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I'll make this brief.

Adwords continues to be updated, and has made a few changes, including interface adjustments, and conversion tracking updates.

I've created an updated video for the new features.

Feel free to check it outย below, as well, if you are a newbie, make sure to follow the steps outlined in the How To Start Running Pay Per Call Marketing.

Note: Please check out the LATEST version of Adwords Pay Per Call Marketing Guide Here.

Adwords Pay Per Call Marketing Guide 3.0

Feel free to ask questions, and as well, if you find links that need to be updated to this video, please let me know.

Once you are ready, get advanced Pay Per Call Training Here By clicking Here.



Leonidas ๐Ÿ™‚

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~ The Rise of Superman: Decoding The Science of Ultimate Human Performance, Steven Kotler

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  1. Hi Leonidas!
    I am adil student from pakistan i want to join your paid program but i have few question before i join:
    1-after i join your program how much more money i need to spend on ads?
    2-will you provide us free tools in this course so that we can get faster and better results?
    3-in our country we don not have facility to open accounts in some affilaite program in this case will u help to get us USA or Canada based accounts?

    • Hey Adil, great questions. I’ll be glad to answer them.

      1. I recommend you have $500 disposable budget for testing on adwords.
      2. Results vary whether you have free or paid tools. The best free tool for learning is the Adwords keyword planner.
      3. You can open an account with ringpartner. Simply contact them by phone to validate your account, and person. Not sure what you mean otherwise.

      No worries.

  2. Hey Leo ,
    Very fantastic introductory video you are giving away for free . I am a member of the premium past . I have noticed that if your default bid is set very low as you have recommended , you don’t get on the first page at adwords . I get this results it says ” ALTHOUGH YOUR ADS ARE RUNNING , IT IS NOT HIGH ENOUGH TO APPEAR ON THE FIRST PAGE” So I tend to increase it to get eye balls . Unfortunately that makes my final bid very high and unprofitable .
    What do you recommend

    • Hey Inyang,
      If you have budget to burn, then increasing the bid is fine to get fast traffic.

      Otherwise, keep it low, and see if the offer converts at all.

    • Hi Inyang
      How do you feel with premium member?
      Is it good to learn the basic rthings such as how to create adwords ads(not the free one which displayed above),anything else is good in premium post?

  3. Hey Leo ,
    Thanks . I do this sometimes with mixed results . I bid high BUT rather than increase it to 300% , I just increase by say 100% . The result is that because I bid high , I rank highly too , but since I am not increasing by 300% , the net effect is not too high ? Test it and let’s compare results . See you at the webinar . Cheers . Inyang

  4. Hi Leo,

    Have you had any issues with using the Google forwarding phone number not tracking in your Ringrevenue account? I set up my Call Ad extension as you showed in the video but the calls did not register in my Ringrevenue account. Using “my phone number” works but then I lose the conversion tracking. Any suggestions? I enjoy your blog a bunch! .Thanks. -Eric

    • Hey Eric, thanks for the compliments brotha ๐Ÿ™‚

      For the calls not tracking, you may be getting desktop clicks OR the ad is not relevant to the person clicking, thus they are not proceeding with the call.

      You can find all the solutions to this in the premiumposts.

      Feel free to ask further questions Eric ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hey Leo,

    Thanks for all the great resources. You Blog and premium posts have been a huge help.

    One quick question if I may…

    I’m having an issue with a campaign with specific GEO specifications. I’ve setup the GEO locations correctly in ad words but for some reason I’m getting calls from cities outside of (but nearby) the targeted cities.

    This sucks cause those calls cost money but don’t get paid.

    This has never happened before so I was wondering if you have ever had a similar experience? Do you know why this is happening? and is there a way to fix this?



    • Hey Jamie, I’m guessing you selected the option to exclude anything outside of your target. If this continues, then simply contact Adwords, and they may be able to help.

      But I don’t have experience with this unfortunately.

  6. Hey Leo,

    I’m having an issue with a campaign that requires GEO targeting. I have set the campaign up correctly. I have triple checked all the settings. However from some reason I am getting a lot of calls from outside the targeted cities.

    Have you ever dealt with anything like this? Do you have any idea how to fix this problem?



  7. Hi Leo,

    Very good information here. Really appreciate it.

    I just want to know that do we have to make a website/landing page for every campaign (PayPerCall campaign) that we promote.

    If yes then what things do we have to keep in mind while making a LP that Google approves.

    I am trying to figure out this online money making thing for some time now but Google simply disapprove every website that I create and objections on every campaign of mine as an affiliate.

    My sticking point is that how can I promote affiliate offers on Google when its very strict about affiliate websites.

    Any help I can get from you Leo?

    • Hey Jehan, you don’t need to create your own landing page when targeting mobile click-2-call only traffic/ads.

      I show you how to find a domain inside the premiumposts.

      Feel free to check it out Jehan ๐Ÿ™‚

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