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So for anyone that's been under a rock, let me just say… mobile is the way.

Why Should I Really Care About Mobile?

Simply Google: projected mobile growth, and you are going to find numbers, articles, charts, graphs, and everything in between to tell you that mobile is a real money maker moving forward.

Intuitively, I've spent the time since the last article to quickly try out the mobile market, and have quickly started earn commissions using Pay-per-call on Mobile platforms.

One of the easiest, and fastest ways to test out the mobile market is to use the mothership of PPC: Adwords.

I'm going to skip a tonne of steps, including how to join a Pay-Per-Call network, and researching the offers for later articles.

Instead, you have some experience already with affiliate marketing, and have joined a pay-per-call program, AND adwords.

Quick, Why Should I Try Pay-Per-Call?

  1. You make a commission every time someone calls your custom affiliate phone-number (ie. 888-123-1234).
  2. You get paid if the caller SIMPLY speaks with a rep for 1:30-3 minutes. (Conditions vary by offer).
  3. Conversions are MUCH higher (10-60%).
  4. Payouts range from $7-$50 a phone call!
  5. Finally, you can monetize using BOTH a form submit OR a phone call if they visit your affiliate page.

After further thought, I've decided to package this Gem of Money-Making Awesome For FREE (still).

All you need to do is join the Free Email Updates, and I'm going to hook you up with all of my Free Stuff!

Join Here To Get the New Guide For “How To Setup A Profitable Mobile Pay-Per-Call Campaign On Adwords”

The new version is Updated with more Helpful images, AND it comes in Book-Format for your money-making goodness.


Your brother in internet marketing arms,


Quote For Your Smartphone:

Mobile marketing is the most personal medium available. People run their lives off of mobile. It’s business, it’s personal, it’s information gathering. It’s on 24/7. We call it the ‘brand in the hand'

~ Global Media Manager, Adidas International

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  1. Hey mate, every time I try and sign up for a network it says I need a business name and website. I’m not sure what I should put in here as I’m obviously just signing up myself. What do you do here?

    • Hey Mike,

      I don’t recommend an easy way out to this question.

      Register a website address, create a wordpress site, add some meaningful content, and treat it as a business.

      This will be your first step on a longer journey towards an online business.

      Furthermore, you are more credible, will be accepted into more networks, and can leverage the site in the future.

      Cheers Mike

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