Adwords Enhanced Campaigns and Pay Per Call

It's been a couple months since my last post, and the Google Ads PPCall course has been on hiatus.

Google Ads PPCall Mastery Course on Hiatus?

While I wanted to create an amazing course, I wasn't sure on how to go about creating it, marketing it, and protecting it from the pirate world…

Thus I got locked into “analysis paralysis” and the course fizzled off into vapor-ware.

Google Ads paypercall mastery course

Analysis paralysis?

BUT! The good news is that I've learned a SH*T tonne of new ways to create and optimize money-making Google Ads campaigns.

We also have this new thing called “Enhanced Campaigns” from Google.

Thus, the Google Ads PPCall course will be updated with the new features & adjustments.

What Are Enhanced Campaigns?

Enhanced campaigns make things a bit more confusing for you and I.

It's basically a complex way of adjusting your bids to show up when they REALLY need to show up to make you money.

This is GREAT for the real-world businesses who want customers to come to their local stores, as you walk by with your cell-phone.

This is an interesting feature to test out because you can now increase your bids on:

  • days and hours that convert well
  • locations that convert well
Google Ads pay per call advertising

Bidding by location (for advanced targeting)

Finally, You can now Attach your Phone numbers to Adgroups, instead of creating individual campaigns per phone number.

If you are using RingRevenue and strictly click-2-call on Google Ads, then Adgroup-specific phone numbers is a great addition.

The Not-So-Good, Slightly Confusing Enhanced Campaigns

I played around a bit more, and noticed non-WIFI targeting is gone. What does this mean?

Back in one of my reports, I mentioned that a pure click-2-call button would not appear on WIFI-only mobile ads, which means you need a landing page.

This can shoot down conversion rates slightly, but testing is required.

Google Ads Pay Per Call Advertising

Good to know: If your ad group contains mobile-optimized text ads only, those ads ->may appear on desktops and laptop computers and tablets.<-

Furthermore, WAP phones still allow you to target by carrier-provider (ie. Sprint or Virgin mobile). Full-browser mobile ads seem to have this option missing. Not a big deal for PPCall marketing, but for display mobile marketing (another money maker altogether), this may be an issue.

Overall, I welcome Enhanced Campaigns as a new addition.

It brings new elements worth testing, while at the same time if you don't like the new additions, you can stay on the “Legacy” Google Ads platform for 6 months more.

In the mean time, I need to haul ass and grind out your Google Ads PPCall Mastery Course, which includes LandingPages, proper Keyword Research, Scripts to convert everything into a phonecall, how to do things properly and ultimately, internet money ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay tuned


P.S. For the nerds among you, go ahead and read the details on Upgraded Call Extensions here, and Enhanced Campaigns Overview here.

Quote of Redemption

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.”
– Andre Gide


  1. Thanks for the update, AdGroup tracking is a huge plus, but I’m not so sure about the other features. Why would they allow Mobile Ads to appear on tablets and desktops? Well, I know why, less control for you equals more money for them. Sad to hear that the Pay Per Call course is still a long ways off. Still I eagerly await it.

    • Well, the features simply lower the amount of targeting on your ads (ie. carrier and mobile device), but maybe google has something going. Will simply have to see and test some things out.

  2. Great Post Leonidas,

    I just achieved my AdWords Professional certificate, but am still trying to make sense of some of these newer features.

    Great testing – I really appreciate your feedback.


    • Hey Randall Great work!
      I think everyone should get their cert from Adwords AND Bing (including myself).

      Takes maybe 1 day of study and application?

      Definitely worth it!

  3. Yeah – I received an email from Bing mentioning their training center, which would be nice to work on as well.

    Even though I got the AdWords cert with the Advanced Display test, I am going to take the Advanced Search portion as I really want a well rounded understanding of it, as it’s grown in features over the last few years.

    I really think you are onto something with your PPC model, even if it’s got a little ways to go. I think the RingRevenue platform that partners with Commission Junction has some great offers, and I might even try experimenting with some of it myself in the near future.

    I look forward to stopping by your blog from time to time to see what you’ve got going on.

    Happy Marketing!


  4. Oh – I didn’t realize it was creating a link to my site in the previous comment. I am not a comment spammer (get plenty of those on one of my own blogs), so you can remove my site info if you like to keep the responses pure & link free.


    • Links to your site are no problem. Thanks for the heads up on the certs. I think I will start my Bing cert now ๐Ÿ™‚

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