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I created this survey to find out what you've been up to.

When the big bucks started to roll in from affiliate Pay Per Call advertising, my mind was totally fine with short-term bursts of financial success.

That quick and easy affiliate money allowed me to travel to over 65+ countries, visit 140+ cities, and even live in about 10 countries for more than a month at a time.

But I'll be honest with you, I've been having a REALLY hard time transitioning from the non-stop World-Traveler, Hedonism-chasing of the last 7 years, to the more business-focused mindset that I had back in 2012 to 2014.

It's been a real pain in the a** to go from being cool with the occasional cash-grab offers and products, to an actual sustainable long-term growth mentality.

Some of you have been with me for the entire duration, while some of you joined along the way.

Thus, I was curious to find out how you, my fellow readers, had evolved over your journeys as well.

So let's dive into what YOU have been working on, and and ultimately your hopes and dreams for the end of 2019 into 2020.

Q1. How Long Have You Been In The Internet Marketing Sphere?

How Long Have You Been in the Internet Marketing Sphere?

I've personally been at this now for a good 7 years. But from the looks of it, most of you are already in your prime as well!

I would say, after 3-5 years, one can start considering themselves a guru within a narrow niche, or a “Jack of All Trades But A Master of None”, like myself 🙂

Q2. What Have You Been Working On in 2019?

What Have You Been Working on in 2019?

Just a day before writing this post, I literally had 7 projects on the go. The worst part of running 7 projects, is that I am running almost all the roles on my own, including Web development, E-commerce, SEM, SEO, Video advertising, Blogging, graphics development and everything in between.

From the looks of it, most of you are heavily in the Affiliate Marketing niche, making those big $$$ from helping other brands grow.

Being an affiliate marketer is DEFINITELY the best method of developing a solid, big-number passive income, to help you lead a the life that you want.

But, I've personally gone down the rabbit hole of creating my own brands, and focusing on their evolution.

Q3. In 2019, How Would You Say Your Internet Marketing Progress Is?

In 2019, How Would You Say Your Internet Marketing Progress Is?

Looks like most of you (roughly 60%) are in the startup + growth + solid business stages, so that's quite good!

But a few of you, about 30%, are in a rough transition, or still trying to find your next big pay day.

I'm can resonate with the one dude that said “Doing a lot of work, seeing little return”. That's usually how it is. It took well over 6+ months before my even decent pay days were coming in, and close to 1.5 years before I was able to laugh all the way to the bank, and begin my 7-year tour of the world.

I can only say, that even if it takes a while, you are STILL going to learn SO MUCH as you go along.

For everyone else in the solid growth numbers, we envy you (for the time being 😉

Q4. Do You Already Have Contractors / Employees?

Do You Already Have Contractors / Employees?

I'll tell you something… I managed to make a good multi 6 figures, all while being a solopreneur. It wasn't HARD, but it definitely involved playing AROUND the rules, more than playing with them and just a bit of luck (not much).

Yet, being a solopreneur can be a pain in the a**, if not impossible to build a scalable long-term business. Furthermore, most solopreneurs won't find success working alone (I was an exception as an affiliate marketer in a brand new high-potential niche).

On the other hand, I have friends who run 6-10 employee/contractor agencies, and for them, they can never escape the need to micro-manage their employees. In exchange, a few smart agency owners out there who manage to package their agency and sell tem, they can reap big paydays at the end of the hustle.

A good friend of mine, ran an agency for the longest time (over 6 years), and only in the last year did he finally start hitting $10-20k USD profit months.

Q5. What Is Your Current Monthly IM Budget? (Optional)

What Is Your Current Monthly Internet Marketing Budget?

This could be interpreted in different ways, but how I wanted to write this question was, how much you are CURRENTLY SPENDING on internet Marketing per month.

This question is not relative to ROI since some of you may be pulling in 20-30% ROI, while others 200-300%.

I would LOVE to be spending $10-20k USD per month again, but as a solopreneur, it's important to be conservative and slow, until you find a solid sustainable ROI.

In my Pay Per Call rampage days, I was pulling in a good $4K usd/day, on only $1.2K/day ad spend (ROI of 230%).

Another buddy of mine, who has never touched e-commerce or internet marketing in his life, now after only 3-4 months, does $150-200 usd profit, on a small $30-40 usd ad spend. He hasn't even started to increase his budget because he wants to keep things ultra-conservative.

Q6. What Do You Hope To Achieve By The End of 2019?

This question was simply a text-field, and you anonymously provided your hopes and dreams into the end of 2019 going into 2020. I've converted the keywords into a cloud 🙂

Your hopes and dreams

In Conclusion

For those of you have moderate to outstanding success, that's awesome! Sometimes the harder you work, the luckier you get.

While the amazing feeling of having big sums of cash deposited into your bank account eventually normalizes, having those big sums definitely doesn't NOT feel good 😉

For everyone else still on their journey, I can definitely resonate with the “working a lot, but nothing is working” frustration.

Eventually, I will post a bit about the projects that I've been working on, but for the time being they include 4 e-commerce projects, Premium23 Travel content, Premium23 Internet marketing content, and a supplement Product that I tried to develop in the last 3 months, that hit a major road block.

So for now, keep working your a** off, until something sticks, and then scale it to the moon 😉



Your Internet Marketing Buddy


What others like yourself want as a goal:

  • A good steady income and around 5k profit per month
  • Brand scaling
  • Have 1-2 my own long term assets
  • growth
  • 2,000 a month
  • Move from servicing others to just marketing for my own income purposes
  • Get about 10 more high paying clients + charge more.
  • Millions
  • More conversions in a challenging commercial real estate market.
  • A greater understanding of CPA Marketing
  • Just to fill my blogs with content
  • To set a reliable, scalable and passive model to grow
  • Hopefully a stable income
  • one house flip
  • pay off debts (been in hospital) set up some passive income streams
  • Trying to hit my 1st $1k profit per month
  • Increased sales and profitability
  • more stable business
  • Making 6 figures
  • not sure
  • Become a full-time affiliate marketer.
  • Have new good clients
  • secondary income stream
  • Prepare the foundations for total financial independence in 2020
  • $30k/mo
  • £100,000
  • Getting ready for the upcoming trends which will be huge marketing opportunities in 2020 and 2021
  • A rinse and repeat system of promoting affiliate offers.
  • Get business back in recovery
  • Thousands of dollars for my family
  • Adding 3 more SEO clients in addition to AdWords acct management
  • Continued growth of my business
  • Reach a thousand dollars in weekly earnings
  • Scalable system in place
  • Clear my debts and build a proper team
  • Full time
  • More campaigns
  • 500 a day
  • Steady income from affiliate marketing
  • Growth
  • Search friendly site, solid marketing strategies
  • solid footing
  • now training for a new freelance gig to finance future IM endeavors
  • 5000 usd per month
  • something good
  • PPC campaign moving forward with strong trajectory for badass 2020
  • consolidate the current affiliate marketing business
  • If it works out £100k, but struggling with that first client at the moment.
  • $1000 mo profit
  • Grow out e-commerce business
  • Five figures a month
  • Looking to scale, build a team


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