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Leonidas here.

How do you improve your self-image to enable a better life?

How do you de-hypnotize yourself from false beliefs?

Do you want to become a rational thinker to avoid stress?

How do you consistently generate creative ideas?

How do people become success junkies?


Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Waltz is a 1960's classic that has been quoted many times by the ‘Jesus' of self-development, Tony Robbins.

Having nothing to do with robots, or the future, Psycho-cybernetics, is about using your brain, as you would a machine.

Imagination Is Real

Imagination plays an epic, and under-rated role in improving almost every element in your life, from public speaking, sports, programming, social gatherings, to achieving a calm state of mind, and everything in between.

Our brains cannot distinguish between imagination and reality, when training ourselves in a particular task.

For example, if you experience social anxiety when communicating with someone you are interested in, then you can create a positive mental scenario of the interaction.

Imagine yourself approaching, opening, interacting, and escalating. Of course, all in vivid detail.

Athletes are routinely asked to play their game, mentally, and in detail. This allows the brain to practice the motions, and actions, successfully.

But imagination has its limitations, if you do not view the interaction, or actions, in a positive manner.

Imagination is limited, if the scenario played out in your mind concludes with a negative outcome.

You need to play the imagination in a positive light, and constantly train yourself for the most positive outcome.

Hypnosis Inhibits Us Every Day

We are constantly hypnotized into believing you are not good enough, for this, or for that. This can be through friends, family, media, or anything else.

The hypnosis is so subliminal in nature, that it pervades who we are, and what we do, or don't do, and how we inhibit ourselves on a daily basis.

This is also called social conditioning, when we limit ourselves, based on what everyone else has said, and thinks is correct.

In some tribes, a long time ago, cutting off the head of a victim, shrinking, and putting it up on a wall or spear was common-sense.

Rational Thinking Unchains Us

Rational thinking allows us to de-hypnotize ourselves, by viewing a situation objectively, rather than, through our own opinions and beliefs.

For example, if someone is laughing near you, subjectively, you may think the laughter is directed at you. But objectively, you place no value on the situation.

Rational thinking allows us to step away from impulse emotions such as anger, fear, greed, and petty conflicts.

Because our brains function as machines, we can program them to think in a positive manner, granted, we ‘learn' how to value ourselves first.

By generating a mental list of your successes, you begin to generate positive emotions, granted, you view the successes as positive.

So imagination allows us to create a detailed scenario of a situation or outcome, while hypnosis builds into us beliefs and inhibitions.

Ultimately, rational thinking allows us to view things in an objective manner (step outside of yourself), and deconstruct beliefs that limit us.

Creative Solutions While Relaxing

Psycho-cybernetics covers creativity in an interesting light as well.

By focusing on a problem too intensely, we sometimes are unable to find a solution.

Various  problem solvers in history (inventors such as Edison, biologist Darwin, or mathematicians such as Einstein), have concluded that taking a short nap can be exponentially beneficial.

Another idea is to focus on the problem intensely for several hours, and then ‘sleep' on it, with pen in hand, when you wake up.

The solution will occasionally arrive when the subconscious is processing it, rather than with your waking consciousness.

Your subconscious is able to process a greater amount of learned data from all corners of your mind, and piece together something new.

Are You Driven To Succeed?

Finally, why are some people prone to success, and have repeat successes in their life?

Success drives a positive emotion within them, and failure is simply a learning point on the graph towards success.

Negative emotions are typically in the moment, yet are not thought upon for too long.

The success-junkie keeps striving to find something new, sleeps on ideas, and wakes up with a fresh perspective, and a continued drive.

When in a negative state of mind, I personally will become grateful for my past successes and achievements, and use that emotional rush to move forward.

Furthermore, challenge is not a barrier, but a boon, because I get a rush from it as well.

When a challenging problem arises, there is little time to worry about it, and look back retrospectively.

Instead, I seek out a positive emotion, and find a direction, or even a solution.

Read Psycho-Cybernetics Now

Reading psycho-cybernetics is definitely recommended for people seeking a positive, success-oriented outlook in their lives.

For those whom wish to stop punishing themselves for past mistakes, move forward onto new opportunities.

My motto several years ago was, ‘the harder you work, the luckier you get'.

After years of risk-taking, I've accomplished several incredible goals, all of which are derived from countless failed attempts, and only a handful of successes.

Now my motto is ‘lead a life of freedom, fun, and adventure'.

So go grab psycho-cybernetics now, in your library, or bookstore, and get on with having that success-oriented mindset.

Finally, positive-thinking helps you live longer.

Go now!


Quote of the day:

“Times will change for the better when you change.”

― Maxwell Maltz

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  1. Thanks for the Book review. I take a read into this soon. I am reading at the moment As a man Thinketh by James Allen and he also talks about growing thoughts that develop character and habit that in turns creates the results you want.

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