Hi my name is Clay,

Leonidas invited me to do a guest post on his blog as I've been going pretty hard with PPCall for the last year, been making good money, and have some interesting things to share.

Clayton from Startuptakeoff

Clayton from Startuptakeoff

I'll be doing a webinar on Bing Ads for PPCall with RingPartner on April 2nd, so you'll definitely want to check that out as well – its free and I'll be giving away some secrets I've used to pull in over 20k revenue from BING ADS exclusively in just the last two months.

As Leonidas comprehensively covers the technical aspects of PPcall in both his free and premium content, I wanted to take a step back and discuss the overarching principles of success specific to PPcall Affiliate marketing.   I'm going to share three specifically today starting with:

Principle of Success #1 – Consciousness & Competence

Consciousness vs. Competence

Consciousness vs. Competence

The first principle I want to talk about is the consciousness competence matrix that nearly every affiliate will grow through.

I was recently helping a beginner affiliate on skype and he said, “Clay I've done everything correct but I'm not getting any calls go through.  I KNOW I've set everything up right as well”

Being around the PPC block I know how easy it is to make campaign level errors – you'll get to a point where you check and double check everything you do out of habit.  He shared his desktop screen and let me take a look into his Google Ads campaigns.

Within 3 minutes I was able to diagnose glaring Quality Score issues, and mistakes made in his campaign level call extensions (He forgot to click the box that restricts clicks through to a website, tsk tsk)

This is a demonstration of unconscious incompetence – the beginner affiliate was unaware of his errors, and how could he be?  He hasn't gone through the trial and error needed to develop a deep understanding of what's going on.  Neils Bohr, famous physicist said:

“An expert is merely a man who has made every possible mistake within a narrow field”

That's us in PPCall and that's what you need to do.  Fail as fast as you can by taking massive action and advance to a level of mastery quickly.

You need to reach the level of unconscious competence where you're setting up campaigns lightning fast, making few to zero errors, and almost always driving traffic at a low cost.  It's an accumulation of all the mini-skills you've internalized and built along the way.

Principle of Success #2 – Achieving Understanding

Famous Quote from Isaac Imanov on Scientific Discovery,

‘The most exciting phrase to hear in Science, the only one that heralds new discoveries, is not “Eureka!”, but rather, “Hmm… that’s funny…”

I'd like to change that too,

‘The most exciting phrase to hear in PPC MARKETING, the only one that heralds new discoveries, is not “Eureka!”, but rather, “Hmm… that’s funny…”

And that's what you'll observe. 

Most PPCall affiliates keep their secrets close to chest and because of that you'll find many of your most insightful discovers were not hypothesized and acted out – but retrospectively stumbled upon by accident.  So cherish those discoveries and keep a close eye out as you work on your campaigns.

Principle of Success #3 – KW methodology

Finally I want to discuss your approach to new offers and what separates a beginner from an intermediate from an advanced affiliate.  Another metaphor and quote:

“Give a man a fish feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.”

Now in this context a fish = a keyword

A beginner who sees early success by finding some profitable KW's will be unlikely to repeat that success soon after.  The beginner moves slowly and inefficiently – testing only a few KW's against a few offers.

You don't ever reach the intermediate level until you take a step back and look at your process for actually finding KW's systematically.  This is when you start to develop a process for finding KW's and you find yourself testing more KW's against more offers, striking success with some consistency.

Then there's what separates the intermediate affiliate from the advanced affiliate.  Metaphorically it would look something like this:

“Give a man a commercial fishboat, use a net, and find all the fish in the ocean.”  Fish being Keywords, of course 🙂

The top affiliates systematically test hundreds of thousands of keywords against a revolving slew of new offers.  They are the super affiliates and if you want to crush it, this is what you need to be doing.  At this stage you're skill level is high and you rely on external tools to help you manage massive list of KW's and increase the productivity of your process.  You use excel to organize lists and templates and tools to speed up your efforts.

Final Insights

I want to make one last comment.

Give it 6 months.

PPCall is fascinating as you literally witness the compounding effects of your skill.  That's why you need to give it time – and effort.  Almost every successful affiliates lifetime earnings graph follows the same exponential growth pattern.  Just stick to it until you can smash through the exponential tipping point.

So yeah that's it!   I hope you enjoyed and you should definitely checkout the free A-Z tutorial I have on youtube for PPCall and look into the Ultimate PPCall Affiliate Toolkit that's for sale as well.  It's got some badass tools in it that will supercharge your efforts.

A Quick Word From Leonidas

Heyhey, Leonidas here.

So now that you've met Clay from Startuptakeoff, you know what he is about: Mastery. I spent a month living at his villa, grinding away at per per call, and Clay definitely knows his stuff. In fact, I learned about how to get rid of desktop/tablet clicks from him.

If anything, Clay has mastered Bing Ads and Pay Per Call, more than any other affiliate.

==>Check out his FREE 45 Minute Pay Per Call crash course Here <==

This video is geared towards beginners, all the way to advanced affiliates in the pay per call space.

I also recommend you check out his tools for increasing efficiency with pay per call and adwords. I've tested out the tools, and they are quite good. In fact, the Geo-Tool is exceptional for creating geo-targeted adcopy in seconds.

Finally, thanks Clay for writing up an awesome guide on mastery principles.



P.S. If you are already a PremiumPosts member, then you get a special 30% discount code if you decide to get his Exclusive Ultimate Affiliate Toolkit. ==> Click Here For The Code <==


    • Hey,

      I haven’t gone off meditating yet, just sorting some visa issues first.

      The Webinar is on APRIL 23rd and will be held live on the RingPartner network.

      Emails to sign up will be sent out by ring partner on the Friday and Monday before,

      It will be about an hour, with 30 min of Q&A. Don’t miss out – i’ll be giving away some super secrets 😉


  1. Good stuff Ferguson, thanks for the post. Leonidas, I’m interested in the premium posts but it seems that all the PPCall training is always geared towards adwords/bing/PPC. Do you guys also have experience with CPV, banner ads (desktop and/or mobile) etc. in combination with PPCall?

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