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Hola there buddy,

I've put together this short video for you, detailing how I create pay-per-call campaigns on the new Adwords enhanced settings.

This video is now old, please check out the new Adwords Pay Per Call 3.0 Guide Here

Adwords Pay-per-call Advertising

Everything pretty much works the same, with some minor changes:

  • ads need to be ‘mobile only'
  • mobile bid needs to be at +300% (so your regular bid x 4)
  • call conversions make conversion tracking easier

Based on these settings, I get 100% mobile-only, call-ready clicks.

Hope this helps you on your paypercall journey.



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  1. I just watched the video…toward the ending…you increased your bid price for mobile to 300% which translates to $5 from $2. So does that mean, you’ll pay $5, for every click? When will you ever reduce the bid price or will you continue to increase as long as the campaign lasts??? Thank you!!!

    • Your CPC will go down over time, but initially, you will bid high (relatively). Also 300% means +300%. So your (bid) + (your bid x 3). This ensures mainly mobile traffic.

      • Great vid – thanks 🙂

        I have a question re bids – I set my first campaign up as shown above in the video, with an adgroup max CPC of $0.50 and mobile adjustment of +300%. After adding my keywords, they are all showing as below first page bid. Now as I understand it, the bid multiplier for mobile should increase my max cpc bid setting by 300% on mobile devices so my question is this:

        If the first page bid estimate is say $18, should I set my max CPC for that keyword to be $4.50, so that on search it won’t show on first page (as it will be below fpbe), but on mobile it should show after the bid multiplier is applied (ie. $4.5 + $13.50 (+300%) = $18?

        Am I correct in my thinking here?

        Thanks 🙂

        • The first page bid displayed in adwords is an average of desktop, mobile, and tablet.

          It’s not isolated towards mobile, so always test low with mobile, and ramp up according to the volume of traffic you can pay for.

          Also, keep in mind, bidding TOO high can trigger non-mobile clicks, which is a pain in the new enhanced adwords.

          Find that golden mean.

          Food for thought.

  2. Watch out! Works out to be 4x your bid 🙂

    Nice video.. I’ve just been able to access the call reporting feature (Canada). How exactly does it work? Is it like the search queries report where you have to wait 24hr to see information? I set up a campaign yesterday and had a conversion but it didn’t show as one in the call details columns.

    The impression count is also way off in terms of actual impressions and ‘phone impressions’ — any ideas?

    • Hey Drew,

      +300% does mean your bid x 4, which ensures low bidding on PC and tablet, and appropriate bidding on mobile.

      Call-reporting is sweet, but go by what RingRevenue shows you, and not by what Adwords has. After ~30 clicks to your adgroup, Adwords will track conversions over x-seconds.

      Very helpful.

      Not sure about the impression count difference. Ensure your ads are ‘mobile-only’.

    • I’ve tried several times with GDN and direct click-2-call. No luck thus far.

      Some people have had success with a landing, but the GDN is a huge hit and miss.

  3. Recently I’ve been thinking a bit about the GDN as well, using banners in particular instead of text.

    It seems that if people are calling (which is what we want for our pay per call campaign on GDN), it will reduce our click through rate, which will reduce quality score (or is the GDN quality score based solely on the landing page for GDN ads?), which will reduce our eligible impressions as I understand it when Ad Rank decreases?

    It seems like an alternative idea would be to create a mobile landing page with a tap to call button on it for each campaign, where you encourage them to click on your GDN ad, then try to further pre-sell them on tapping to call after they arrive on your mobile landing page.

    I will likely try some variation of this in a few weeks after I have my new Pay Per Call sites live – I’ll be happy to share my findings if I end up launching GDN campaigns.

    Any thoughts Leonidas or anyone else?


    • After looking over the data, I noticed all of my GDN ads received ‘Headline’ clicks, which indicates they were not click-2-call-only, at all.
      This would explain the lack of calls, yet clicks are high (newbie mistake).

      As such, the GDN absolutely requires a landing page, for both app, and website traffic, regardless if carriers are enabled like in the Adwords PPCall video 1.0.

      I look forward to your findings.

      Luckily GDN clicks are relatively inexpensive, especially app clicks, although the apps I am getting traffic from suggest terrible quality.

      Worth testing some more.

  4. Interesting. So – quick question concerning GDN -vs- Search ads. Without respect for quality or cost, do you generally find that you receive more clicks from GDN, or from Search ads?

    Thanks – This blog is really interesting man!


    • GDN has the lions share of clicks/traffic.

      Though, you will see a loss in quality, at the benefit of lower costs as well.

      It all comes down to your ROI though.

      My ads typically convert at 7-25% on Search, and ROI is generally anywhere from 200-300%+.

      GDN can drive lower ROI, but higher volume campaigns.

  5. Thanks for the video. Helpful and easy to follow.


    Do you run WAP ads as we’ll? — I tried setting up one, but it asks to put in the real business name of the offer you are promoting. Which I get, but when you’re promoting an offer that is not company-specific (such as a Self Storage offer)… What do you advice we put as the business name?

