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Google Ads is constantly adding, removing, and changing things. As such, let's cover what's important to us Pay Per Callers right here, right now.

1. Phone Number Verifications

I covered this in a previous Google Ads Pay Per Call Marketing 4.0 Video, but basically you now need to verify your numbers. This consists of simply placing the number somewhere on your page where your domain address link goes OR verifying your domain with a script from the conversion section.

Check out my previous video on how to do this here.

For a quick technical guide on Call Verification, go here.

2. WAP Ads are OUT

No more WAP Ads as of June 2015. These were those simple click-2-call, no link ads on old pre-android/iphone/Windows phone, phones. While they were low volume traffic, they were always high return on investment. Nonetheless, say goodbye to them.

For more info, click here.

3. Call-Only Ads Are Now IN the Google Ads Editor 11.1

We've been waiting for this since the introduction of call-only ads. Before, we couldn't do the bulk-creation of adwords call-only ads, so we stuck to the typical 300% mobile bid ads. But now, this is a non-issue.

Look forward to updates in the Pay Per Call PremiumPosts with the new editor & Call-only ads.

Get the adwords editor update notes here.

That's pretty much it for today.

Like I said, there will be updates with the new interface coming to the Premiumposts in the next few days.

In the mean time, get ready for Phone number verification that hits June 2015.



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  1. I’ve heard that PPCall has changed over the last year or so and that it’s only profitable by doing it combined with PayPerView. Is that true? Or is it still easy to make it work with Adwords?

  2. Have you compared Call only campaign with all feature campaign? It seems that call only campaign has limited traffic until now.

    • Hey Edwin, that does seem to be the predominant reaction at the moment. ‘Limited Traffic’.

      Not sure why yet.

  3. Hey Leonidas

    Great post man, 1st time I’ve come across your blog. Hopefully I’ll find alot more useful info here 😉

    Anyway I’m wanting to find out if you know if Call only ads are a good replacement for WAP ads?

    You see here in Africa WAP ads are quite a big thing since most Africans use WAP phones. Of cz Africa means shit to Google in terms of spend so its obvious why the pulled the plug on it. I’m wanting to know if it is possible to target WAP devices with adwords and if so how, if not how else?

    • Hey Nazer, great question.

      I’m not sure what the deal is with WAP ads, now that they are pulled. Understandably, WAP ads would be HUGE in africa with their inexpensive WAP phones.

      The only other alternative I see is with BingAds, which would target those cheap nokia phones.

      Good luck Nazer!

  4. Hi Leonidas. Any plans to update your premium content since things have changed so much? Would love to get some updated info about Pay Per Call campaigns.

  5. hey bro can me make Call only ads on adwords Dircetly with out landpage on this day’s ?

    and how i can do Phone Number Verifications ?

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