Google Pay Per Call

Google recently updated a couple features within their click-2-call functionality, as well, they released a couple statistics on the click-2-call success rate.

Quick Google Ads Pay per call Notes

  • Call Forwarding: Companies/marketers that used the call forwarding functionality, saw an average call time of 6 minutes. Presumably, Google filters calls that are instantly dropped, thus you don't get charged. This feature is still limited to only a couple countries.
  • More Countries for Call-Forwarding: Previously limited to U.S., U.K., and Brazil. Google has added Germany, and plans to add more countries in the future. When I called the Google Ads support team to see why other countries haven't been added already, they simply stated licensing issues with phone number providers in the countries.
  • Click-2-Call Button: A new button now shows, instead of a click-2-call phone number link. This potentially increases call-through-ratios (callers clicking, but not making the call), according to Google.

New Click-2-Call Button

  • Call Extensions For In-App Ads: Now you can have your call-button within apps featured in the Google Display Network (GDN).Β TargetingΒ is very limited (can't target keywords), and call length-time has been below 30 seconds on average. This would be great for “Win Free Stuff” PPCall offers (rare). Also, you can't enable call-forwarding on in-app ads.

Also, make sure if you have any major questions with Google Ads PPCall, then give their support a ring. For the most part, they know their stuff (sometimes they don't), or they will send you an updated email.



Quote Of Relevance

Advertisers using Google call forwarding numbers see calls last over six minutes on average.

~Google Ads,Β



  1. Bohr, you’ve stopped updating your website, why ??
    Really loved your content, PLEASE, KEEP DOING IT, you’re one of the fewest websites about PPCall that I LOVE.

    • The GDN with ppcall was a huge miss for me. 1% of the clicks may have resulted in a paid call, even with a landing page.

      I’m sure it’s crackable, but probably more on promotional-type offers.

      Good luck Randall πŸ™‚

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