    I don’t want to violate Google’s advertising guidelines and get penalized…

    Thanks in advance Leonidas!

  6. Thank you for great post and very interesting blog!

    I have one newbie question 🙂

    When you create a mobile search campaign, what type of content do you put on the landing page? Do you create a regular site with more information about the service you are promoting or just a simple page with phone number and call now button?


    • Hey Damir,

      You don’t need a landing page if you are simply running click-2-call only as my video shows.

      But you can make one with some basic HTML text and a simple call button.

      • Ahhh – I guess I’m a rookie myself lol… Even though I am AdWords qualified I didn’t catch that if you run a click-2-call only you don’t even use a landing page. At least there’s still hope for me lol.. Light bulb goes off again! Thanks Leonidas & Damir…

  7. Just rewatched this and it’s a real gem. You’re saving us a lot of trial and error with this video, so thank you. In regards to keywords, is this how you start off testing a campaign? With the main keywords being broad match (+divorce +attorney) and then expand out if it’s a “winner”? Or do you start off with a list of thousands of keywords? Thanks!

    • I load up lists of 800+ keywords. The keyword planner from google is the best FREE option for keywords.

      BMM (broad match modifier) is highly recommended as some really strange queries will trigger your ad if you go full broad-match.

  8. Thanks man. I will start using BMM for sure. Lastly, how do you organize all these keywords? Do you sort them into related or tight ad groups? Do you use separate numbers for each ad group for tracking purposes, or do you not have to do that anymore because AdWords has call tracking built in now.

  9. Hi,

    This is a great video. However, I can’t seem to get the ads to show. First Google says that my bid was below page 1. Then they said my domain URLs didn’t match. I chose a niche website in my niche and made sure it was the same on all 3 URLs. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    • Call up google support. This is a case-by-case diagnosis. I’ve had issues like this when a re-direct was involved.

      Let me know how you resolved it Mark 🙂

    • Hey Geoff,

      This is relative to the campaign. But here are some to start off with:


      and the list keeps going.

      Bon chance!

  10. Hi Leo. I have set up a click to call campaign on adwords. However, i am noticing that some times, adwords shows clicks, but when i check on mundo ringrevenue, it shows none. why is this? do u ever experience the same issue?

  11. Hey Leo. Question. When we have a campaign that has “24/7 Operation”, do we leave the Ad Scheduling the way it is by default in Adwords?

    I’ve done a test call to confirm that it is indeed 24/7 as well.

  12. Hey Leonidas awesome blog, and inspiring story! I’ve just jumped into pay per call, I’ve setup a few campaigns on Bing and Google. For Some reason Google is still giving me a shit load of desktop impressions, and clicks even although I set my mobile bid adjustment to +300%. Any suggestions on why?

    I’m also noticing that on both Bing and Google a huge portion (up to 25%)of the clicks I’m getting are not showing as calls when I check my network stats. I realize this could be because of the desktop impressions but even still it seems like a lot.

    Anyhow thanks alot, appreciate the information on your blog!

    – Jamie

    • Hey Jamie,

      Click-to-phone call loss can happen if keywords are not relevant, or you are overbidding, and getting cheap desktop/tablet clicks.

      No problem Jamie 🙂

  13. I saw your comment above about setting to “mobile only” but I can’t seem to find that setting. God if I was only receiving mobile clicks my campaigns would be profitable lol

    • Hey Jamie,

      It’s in the adcopy settings. Edit the adcopy, and you will see the option for mobile only.

      If PremiumPosts I show you how to do this in bulk 🙂

  14. This was a useful video for me, even though I’m an old internet marketer and have pretty well seen it all 🙂 I am starting to use this to help a local family member’s business get more leads from mobile. I have a RP account and will of course do the affiliate thing but family first 🙂 Thanks LK.

    • No worries

      Good to see you are running ppcall towards a personal business, outside of affiliate marketing.

      Thanks again Peter 🙂

  15. Hello,

    I saw the video , its not pay per call campaigns of adwords . its called mobile campaigns with adwords.
    there other option in adwords for pay per calls. there you dont needs URL . only phone no. will works for you.
    This not working when our URL is suspended from google .
    if my URl suspended in that case how gona i use your technique??

    • Hey Jatin, adding a ‘call-only’ option to your ads makes it pay per call.

      Also, if your site is suspended, then you cannot use it (unless they give you an exception to fix it).

      Hope that answers your question Jatin 🙂

  16. Hey bro, I have a few noob questions…

    1. Do you direct link or do you use your own website?
    2. Do I need my own phone number or a service to forward the number?
    3. What number do you put as a number, your personal number or the offer’s phone number?
    4. When it comes to tracking for mobile, do you use imobitrax?
    5. How come you didn’t add negative keywords?

    Thanks bro.

    • Hey Harry,

      1. For adwords you need an LP. I help you get one in the premiumposts.
      2. ringrevenue provides the numbers.
      3. the offer number.
      4. no need to use imobitrax
      5. this is an intro video

      No worries harry 🙂

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