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Heyhey, Leonidas here,

So I've been working on the upcoming Google Ads PPCall course, and decided to give an epic freebie for getting those money-making keywords.

I'm going to show you the keywords your competition is using in Pay Per Call advertising.

There is nothing better than learning quickly which keywords work, and which ones don't, ultimately saving you hundreds and thousands of testing dollars!

Keep in mind, these tools can only be used for web-based keyword analysis of competition, BUT, you can apply the same profitable keywords to your Google Ads mobile campaign.

Competition Keyword Research For Pay Per Call

Let's use “auto insurance” as our keyword, since there are TONNES of auto-insurance pay-per-call offers.

Also, keep in mind, by simply creating a free account with each site, you can view more keywords (if you don't want to subscribe to their service).

Here we have the top sites for the keyword.

Auto insurance top sites

Clicking on one of the sites, you get their profitable keywords, in this case, we check out “All State”.

StateFarm keyword analysis

Also, notice how they target ‘mis-spellings'? “Auto Insruance”. This gives them some cheaper keywords too (relative to the industry).


Interestingly, SEMrush gives different results for the top sites. But research away.

Different top sites, but more keywords for you

Let's look at “StateFarm” again.

StateFarm keywords on SEMRush

As you can see, different keywords, with a couple branded ones too.

Keyword Spy

Another feature with all of these keyword competition analytics, is you can view the ad copy as well.

Keyword spy ADCOPY research

With a little bit of pay-per-call modification, these can become HIGH CTR ads on Google Ads. Next we can even look at misspelled keywords that users actually look for.

Misspelled keywords that people search for


This last one is just as powerful as the others.

iEspionage Keyword research

This is awesome! Use all the keywords from these sources! Take a look at what people are bidding on within Bing/Yahoo as well.

Creative keywords that companies bid on

I found this interesting. The keywords in iEspionage are a bit more creative. “catastrophic insurance rates”, or much longer-tail.


The advantage of having 4 resources for keyword research, is you can cross-reference between sites, to collect some serious keyword lists for free! Or you can simply sign up for these services ($50+/month), and copy away.

Also, ALWAYS ALWAYS manually look through your keywords AND exclude keywords that the advertiser does not allow (ie. ‘brand name bidding', or FREE when used incorrectly).

Finally, the Google Ads Pay Per Call Mastery Course is coming very soon!

I'll cover more profitable ways to make sure you pick the converting keywords, and how to increase your click-through-rate on Google Ads, thus lowering your bid-prices, THUS saving you money.




Quote of the Day:

You know the best thing about competition? There's this whole strategy game, and when it all works out its like solving that hard math equation. You finally get the answer and you're so happy.

~Shaun White



    • Hey Mateen, typos and misspellings are automatically targeted by adwords (if you keep it on, by default when setting up). I keep it on.

      Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Would be good if a few of us could sign up and do a group buy for one of these tools
    at say $10 each………

  2. Hey Leonidas,

    Great post. I believe the KW strategy is still valid, after all these years.

    I personally use, but I never thought of aggregating all of the tools, which makes so much sense! ๐Ÿ™‚

    My questions is: Does it make sense to add the location to the keyword (KW + CITY), or would just stealing the KWs from competitors do it to start with?

    Thank you for the great info!

    • Hey hey, adding the city would just be overkill and make keyword management overwhelming (5000+ cities per keyword for example). Just start with the keyword, and ensure they are Broad-match modified.

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