸ™‚
      3. In this case, you can make call promotions, by requesting them in your RR platform. Sometimes affiliates will funnel large quantities of low cost, unrelated traffic, but this will be profitable because they can shape the traffic to the payout.
      I cover this in a bit more detail, in the course, later on.

      Once again, great questions πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you for the response.
    1, So if $17 dollars is the max we can expect to receive as an affiliate generating ppcall and creating a successful call to the affiliate , then what does it mean when the advertiser displays $55.00 pay out in the list of offers. What does the $55.00 pay out mean ? How can we use this $55.00 pay out to analyze the offers or discern between offers.

    2, Also if the offer is a new offer and therefore does not have a Network EPC or 30 Day EPC , how would you analyze the offer since the EPC data may not be available presumably ? or does the advertiser always provide the EPC information ?


    • Hey Santoz,

      1. $55 is the payout, but the EPC is your payout after your conversion rate. So if you had 100% CVR, then your EPC would be $5500.

      2. For new offers, simply try running them, or check other networks for their EPC. EPC isn’t always important for new information.

    • Hey Lee, one of the later weeks covers IVR’s in great detail. Also, one of the free videos I posted in ringpartner has a detailed look into IVR’s πŸ™‚

  4. Leo,

    Other than looking at the EPC’s, and talking to your rep, etc… do you care about the offer payout at all?

    Do you compare payout vs estimated click-to-call bid?

    E.g. If payout is $2, bidding more than $2 for a click-to-call would not make sense, correct?

    • Hey Francisco, as a suggestion, target $10+, range. But, based on my experience, any of the offers can work, if you have a creative angle to them. That is why ‘livelinks’ ($1.2-1.75 payout) can make a lot of money, based on creativity.

  5. Hi Leonidas,

    This is a great guide.

    May I ask you: what’s the minimum monthly search volume for the main keyword (or for the main keyword + location) that look at?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

    • Hey Ruben, typically, I like to plug in about 100-10,000 kw’s. So you don’t intuitively know how much volume the main keyword will get, but if it converts and is profitable, that’s all that matters.

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