This is a quick update for you.

Invoca (formerly RingRevenue) has a sweet Android & Apple mobile app that allows you to check your stats on the go.

RingRevenue Pay Per Call Mobile App

RingRevenue mobile app

RingRevenue mobile app

Get it for the android phone here

Get it for the iphone here

For windows phone users, unfortunately there is no app, at the moment, BUT…

You can access the mobile web-based version here: http://www.ringrevenue.com/ps/xxxxx/mobile

Replace the xxxxx with your affiliate ID from any network. Test this out, and then bookmark it for later.

That's pretty much it.

Cheers 🙂


Quote of the Day:

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  1. Can’t log into this app for some reason :/ Went to invoca.com to register an account but it seems like those accounts aren’t meant for the app. I’m using the same email I use for my affiliate network accounts

  2. Hey Leo, how do I log into this app? Do I have to register for an account or use the same email I use to log into my aff network?

    Thanks mate 🙂

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