Facebook Dating CPA Case Study

So What's New?

Welcome to another Facebook Ad Case Study.

In the last case study, we were promoting a NBA Jersey email submits, so make sure to check it out here.

This one is focused on a Commission-Per-Lead again, but this time for the ever-green dating niche.

Foreign Happy Time Offer

This time, we focus on advertising the FlirtFair european adult-dating site. I have advertised this site previously on 7Search with little success, but this time we will try Facebook.

  • MaxBounty: FlirtFair – Sweden – $4.15/Lead
  • MaxBounty: FlirtFair – Germany/Switzerland – $6-7

In this case, I decided to advertise Flirtfair for Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany, and simply used a Direct Linking strategy.

Sexy Targeting

Using our previous targeting experience, and using Facebook's Dating Advertising Guidelines, the following was targeted:

  • Location: <country> ie. Sweden, Switzerland, Germany (respectively)
  • Age: Segmented into: 18-24, 25-34, 35-45 / Exact Age Match
  • Gender: Men
  • Interested in: Women
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Education: Anyone
I found that many people did not have an ‘interested in', ‘relationship status', or ‘education' in Facebook. Thus the audience numbers did not add up accordingly. Not a big deal, since each Ad still targets Less than 200,000 users.

Lost in Translation: The Ad Copy

This is where things got really funny actually. Because the ad-copy evaluators are all primarily English-speaking, my ad copy was simply copied from the Swedish and German sites respectively. I simply used Google Translate to decode the entire page, and find a line or 2 that seemed catchy, then revert back to the original, and simply paste it in.

Because the first couple conversions were from the Swedish version, here is the campaign:


English Translation: Discrete Swedish Girls/Women?

Swedish Description: REGISTRERA DIG NU och hitta en KNULLKONTAKT i DIN NÄRHET!

English Translation: REGISTER NOW and find a FUCK CONTACT in YOUR AREA!

As you can see, it's racy, yet the evaluators at Facebook did not notice. Also, some key pointers;

  • Question Marks in the title
  • CAPS in key points,
  • an immediate call to action in the ad copy

If you want to know why these were implemented, check the Facebook Ad CPA Case Studies List to increase your CTR.

Glasses, Red Borders & Split Testing Ad Images

I tested MANY ad-copy images, but in this case, I focused on Girls with glasses (Visit the Facebook Ad CPA Case Studies List for why).

I also increased the following image qualities:

  • brightness: 30-40%
  • contrast: 30-40%
  • Color Saturation: 20-30%
  • Red border: 3 px

Batch 1 (First Test)

Facebook Ad CPA Dating Case Study

And the winner for CTR? #2, #4, and #7 (in that order). The less attractive girls got the least clicks, while #8 and #1 had the lowest.

Batch 2 Test

Second time around, the red border was increased to 5 px, and selected more attractive images.

Facebook Dating CPA Case Study

The winner this time? #12, with #2 in second place. Some marketers presume #12 performs the best on Facebook because she is attractive, yet the photo itself isn't ‘professionally' taken.

Increased Laser Targeting & Tracking

Needless to say, after a few clicks and $'s spent, I noticed that the conversions were not being tracked at all, so I wasn't getting information on my ‘CONVERTING (CR)' demographic, but rather on my ‘CLICKING (CTR)' demographic.

With the clicking demographic, I isolated it down to the 18-24 range, and segmented this even further into 18-19, 20-21, 22-23, and 23-24.

What About Bidding?

For CPC, the ads cost anywhere from $1.5-3 for an active placement, which was exorbitant for the laser-targeted demographic (even with segmented age groups), so the CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions) model was employed instead.

CPM was only $0.04-0.08 at most.

Final Stats For the Swedish Campaign

  • Impressions: 969,000+
  • Clicks: 52
  • Spent: $45
  • Conversions: 2 = $8.30


In the end, this campaign did not prove profitable, but did show what you can achieve with a little bit of Google translate, and some effective ad copy/picture. This to keep in mind, always enable tracking with all ads, in order to see which demographic is actually converting.


Facebook Dating CPA Case Study This did not get approved. I thought perhaps a ‘play' button would work wonders.

Quote For Your Marketing Efforts:

“You need the kind of objectivity that makes you forget everything you've heard, clear the table, and do a factual study like a scientist would.”

~ Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder, Apple


    • Hey Platon, you can no longer promote direct-link offers on facebook. I also do not recommend it, unless you want your facebook ad account banned.

  1. Hi LeoNidas i need you help , how i can promote affiliate link trough facebook i use direct linking and facebook are suspended my account please share your strategy how you can promote your affiliate link with facebook thanks

    • Hey Amir, I haven’t run affiliate links through facebook since 2012.

      My account was temporarily suspended with facebook in 2019 because of those 2012 ads, but then re-instated after.

      Running affiliate links isn’t recommended. Better to run your own lander promoting an offer.

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