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Call-Only Ads On Google Ads Kind of Suck

They have limited traffic, and seem to cost more than usual text-based ads.


Basically, Call-Only ads on Google Ads are simple to make, but under-perform.

So what is the problem that MANY marketers have discovered?

  • Low # of impressions from Call-Only Ads
  • Higher costs for advertising on Google Ads

Note: Learn How To Make Basic Call-Only Google Ads Ads here <–


Text ads seem to completely dominate search traffic impressions.


Text ads seem to completely dominate search traffic impressions (column on the far right).

I don't know why Google does this, since most smartphone users can make phone calls.

Results from Click-2-Call-Only Ads?

  • Your Google Ads costs will be lower
  • Your CTR will be higher
  • You will get more phone calls to your Business, Offer, or whatever else you are promoting.

Call-Only On Everything?

So the challenge Is creating Smartphone Ads that act like Call-Only ads.

So when a user taps on your ad on their smartphone, they are led into a phone call, INSTEAD of a website.


This is an example of a Text ad, that acts as a call-only ad on Google Ads


Thus, you can now get MORE traffic and impressions, and make more money.


This table shows the number of calls from a single campaign, to multiple Call-ONLY ad types, including:

#1 – EXT – extension calls from Text-ad call extensions

#2 – CLICK – clicks on your TEXT ad that convert into a phone call

#3 – CO – default call-only ads

How Is The Call Quality & Results?

Click2Call Call Quality based on Durations

As you can see above, all ads now function as Call-Only ads, and even Click-2-Call-Only ads perform well.


‘Can I Test It Out First?'

Tap here on your phone: https://premium23.com/click-2-call-dialpad/

You will see a semi-blank page on your desktop.

So How Do I Convert ALL Ads to Call Only Ads?

I decided to write a post detailing how this is done, as well as including the tweaks that will avoid your ads from being disapproved by Google Ads.

This guide is included for all PremiumPosts Members in the newly Re-Activated Pay Per Call Mastermind Forums:

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You get immediate access to the forum, AND a membership to learn how to run Pay Per Call Marketing.


See you inside, and feel free to ask any questions.




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