The Most Difficult City To Visit In Europe

“Minsk, The Most Difficult City To Visit In Europe” is actually the title of a Minsk vlog review I posted back in October of 2016.

I stayed in Minsk for a total of 3 weeks in 2016 (1 week, then 2 additional weeks), and decided that it was an awesome city to visit… if you could get in.

For many years, the Visa process for many people was a headache, which prevented extensive amounts of income from tourism.

Furthermore, if you stayed for more than 5 days (even with a Visa), you needed to register with the police, which is STILL a good 2-3 hours of waiting in the offices, going to a bank to submit a payment, and waiting again… all the while, hoping that you completed the right documents.

But as of January 2017, most tourists can come for 5 days, without needing a visa, if they arrive through the Minsk International Airport.

As of 2018, tourists can visit for 10-days without a visa.

Minsk, Belarus Photos

Victory Square (Пло́щадь Побе́ды) in Minsk, Belarus

As an interesting side note, Minsk was COMPLETELY destroyed by the German army in World War 2.

Thus, everything you see in these photos, was built after the war.

A lot of Minsk was built by prisoners of war as well.

Large housing complex in the center of Minsk, Belarus

Capitalism is thriving in Minsk, Belarus (an ex-communist state)

As of 2017, Belarus attempts to offer most, if not all, of your most favorite International brands, including terrible Soda drinks from Coca Cola, and other horrendous foods for the human body like KFC, Burger King, and McDonalds 🙂

Capitalism is working quite well here!

River-front property in Minsk, Belarus

Rapid construction in Minsk, Belarus

The amount of parks, and greenery in Minsk and Belarus is incredible. Everything is incredibly well maintained.

This is a result of 99% employment in the country. Everyone is required to work, and you are charged a fee if you don't work.

This has stirred unrest in Belarus, because not everyone can find work.

National Library of Minsk

While this Library looks great, I felt it was underused. In Toronto, the city allows Friday nights to be a clubbing night in the ‘Royal Ontario Museum'. I would recommend this happen in this museum as well.

Statue of Francysk Skaryna beside the national Library of Minsk

Gate of Minsk (Ворота Минска) built in the late 1940's

Minsk Flag and emblem (Republic of Belarus)

Rooftop view of central Minsk

Rooftop view of central Minsk

Pushkin is the equivalent to Shakespeare for Russian Literature

Fishing in a small Minsk Ravine

Church of Saints Simon and Helena in Minsk

Lenin overlooking central Minsk. There are 2 Lenin statues in Minsk (that I know of)

Minsk Metro with an obvious communist symbol

CCCP (Communist) Vodka for tourists

Central Minsk

Central Minsk


Bonus, Belarus 2017

My friends and I rented a car, and rode south through Belarus, to 2 palaces, and war monument in the city of Brest.

The village next to Mir Castle in Belarus

The Mir Castle in Belarus. Built in the 1560's. The white part is a residence that was added in 1568.

The original towers and fortifications of the Mir Castle in Belarus

My friend posing inside the Mir castle in Belarus

The walls and architecture inside the Mir Castle in Belarus

A Belarus couple makes photos in the Mir Castle in Belarus

The Shrine of Sviatapolk-Mirski next to the Mir Castle in Belarus

The lake beside the Nesvizh Castle in Belarus. The castle was built in the 1500's.

Leonidas posing in front of the Nesvizh Castle in Belarus

The facade and Bell Tower inside the Nesvizh Castle in Belarus

Inside the Nesvizh Castle in Belarus

The pathway and belltower into the Nesvizh Castle in Belarus

Leonidas posing in front of the Brest, Belarus monument to WW2

A monument to the second world war in Brest, Belarus

Getting a few minutes to fly around in Belarus for $50 USD

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