Mysore, India Photos Like You've Never Seen Her Before

Getting to Mysore, India (actually called Mysuru) from Bengaluru, involved sitting on a cramped bus with your luggage for 4 hours.

There was no air-conditioner on this bus, but that was fine, since it was cloudy enough to prevent intense heating.

Check out Bengaluru, India here.


Less Chaotic Than Bengaluru

Arriving in Mysore, you immediately feel that it is WAY less chaotic than Bengaluru.

A Gang of cows in Mysore, India

Clock tower roundabout in Mysore, India

Still just as dirty with garbage thrown around on every corner, street, green field, crevice and what not, but otherwise, less chaotic.

The streets of Mysore, India with old British architecture.

Narrow dirt streets of Mysore, India

A cow eating garbage in Mysore, India

Riding Around Mysore

My friend and I rented a motorbike for 1 day, and rode around the entire city.

Riding around Mysore, India

Early in the morning we rode up a hill, and had an amazing view of the city.

Hilltop view, Mysore, India

Hilltop view, Mysore, India

Hilltop view, Mysore, India

Hilltop view, Mysore, India

Hilltop Temple

The top of a hill that had a Hindu temple and crowds of worshipers, and various monkeys roaming around.

Monkey god at the top

Big statue at the top of the hill

Monkeys roaming around freely

Monkey on a balcony in Mysore, India

Monkey eating a fruit in Mysore, India

Chamundeshwari Temple

Hindu Worshiper selling prayers?

A Hindu family

A Hindu god commanding animals

The Ancient Mysore Marketplace

Then we rode down to various local markets that were clearly there hundreds of years ago, with people pawning their wares and consumables to people seeking them.

A Hindu woman selling her wares to Muslim women

People in Mysore selling their goods

A man selling his fruits in mysore, india

Fruit selling in Mysore, India

A Muslim man selling well organized apples in Mysore, India

Muslim women in Mysore, India

The mysore markets

A Minaret overlooks the Mysore, Market

The backstreets of the Mysore Markets

The Beautiful Mysore Palace

Finally, the main attraction in Mysore was the ‘Mysore Palace'.

Mysore Palace in Full view

Posing in front of Mysore, Palace

A mixture of Hindu/Muslim architecture that now houses various artifacts and paintings not stolen by the British.

Entrance-side view of Mysore, Palace

Beautiful architecture of Mysore, Palace

A combination of british, indian, and islamic architecture

A camel stands under the shade of the tree

You deposit your shoes here before going into mysore, palace

Interesting designs of Mysore, Palace

Beautiful arches of Mysore, Palace

The inside of the palace is nice as well, although you are not allowed to take photos…

One section of the Inside of Mysore, Palace

But the outside is where the really beautiful view is.

There are various Hindu temples that are located within the Palace walls as well.

Temples in Mysore, Palace

Close up of a Hindu Temple in Mysore Palace

Looking up at a Hindu temple in Mysore Palace

A hindu Temple in Mysore, Palace

The outside of Mysore, Palace

At night time it's even more magnificent for sure, with lights dotting the corners and arches and pillars of the entire palace.

Mysore Palace at Night

Mysore Palace at night

Mysore palace lit up at night

The entrance to mysore palace at night

Leonidas in front of Mysore Palace at night

Mysore, India Just for a Day or 2

Other than that, Mysore is one of those places you visit for a day, maybe 2 days max if you want to walk through all of the busy narrow streets.

Men working in the hilltop of Mysore, India

A man cuts into a coconut

Hilltop homes in Mysore, India (prime real estate?)

Interesting looking home in mysore, india

A central roundabout in Mysore, India

Old-school truck in mysore, India

A medical university in Mysore, India

A garage in mysore, India

A christian church in Mysore, India

A christian church in Mysore, India

A Islamic Mosque in Mysore, India (next door to the christian church)

A palace in Mysore, India. Now a museum.

An old British palace, now serves as a museum in Mysore, India

Obviously the University of Mysore.

Cows stick their heads into restaurants, bobbing their heads up and down, asking and receiving food 🙂


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