1. Leo, This is great stuff! Thank you. I haven’t been doing much in the way of adwords but should be! It’s really important for us newbies to hear of the challenges, some of us think it’s all a bed of roses. That was the value for me… Hearing about your hurdles and obstacles and learning that there IS a way to overcome.
    Thanks again.

    • I’ve never used a virtual cc. Just a new CC from different banks, or under the names of family/friends, along with a VPS.

      But the google algo is much more difficult to overcome now.

  2. I think the solution is to move on and focus on other traffic sources and stop bowing to the Google Gods. It’s bound to happen again. I was banned in 2010 and never went back.

  3. So what if you have 2 credit cards that were updated (had their billing info changed due to moving to new address) but they were still hit with suspicious billing activity upon trying to create new accounts. Can this service help in this scenario. Can you at least give us some idea of the price of the agents service?


    • Hey John, as mentioned in my article, I still ended up using billing info that was suspended previously, and my account is still in effect.

      Once you submit the form, you will have get more details about the pricing with the agent.

  4. Hi Leo, after paying the $2, does one get access to the info of that service, or will there just be another form? Reason I ask is because I don’t need this service right now, but definitely want to keep it as an ace in my pocket for the future, you never know.

      • Thanks Leo, yeah I understand that, I’m asking the following: After paying $2 and filling out the above form, do I get contact details of the agent? Or will there just be a form to contact them?

        I don’t need their service right now, just want to get their contact details in case I need help in the future.

        • Hey Alex, after filling out the form, you will be redirected to a larger form with more details to fill in. Afterwards, the agent will contact you within 1 business day.

  5. can you let us know what’s the new white hat e-com strategy? Are you doing CPA ecom offers from affiliate networks?

    Is it same with Shopify strategies on FB?

    can you give us more details?

    • Hi Ryan, I started with Dropshipping a hot seasonal product, and decided to purchase it directly from Alibaba to sell within the United States.

      Unfortunately, I overestimated it’s post-seasonal success, and blew through some cash doing it. But lesson learned.

      I’m not running CPA, and I only use Facebook for ‘Retargeting’.

    • Hi Ryan, I can certainly start creating posts about it, but it is still a new venture for me, and I wouldn’t feel right about posting “newbie” content. I will post content about it, once it’s relevant and quality πŸ˜‰

      Nonetheless, thanks for the suggestion Ryan

  6. Hey Leonidas

    I am based in Europe and wish to run affiliate pay per call offers through Google Ads (call ads only) in US. Can you possibly tel me what do I need to do in order not to get my account suspended? I mean do I need to open company in the US to ran pay per call offers?

    • Hey Lukasz, the current idea is to ensure your calls have the business name said within the first 30 seconds of the call.

      Also, that customer sentiment (emotion, happiness), is not low/angry.

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