I get asked quite often, ‘Leo, how do you make money online?’

So here is a brief, step by step guide.

What is Pay Per Call Marketing?

Pay Per Call Marketing is the process of connecting a business with a customer. Think yellow-pages ads, but online.

Yellow pages ad with a Phone number


Google Ads Pay Per Call Ad

Pay Per Call For Business, Corporations, Marketers & Affiliates

Step A1. Sign up to Google Ads & Bing Ads

What is Google Ads? It’s where advertisers & publishers create those ads you see on Google and in your Gmail, among thousands of other places.

Sign up to Google Ads

What is Bing Ads? Same as Google Ads but for Bing.

Sign up to Bing Ads

Tip: An advertiser is a business that promotes its own product. A publisher is someone who takes those ads, and promotes them on various places, for a commission.

Step A2. Learn How To Promote Using Google Ads

Now that you are signed up, it’s time to learn.

Step A3. Advanced Pay Per Call Training

Once you feel that you are ready to supercharge your pay per call marketing skills, then hop over to the advanced Pay Per Call training course.

Here you will learn all of the important tools and strategies within Google Ads to make money, make sales, and increase conversions with our Pay Per Call Advertising.

==> PremiumPosts for Advanced Pay Per Call Training <==


Pay Per Call For Small/Medium Businesses, Affiliates & Marketers

Step B. Creating a Website for Google Ads, Bing, and Internet Marketing

Google Ads, Bing and most internet marketing require that you have a legitimate website up and running.

Check out this post on how to create a website for your business:

How To Create a Fast, Secure & Scalable Website For Google Ads & Internet Marketing


Pay Per Call For Affiliate Marketers

Step C1. Sign up to an affiliate network.

What is an affiliate network? An affiliate network looks for businesses that need customers, and connects those businesses with publishers (you).

Pay-Per-Call Networks


Step C2. Sign up to Invoca For The Affiliate Network

What is Invoca? RR is the pay-per-call platform where you find businesses that need you to publish their phone numbers. In exchange they will pay you a commission for people to call into those numbers.

For All other affiliate networks: <network>


Step C3. Apply To All Campaigns & Test them one by one

In your Invoca, start applying to every single campaign available.

Apply to as many campaigns as possible


Step C4. Affiliate Offer Recommendations

You will obviously have the tough decision on which campaigns to start running, so I recommend you ask your affiliate manager.

Also, if you apply to several networks, look for offers that are unique and stand out. Maybe an offer or promotion that isn't available on other networks.

Make sure you follow the video accurately, otherwise you will waste dollars.

Also, Finding Secret Networks & Offers To Promote


Pay Per Call Advice For Everyone

Step D1. Keep Trying & Be Patient

Be persistent, precise and try everything in small doses (20 budgets to start).

I’ve done the heavy lifting for you with the Advanced Pay Per Call Training videos.

Now simply be patient, and expect $100/day within a month if you keep working at this.

Tries At Pay per call

Google Ads Dashboard: Over 300 Different Strategies I Have Tried in one Year Alone


Step D2. Profit!

Over time, magic will happen.

Earnings with Affiliate Networks Blurred out (for privacy)



Leonidas in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil for the 3rd or 4th Time?


Good luck, and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.



Quote of the Day:

“Until you value yourself, you won't value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.”

– M. Scott Peck


  1. How can I use bing so that I can target a service by postcode/ zip code
    eg using the bath and tile reglazing, say I want bath reglazing 10001 and then flip it so that it reads 10001 bath reglazing. Im gonna start with Bing asap

    • With postal codes, I recommend having the city in the adcopy. Some postal codes are not accurate with Bing Ads, thus the entire city in the adcopy is better. But you can still target by postal codes.

      Recommend building it in Adwords, and importing it into Bing Ads editor.

  2. Thanks for the info – also, I love the quote of the day that you listed:

    “Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.”

    – M. Scott Peck

  3. Hi Leonidas – sorry for the long response, but here it goes 🙂

    I love your blog. I have not yet started my first Pay Per Call campaign as I had been unemployed all Summer, and just recently got an offline job. As a result of my finances, I have not yet started my first Pay Per Call campaign, and was to embarrassed to say so on the blog.

