The Ancient Russian City of Suzdal

Time to Fully Enjoy: 4 minutesIn 1864, local merchants failed to convince the town to build the trans-siberian railway through it.

Thus the town remained a religious backwater village, and was bypassed completely by the industrialization of the 20th century.

The beauty of the town is in its reminder of an older time in Russian history, with its magnificent churches, and many wooden houses.


33 MORE AWESOME USSR/Communist Propaganda Posters

Time to Fully Enjoy: 4 minutesWhile exploring Moscow, I stumbled upon these amazing posters from mid-century USSR / Communist Russia.

These came from a time, when the media was completely controlled by the government. Thus they could shape, direct, and force the minds of millions of people in any direction they wanted.

Thus, one day the USSR is friends with Nazi Germany, and the next, they are bloody, savage, and ruthless enemies.


The Most Difficult City To Visit In Europe: Minsk Photos

Time to Fully Enjoy: 5 minutes“Minsk, The Most Difficult City To Visit In Europe” is actually the title of a Minsk vlog review I posted back in October of 2016.

I stayed in Minsk for a total of 3 weeks in 2016 (1 week, then 2 additional weeks), and decided that it was an awesome city to visit… if you could get in.

For many years, the Visa process for many people was a headache, which prevented extensive amounts of income from tourism.

As an interesting side note, Minsk was COMPLETELY destroyed by the German army in World War 2.

Thus, everything you see in these photos, was built after the war.

A lot of Minsk was re-built by prisoners of war as well.


33 Translated World War 2 USSR/Communist Propaganda Posters

Time to Fully Enjoy: 3 minutesWhile wandering around Yekaterinburg, Russia – Home of Russia’s First President, there was a fun exhibit on the streets, featuring Communist propaganda against the Nazi’s in World War 2.

Since I loved playing WW2 video games as a kid, and watching a good WW2 about the epic Eastern Front (Russians vs. Germans), I was quite excited to share these Translated World War 2 USSR/Communist Propaganda Posters.


How To Create a Fast, Secure & Scalable Website For Adwords & Internet Marketing

Time to Fully Enjoy: 3 minutesI get a lot of questions in regards to landing pages for Adwords marketing.

While many of you are affiliates, many more of you are very broad internet marketers and potentially small to medium business agencies looking to develop a legitimate presence on the internet.

Some of you simply want to create a legitimate website for a new series of offers to promote, such as, Lawyers, Dentists, Home Services, or even a General-purpose site.

As such, it was only a matter of time before I finally got my shit together, and made this video for you, on how to make your own website!


The City in Siberia – Novosibirsk, Russia Photos

Time to Fully Enjoy: 5 minutesDuring the 2nd World War, Germany invaded European Russia.

To avoid losing the entire Russian manufacturing industry, Stalin packaged every factory in Euro-Russia. 

Stalin then shipped the factories to this city to be rebuilt, in order to produce an endless supply of tanks, planes, and weapons.

Welcome to New Siberia


The Wild, Wild, West of Delhi, India Photos

Time to Fully Enjoy: 6 minutesDelhi, India is actually 2 different cities; Old Delhi, and New Delhi.

New Delhi is the gentrified areas full of malls, new apartment blocks, highways, and pretty much the same thing you see in every corner of the world right now.

Old Delhi is where the wild west is, and you can tell…


A Taste of Colonial Portugal in Fort Kochi, India Photos

Time to Fully Enjoy: 6 minutesAlmost immediately upon arriving into Fort Kochi, India, you feel how ancient everything is.

Add in the architecture from multiple religions that co-existed at one point here, and you have a mess of a very deep and vivid history.

You literally have a mix of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Communism, and British and Portuguese Colonialism, all in one.

Also, there is a fun element of animals wandering around freely here, goats, cats, chickens, dogs… but no cows this time?


Welcome To The Jungle District of Wayanad, India Photos

Time to Fully Enjoy: 4 minutesIt’s rain season, so everything is wet… but everything is also beautifully lush and green.

Oh, and there was an abundance of mosquitos…

But luckily I brought 2 canisters of mosquito repellent. So for the rest of the few days of being in the freshest air in the world… we smelled like industrial chemicals – But atleast no mosquito bites, right?


Bengaluru, India Photos Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

Time to Fully Enjoy: 8 minutesAll of those fairy tales and hype you hear about India are just that… hype.

The mystical, spiritual place that is supposed to be India, is the most contrasted place to all other nations I have ever been in. A full 180 degrees in the opposite direction of sanity and order. But at the same time, there is beauty in the Chaos as the saying goes.


Getting To India Was Ridiculous

Time to Fully Enjoy: 4 minutesBut once we were about 30 minutes away from New Delhi, the plane started doing circles, and an announcement indicated we could not land due to a crazy rain storm. We ended up landing in Ahmedabad, India, and were told to stay in the plane.