How To Get A Discount of 20-50% on AirBnB

The prices on Airbnb are super inflated. The hosts are typically trying to make a 200-500% Return on Investment. For every $100 they spend, they want $100-500 in profit. This is fine, if you want a place to stay for 1-3 days, but you can see why paying $1800 for a 1 bedroom apartment, in a 3rd world country can be REALLY OBVIOUSLY overpriced.


10% Happier book review

Is It Possible To Become 10% Happier? A Book Review!

It’s REALLY hard to find information about mindfulness and meditation that isn’t filled with pseudo-advice such as ‘align your spiritual energies’, ‘respect for the perpetual sacredness’ or some other hyper-spiritual nonsense. I’m not of the school of ‘yoga pants’ meditation, or reaching some kind of mystical, godly spiritual enlightenment.