So after more than a YEAR of effort,

I finally bring to you, the methods within Pay Per Call that have helped me generate thousands in revenues!

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Earnings Gradually Increase

My Pay Per Call affiliate revenues

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~ Leonidas

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  1. Hi Leonidas. I really like your style. Very useful information. Nice that you did so well on pay per call last year. Going to follow your lead for sure.

    Thank you,
    Andre Chandler

    Vancouver bc

  2. Hey Leonidas,

    I’ve been interested in pay per call for a while, and I’m finally ready to dive in. I’ve consumed a lot of free information and even bought a course a year ago that gives a good overview of how to get started with AdWords call only ads. I came across your course a few days ago and I’m really interested in purchasing, but I have a few concerns that I was hoping you could help me sort out. First, I only have about $1000 to spend on PPC, and I know your course is drip fed throughout the course of 5 months. Is the information that you disseminate in the first month enough to start turning a profit before I run out of money- budgeting about $20 per day? Next, Right now I’ve only been approved for Lead Giant, and I plan to apply for other networks. What types of offers should I start applying for off the bat? What criteria should I use to choose an offer? Also, I know $1000 may not be enough money to start with, but if my goal is $100 profit per day, and hoping to achieve that within about 30 days. How much money would you suggest that I start with to achieve that goal? Because if I need more, the goal would be pushed out to 60 days. Thank you for your time.


    • Hey Victor, all great questions.

      1. Within the first month, I give you all of the tools that I used to find my first profitable campaigns when starting, as well as, how to avoid the mistakes that most newbies make, such as not building out their negative keyword list as best as possible.

      2. Criteria for offers: I would always ask my affiliate managers for what they think is hot, and how other affiliates are running the offers. Your affiliate manager will know best, especially for their network. But offers to avoid, I highlight as well: Travel, Tech support, Addiction (these will get your account suspended).

      3. I would say $500 is enough of a budget, and you have double that.

      Finally, profitability, is like any business. I don’t guarantee that you will make a killing within the first month or so (although many have found a profitable campaign within a few weeks). It took me 6+ months to get the hang of adwords, and then through trial and error, found those few offers/keywords that are crushing it 🙂

      I hope that helps you Victor

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