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I get a lot of questions in regards to landing pages for Google Ads marketing.

While many of you are affiliates, many more of you are very broad internet marketers and potentially small to medium business agencies looking to develop a legitimate presence on the internet.

Some of you simply want to create a legitimate website for a new series of offers to promote, such as, Lawyers, Dentists, Home Services, or even a General-purpose site.

As such, it was only a matter of time before I finally got my shit together, and made this video for you, on how to make your own website for internet marketing!

How To Create a Fast, Secure & Scalable Website For Google Ads Marketing

Your Own Website For Google Ads

The most important aspects here, are that you are making a website that is accepted quickly by Google Ads (and Bing Ads, even though they are more lenient than Google).

With this website, you will be able to verify your Google Ads account for both direct-to-site traffic, AND call-only Phone Number verification (for Pay Per Call Advertising).

Your Website Will Be Very Fast

The website itself is hosted on Google servers & is optimized further by Cloudflare, which is a service that makes a copy of your site all over the world, while adding additional protections!

Your Website Will Be Secure

You will be protecting any communication To AND From your server by installing an EASY TO INSTALL SSL Certificate.

Cloudflare will add another level of protection by preventing SPAM BOTS from countries to spam and try to hack your server.

Since your website is WordPress based, you can add EVEN MORE security with various plugins once it's up and running.


Your Website Is EASY To Setup & Scalable

I've tried many different hosting providers, and even created my own cloud-based servers using Amazon & Microsoft Azure (for the nerds).

Cloudways (the server I recommend in this video) is honestly the way to go, with everything being a simple 1-click away.

In addition, you can ADD more website VERY VERY easily (2 clicks), AND increase the power of your server, with 2 additional clicks. As well, you can decrease the power, when you don't need as much.


Your Website Design Is Practically 2-Button Activation

Once you setup your website on your server, you simply add the Theme I recommend, and activate it. This will create a pre-built design that looks amazing.

After years of trying different WordPress themes, The7 is honestly the best WordPress Theme ever (so far), because it has so much freedom to do what you want.


Links Within Video:

Buy A Domain Name With Namecheap

Improve Performance & Security With Cloudflare

Host A WordPress Site on Google Servers With Cloudways

The Best WordPress Theme EVER: The7

Start Marketing Your Site On Google Ads


And Finally,

How To Run Pay Per Call Marketing


Feel free to ask any questions, and I'll be glad to answer them.


Your Internet Marketing Buddy,



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  1. If you host your site with Google but you have already had your AdWords account banned,won’t Google figure it out and ban your new Adwords account?

    • Hey Paddy, if you intend to make money again, you will need to get a new server/website. With cloudways its easy to setup a new site. It’s easy to simply export/migrate the content from an old wordpress to a new one within their system.

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