The Art Of Mental Training –Β A Guide to Performance Excellence Review

Author of Book: DC Gonzalez

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This book is for pure, artistic, metaphorical, and symbolic inspiration and motivation.

It's well established by now in Sports Science that mental training (training by imagining) will help you out-perform your competition.

Instead of diving deep into the ‘science' of it all, the author instead artistically (through stories, analogies, references, etc) presents why a trained mental attitude will help you excel in practically EVERYTHING.

Think of this book as the Feng-Shui or Ying/Yang of mental training.

I have aggregated my most favorite quotes:

  1. ‘The warrior/champion understands that a bad attitude can cost him everything. It affects not only how you feel, but also how you perform'
  2. ‘the two essential keys to winning: enthusiasm and a mental edge'
  3. ‘practice mixing relaxation, imagery, feelings, and enthusiasm, prior to competition in a pre-game routine, in order to gain a mental edge and a sure sense of confidence going into the event.'
  4. ‘one must consistently practice mental skills and pre-game routines in order to tap one's full potential.
  5. ‘stay task-focused. interrupt negative self-talk and images the moment they arise, shut them down on the spot. replace them with positive self-talk and positive images. concentrate on showing the brain exactly what it is that you want to achieve, never dwell on what you do not want to happen.'
  6. ‘you have to believe that you can win, then that self-belief puts you in a position to win'
  7. ‘imagineering' is vital because it leads to greater self-belief and greater confidence, which in turn leads to better performance and achievements
  8. ‘the mental warrior learns about focused breathing, relaxation, and imagery – and then he sets off to actually use them.'
  9. ‘mental warriors cannot be intimidated. Their self-confidence is too deeply rooted to be shake-able. They arrive on the scene to dominate. They love to compete; competing energizes them. They repel negative thoughts; they control their internal environment. They know how to remain focused under even the most challenging conditions.
  10. Mental warriors make it a point to be ready. They've learned to manage pressure; they never fail to keep moving forward. They refuse to lose, they'll never quit, and they will patiently work to find a solution and to find a way to win. Mental warriors cannot accept not trying.
  11. Mental warriors are goal oriented. They know what they want to do and set out to achieve it. Their dreams and goals motivate them to excel. They are dedicated. They know how to control their emotions so as to not allow them to sabotage their own performance. Mental warriors never lose their composure and self-control in the heat of battle.
  12. Most of all, mental warriors are brave, they have heart. They have the courage and inner strength to achieve their full potential. They understand the power of imagination, concentration, and consistency.'
  13. ‘If anger arises, make the decision to not let it control you. Use techniques to redirect the energy; use the energy to make your resolve stronger. Become like the smiling assassin that seeks his mark.'
  14. ‘You must choose to control anger through a decision. For if you lose control to anger – then the anger will surely control you'
  15. ‘Champions focus on what they can control. They know that while they can't always control what takes place during an event, they can always control how they respond to an event. Within every setback lies the hidden opportunity for a great comeback.'
  16. ‘Fear of failure is caused by not knowing how to fail constructively. The only way to accomplish anything great is to risk failing at it first. If you have a fear of failing, it's more than just a bad thing. It can actually cripple your chances of success'
  17. ‘Against fear, one can always win. Confront the fear and then engage a strategy to move forward despite the fear.'
  18. ‘performance choking is caused by an ego that is afraid of looking bad. You must learn to leave your ego outside of your event.'
  19. ‘I'm good, I'm fast, I'm strong, this is my time, believe, I dominate.'
  20. ‘especially when things are at their worst, your self-talk must be positive, encouraging, and empowering. Shut down the internal critic'
  21. ‘you have to learn to control yourself before standing a chance of controlling your game. Getting your intensity revved up too powerfully prior to competition will actually hurt your performance'
  22. ‘what's your dream? Figure it out. That's your assignment.'
  23. ‘setting goals is critical because they help you achieve. They represent your dreams along a timeline and help you progress.'
  24. Once you get success ‘you realize that you must work harder than ever in order to maintain this high level of success.'
  25. ‘The harder I work, the luckier I get'
  26. ‘Use all three critical elements and bring them together in order to change your state completely – the self-talk of a champion preparing to do battle, the body movements of a champion preparing to do battle, and the breathing of a champion preparing to do battle. Then, allow yourself to become that champion as you enter the competition.
  27. ‘A champion always prepares to win'.

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Become the warrior and the champion

Internalize these quotes, and let them live through you.

Believe in them, and they will manifest themselves within you.

You will become them.

5/5 – Once again for pure, artistic, metaphorical, and symbolic inspiration and motivation.


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  1. Thanks for the kind words about my book. Thanks for sharing. Follow your dream. Wishing you continued success.

    DC Gonzalez

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