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Maybe you've read in my previous post, but I will be decommissioning the Premium23 Pay per call forum, and instead replacing it with the PPCBasic Private Facebook group.

PPCBasic.com will be a new brand 100% Focused on Internet Marketing.

Over the last 7 years, I have been mixing business with pleasure with the Leonidas Marketing Blog by posting both Internet Marketing content, as well as endless Travel + Books + Self-Development content.

For a select few of you, this may be an interesting mix, but the majority of you are strictly focused on Internet Marketing, so let's keep the demarcation line in place.

PPCBasic will be a professional source for ALL future Internet Marketing Training.

Ultimately, the Premium Pay Per Call Guide & Training content will also be transferred there (with some technical wizardry).


So for now, go ahead and join the PPCBasic Private Facebook group here.



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