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Leonidas here. I want to give you something really important. Something that can really take your marketing education to the next level. It’s called,

“Learning From the Masters”

These men and women, LIVE and BREATH within their niche, and element, every single day. Their entire reality revolves around a concept, and everything they see, think, hear, somehow relates to continually analyzing and mastering that concept. From meeting women, to losing weight, to making money, to encouraging the sale, these masters are at the top of their game.

Wouldn’t it be extremely valuable to learn from these masters?

Maybe you’ve read my review on “The Education of Millionaires“, became inspired, and decided to read the entire book, for a mind-blowing paradigm shift of seeking self-education.

Well, in one of the chapters on Marketing, we learn that you can get a WORLD-CLASS Marketing education for absolutely FREE! Probably even more valuable than a 3-4 year degree in marketing. These marketers do Multi-MILLION dollar product launches using emails, videos, product launches, and all that jazz!

It’s absolutely Insane!

So let’s cut to the goodies. You will learn how to write those converting emails that actually inspire the reader to learn more about a product, service, or to simply want more, and even make a purchase!

So straight from “Education of Millionaires”, here are the emailing lists you need to sign up to and learn from:

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This site (, run by Brian Clark, is an absolute treasure trove of free information on high-integrity marketing. Brian has pioneered a style of marketing he calls “third tribe,” which attempts to combine the best from the two camps—direct-response marketing and social media marketing—yet leave behind the worst aspects of each. Specifically, direct-response marketers are great at selling stuff and making gobs of money but, as we’ve discussed, have in the past had a reputation for being pushy, cheesy, and sleazy. Social media people (bloggers, etc.) have in the past focused on giving away tons of free content, serving their communities, and building great trust for their brand, but in the past they have had a lot of difficulty making money from their efforts. (The image of the “broke blogger” has almost replaced the image of the “starving artist” for the digital era’s preferred cliché of high-minded impoverishment.) attempts to bridge and synthesize these two worlds, teaching you a style of marketing that combines the integrity, trust, honesty, and vulnerability of the social media tribe with the money-earning genius of the direct-response tribe, while leaving behind the sleaze, cheese of the latter, and the vows of poverty of the former.

Marie is a pioneer in the field of entrepreneurialism and marketing for women. However, I think everyone, men and women, should study her stuff because there’s something very important in her “feminine” touch to marketing (visit In the past, direct-response was an all-boys club, and there was a lot of dick swinging going on, with very aggressive, testosterone-laden hard-sell pitches and an emphasis on “Sell! Sell! Sell! More! Faster!” without much concern for how those on the receiving end felt about it. Marie’s great insight was, women don’t want to read this kind of marketing, and most women business owners don’t want to create it. All else equal, Marie contends, women tend to prefer to do business with people and companies with whom they have an ongoing business relationship, not a one-off transaction. They don’t want a bunch of aggressive pressure and don’t respond well to it; they tend to respond more to a gentler approach, based on trust, sharing, community, and connection.
Marie was ahead of the curve on this because the whole trend of marketing now—with the emphasis from social media on openness, transparency, honesty, and community—is heading in that direction.
Beyond all this feel-good stuff, she’s also wickedly funny, which is reason alone to read her. She’s entertaining, and nothing sells like humor.

Matt is one of the most respected copywriters and practitioners of marketing through e-mail on the planet. He’s known for kick-ass storytelling in his copywriting. Funny, irreverent, highly conversational. A world-class legendary copywriter and marketer. Get on his e-mail list (visit—you can learn a ton from him emulating his style.

You can’t find a more soft-spoken, authentic, sweet, genuine marketing expert out there than Jonathan Fields (visit You can get an entire business and marketing education reading his blog and going through his archives. Mostly, he just wants to help you—and very rarely, he’ll try to sell you something too. A master of high-integrity, high-trust, low-hype, soft-sell marketing.

Seth Godin

I never, ever cease to be blown away by the brilliance and cutting-edge insight on display on this blog. Seth’s blog isn’t really about marketing, at least not as the word is usually used. It’s about changing the world. And to change the world, you’ve gotta market the change you want to create. Otherwise, no one’s buyin’ it! That’s the general vibe of Seth’s work, and you will do well to study everything he writes. The archives on his blog are an entire business education for free. I read it religiously.

Other Great Marketers

You can access a free archive of masterful sales letters by the late Gary Halbert, one of the greatest copywriters of all time (visit And you can get a very content-rich free course in copywriting from Gary Bencivenga, another legend of marketing and copywriting (visit

I also recommend you get on the e-mail lists of the people we’ve been talking about in this chapter already (and, to add to their credibility, not one of them has a college degree): Dan Kennedy (, Eben Pagan (, and Frank Kern (

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Information Overload

Now remember, by joining all of these email lists, you will receive 5-10 emails per day, which can be absolutely overwhelming. So choose 2-3 gurus (I currently follow Dan Kennedy & Eben Pagan), and study their materials.

Also, make sure to either set up a new email account, or filter the messages into categories for later reading.

Finally, your call to action?

Execution. Find something interesting?

Implement it immediately.

Do this a couple times, and it will become second nature.



Your Call to action buddy,


Quote of the Day

“My advice: Start right now and figure it out. Pick a channel and commit to figuring it out.”

~ Eben Pagan

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