Welcome To The Jungle District of Wayanad, India Photos

The bus from Mysore to Wayanad (district), Kerala (state), India was a fun journey.

We went through a jungle reserve that had the occasional wild elephant crossing the street.

To prevent vehicular elephant-slaughter, speed bumps are placed about every 100 meters, for a good 1 hour of driving through the reserve.

And since the bus driver is driving at about 50 km/h regardless of speed bumps, you are thrown into the air every few seconds.

Where is Wayanad, Kerala, India?

Jungle Rain Season in Wayanad

Our hotel was literally located within the jungle, after driving through a couple muddy roads.

It's rain season, so everything is wet… but everything is also beautifully lush and green.

Oh, and there was an abundance of mosquitos…

But luckily I brought 2 canisters of mosquito repellent.

So for the rest of the few days of being in the freshest air in the world… we smelled like industrial chemicals – But atleast no mosquito bites, right?

Did I mention it was raining a lot? But it was a warm rain… not cold at all, very manageable.

A nice place to visit, and hide away for a few days. I feel like this place can get quite peaceful, and great place to work, if you are a digital nomad.

I also have to mention, that this area was the cleanest area I've seen in all of India.

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