Far-Eastern Vladivostok, Russia Photos

I've been to Moscow and St. Petersburg, but there was a desire to see the OTHER far-eastern end of Russia…

Arriving in Vladivostok from Manila (Philippines) took a good day of flights, with 2 layovers in China (Guangzhou and Changchun).

Nonetheless, Vladivostok feels like San Francisco, with it's intense up and down hills… you need some serious leg power, if you intend to walk around the city.

Quick History on Vladivostok, Russia

Originally a very small port village before 1860, primarily filled with asian traders (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indigenous).

This port was eventually annexed and integrated into the Russian empire from the Chinese empire, after the Chinese lost the Opium war with the British Empire.

Vladivostok was used to import western support from the USA, Australia and various other countries, when the Tsarists were at war with the Bolsheviks (Communists), until the communists won in 1922.

During the era of Stalin, most Asians were deported and banned from Vladivostok to pave way for a homogeneous Slavic population.

After the fall of communism, Vladivostok was overtaken many mafia related activities and deaths.

As of 2012, there is a huge economic strategy to revitalize this city with foreign money from APEC (Asian-Pacific Economic Co-operation).

From the inception of Vladivostok, until now, and into the future, it will remain an important economic and military point within Russia.

Vladivostok Russia Walk Around

Russian Orthodox church in Vladivostok

Memorial commemorating Bolshevik Victory over Tsarist rule in 1922

Memorial commemorating Bolshevik Victory over Tsarist rule in 1922

Huge economic plans for Vladivostok, Russia

Overlooking the core of Vladivostok, Russia

Import/Export in Vladivostok

Military ships in Vladivostok

A russian orthodox cross

A statue overlooking Warships in Vladivostok

A warship in Vladivostok

A statue overlooks the Golden Horn Bay in Vladivostok

Golden Horn bay in Vladivostok

The immense size of Russky Bridge

Selfie on a windy observation deck in Vladivostok

Russky Bridge from a distance

The southern tip of Vladivostok

Mayak Tokarevskiy (Lighthouse)

Full Vladivostok, Russia Gallery

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