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Google decided to rename its service from Google Adwords, to something that is probably beginner friendly, “Google Ads”.

Furthermore, for most marketers, this also cemented the use of the new interface that has been in development for 2 years.

For the beginners, this is a great opportunity to learn how to use Google Ads to create your first campaign to promote your Business, Services, or Affiliate Offers.

So let's go ahead, and dive right in.

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2019: Google Ads Tutorial – Pay Per Call Marketing For Beginners

A Break Down of What We Covered


Google Call Conversion Tracking Ads Process

Remember To:

  • Set a LOW budget to Start
  • Only use Broad Match modifier keywords (add a + to the start of every keyword)
  • Verify your phone number with the verification code OR place the phone number on the site somewhere
  • Make sure your call-extensions are approved
  • Make sure the Keyword is somehow in the ad itself
  • Ensure Device targeting is mobile-only
  • Always review everything 🙂

Continuing Your Pay Per Call Training

Once you are ready to dive deep into learning Pay Per Call & Google Ads tutorials, head over to the: PremiumPosts Pay Per Call Training

Small Update:

  • There has been a recent update within the Google Ads Call-Only requirements:
    • “Inaccurate Business Names” are no longer allowed. So when making your Call-Only ads, simply label the ads according to the actual business name on your site (whatever is in the title of your page for example)


  • Advanced Bid Adjustments For Calls: This is a new feature that allows your Call-Extension to show more often, if you pay more, of course.

Bonus 2

For those of you who are suspended by Google Ads, here is my guide to getting a new account:


If You Still Can't Get Back on Google, Read This Article and Buy A New Account Here:

Help With A Google Ads Suspension & A My History of Suspensions


If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below, or send me an email through the contact page.



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  1. Leo:
    The 5th step – Click2call text ads campaign and Click 2 Call Text Ads (basic) , can be a better strategy for PPC, I guess google didn’t quite ready to push customers to use PPC and customers do need warm up time.


    • Those are just minor adjustments as usual for keeping Google Ads clean.

      1. “Domain-based business names: You can use your domain name as your business name, using appropriate spacing between words. For example, could be identified as “Acme Solutions” in the ad.”

      That pretty much explains how to go with the new regulations.

      • Thanks! What about the “When answering calls from users who’ve clicked on their call-only ad, advertisers must begin the call by stating their business name, as it appears in their call-only ads.”
        have you had any problems with that?

        • Not so far. They might make it strict later on though, but it seems like a hit or miss with implementation, depending on the advertiser/client. I can’t expect my clients to say their business name every time.

          But presumably, google has statistically determined that 90-95% of business inquiry calls mention their name in the beginning of the call.

          So we’ll see how this plays out. But implementing an IVR that says the business name makes sense also.

  2. Got a question. I’m using Call Rail in my campaigns. We have three numbers that switch out. I just started my first “CALL ONLY AD”. The number that I used for call only is the number that I see from my personal computer on the website. Another client may see one of the other 2 numbers that rotate.

    Should I create a page on the website with my clients’ direct phone number just like you did in the training to track call only ads? I think any number I ad to my site will be dynamically converted from call rail, so should I make it a photo so it does not change? I’m a little confused…

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