Getting suspended by Google Ads is frustrating.

Whatever the reason for your suspension, the probability of getting your account back is less than 1%.

If you try to make a new account, it will be suspended within minutes, if not a few hours.

And Google is getting smarter about it as well.

So you need to be methodical with your process, and protect yourself as much as possible, in order to get back in the game.

And presumably, you will try to stay away from what you ran the first time, since this will be your second/third life.

Google Ads Account Suspended?

I've created a 24 Minute Video on How To Overcome a Suspended Google Ads Account.

The method is simple, yet must be followed almost precisely.

You can view the post as a Premium member here:

==> Overcoming An Google Ads Suspension <==


If You Still Can't Get Back on Google, Read This Article and Buy A New Account Here:

Help With A Google Ads Suspension & A My History of Suspensions


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  1. I just setup an adwords account and a couple days later got an email saying, “has been suspended because we’ve identified suspicious behavior in the payment activity of your account.” I used my credit card in my name and no campaigns have actually taken place. They’ve been no help when I’ve tried to find out what the issue is.

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