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Hola, como estas? (what's up in spanish)

There are many of you who are visiting this site for the first time, and need some pointers in the right direction.

So let me show you where all of the important things are:

How to make a website for Marketing:

How To Create a Fast, Secure & Scalable Website For Adwords & Internet Marketing

Here you will learn to:

  • Create a cloud server on Google Cloud
  • Create a WordPress site
  • Connect a domain name (www)
  • Secure your site with SSL encryption
  • Add a Theme & Pre-load content

How to Create Text & Call-Only Ads on Adwords for Call Marketing:

How to Create Text & Call-Only Ads on Adwords for Call Marketing

Here you will learn to:

  • Create basic campaigns & adgroups on Adwords
  • Setup Call-Only ads
  • Setup Text ads w/ Call Extension
  • Setup a conversion metric & Verify your website

Note: This video is updated regularly. Currently we are on version 5.0


How To Start Running Pay Per Call Marketing

How To Start Running Pay Per Call Marketing

How I made the majority of my cash for traveling. Here you will learn:

  • What is pay per call marketing
  • Basically, a beginners guide

Exclusive Membership Content

The content below is available with the PremiumPosts membership (which includes the forum as well).

The Advanced Pay Per Call Training is here:

Advanced Pay Per Call Training For Call Marketing

Here you will learn advanced techniques in getting keywords & implementing them into the Adwords/BingAds system.

There are currently 5 Months of Detailed, Advanced Training material for you to learn, absorb and test out.

The videos are always being updated for the constantly changing technicalities in Adwords/BingAds/Facebook as well.

Pay Per Call Mastermind Forum

Find the Pay Per Call Mastermind Forum Here

Here you can follow along as I continue to release newer content, like the posts below.


Converting Your Mobile Text Ads Into Call-Only Ads:

Hack: How To Convert ALL Ads To Call-Only Ads

Learn how to:

  • Convert all mobile ads into Click-2-Call-Only Ads
  • Increase your CTR on Ads
  • Lower your costs compared to Call-Only Ads


Suspended on Adwords? Learn To Make a New Account Here:

Learn How To Make A New Adwords Account After You've Been Suspended

I've been suspended many times over the years.

The first time was when I was a completely broke marketer trying to use Adwords Coupons.

But I have no problem creating new a new account now.


If You Need Networks, Offers, Businesses or Agencies To Promote

Finding Secret Networks & Offers To Promote

Most affiliate networks run generic offers, that they potentially resell to other networks, who resell it again, thus giving you the worst price, and conversion metrics.

Here you will find a couple details in finding the SOURCE for some offers, and businesses to promote.


Finally, The Best Way To Reach Leonidas

I ask that you post your advertising questions in the comments section of the posts OR within the forum – so that other marketers can learn as well.

If the question is personal/private, then you can message me directly.


Thanks againΒ πŸ™‚



Quote of the Day

β€œSuccessful people begin where failures leave off. Never settle for β€˜just getting the job done.’ Excel!” β€”Tom Hopkins

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