Ads are annoying. Period.

So let's block those Ads on your Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei, etc phones.

How To Block Ads On My Android Phone

The app is called ‘BlockThis!'.

Version 1.0 was a freemium (free to use, pay to upgrade) app on Google play, but eventually was banned from Google Play. I can only assume because it was blocking annoying Google ads, along with other annoying ads.

Version 2 is completely free. If you like the app, feel free to donate to the author.

BlockThis is the best app for blocking ads.

BlockThis is the best app for blocking ads.

Block Ads on your android here:

If the website or download links get taken down you can download version 2.1 from our server here:

Don't Download unless the link above does not work: Block Ads On Android Phone App

The Benefits Of Blocking Ads On My Android Phone

  • You use less data while surfing the internet
  • No more annoying ads while reading articles
  • No more ads to trigger your impulses
  • Auto-starts with the phone, so it's always on

What BlockThis! does not do (at the moment)

  • block facebook in-app ads (those sponsored videos in your news feed)
  • block youtube ads


Because BlockThis! will block ad exchange servers, but it won't block everything. Youtube ads, and sponsored posts within Facebook still get through.

Anyways, let me know if this was helpful, and/or if you know an even more effective solution in blocking ads.

Thanks again!

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