    Here is where I am in my current online pursuit:

    In my time off over the Summer, I have written enough content for two 30 page SEO websites (combined have over 55,000 words of content). One website for maid service, one for carpet cleaning service. I am not a big fan of SEO, but they might as well be SEO sites anyway with all of the crazy requirements that Google keeps tightening slowly with each passing month. I was reading a blog posting recently which discussed that it is becoming more and more difficult to attain the top positions for AdWords since Google added a third slot for ads (at least that is my understanding – haven’t noticed them yet though personally, so correct me if I’m wrong) on top of the organic rankings. As I understand it, they strongly encourage advertisers to use ad extensions to get the top rankings, which is fine since we are doing Pay Per Call, but it sounds like you have to have a really exciting ad to get the high click through rate to boost the quality score to keep the costs in the affordable range. So as far as I can tell, it sounds like you need to have a fairly large budget to split test with in order gain the best rankings affordably.

    I also think that I will need to make my site(s) using using Composer (free html web design software) instead of my really nice WYSIWYG software that I prefer since my WYSIWYG software uses iframes (which are bad for quality score as I understand it). Since I am not a programmer it sounds like my sites will look really plain in the name of increasing load speed to boost my quality score. I would really like to use WordPress with the WoTheme I was planning on using as it looks so beautiful when I have tested it’s looks, but it seems like WordPress is really slow compared to plain html, and since I will be on such a tight budget I will probably just use the Composer application to build the site since the pages will load much faster to increase my quality score. I even made a really nice video with a professional voice narrator to read my sales copy that I wanted to add to the header of the sites, but will likely not use it if I go the Composer – no frill route.

    So I guess I face a large decision with all of the content I have created – do I build the one SEO site using WordPress – and spend some money to build out the Google Places Plus listing with 300 citations for more immediate free traffic that will probably not last for more than a year since Google likes to constantly change things (especially for non-paid traffic), then build new content on separate HTML landing pages for AdWords campaigns in the future when I can afford it (since they will load quickly), or do I take my existing content and break each of the 5 SEO silos down into smaller ugly no frill HTML websites of their own – each with their own keyword domains to help my quality score, and use AdWords instead with the money I would have spent for a physical business address & 300 citations (about $500) to build the Google Plus listing.

    If I decide to use the Carpet Cleaning and Maid service content to build AdWords optimized websites (instead building it for SEO & Google Places), and optimize the campaigns, most of my optimization will likely apply to other cities where I could roll out the same campaigns in the future for other cities. So, one advantage is that it would scale better – although as I understand it I should probably use a non-follow for the robots.txt for each site to ensure my quality score doesn’t go down due to duplicate content.

    Overall, I find AdWords more interesting, but I feel the free Google Places traffic would be nearly guaranteed free traffic (after the setup). AdWords would be more scalable, the Google Places would not. AdWords would be better professional experience because as far as I’m concerned I am not a real player in any market until I master paid advertising.

    I feel confused from thinking about all of this so much, but feel it’s going somewhere positive as I would love to do IM full time and feel it could be within my reach in the next year if I play things right, but need to earn more money in my offline job first to pay for whichever route I take.

    I would love to hear your feedback & anyone else who has any good suggestions, thoughts or advice for me please.

    Now you’re probably sorry you asked if I was grinding my Pay Per Call Leo? lol… Pay Per Call sounds like one of the best strategies around and could use some feedback from over-thinking too much 🙂


    • Hey Randall, thanks for the huge update!

      WordPress is great for easy to build authority-level websites. If you are simply building landing pages, then HTML is great, although I typically just do some text, and a click-2-call button.

      Don’t count too much on SEO since it’s constantly evolving into deeper-level content. Also, you won’t know within 3 months if your content is going to pay out. PPC lets you test right now.

      Spamming google-places listings won’t go over well (if that’s your idea). Google is very smart on this idea. I’ve tried this with 2000 unique youtube videos. Didn’t work 🙂

      For the short-term, keep focusing on your off-line job, and for the long-term, grind grind grind on your IM.

      Don’t quit until the cashflow is coming in.



  4. Thanks for the encouragement & feedback – this is my favorite blog on the net. Yeah – I agree that SEO is a rough road to go & also believe that the best online marketers are those who harness the power of paid advertising.

    2,000 YouTube videos? Wow. That’s massive lol 🙂

    Ok – so maybe you or someone in the community knows the answer these two questions:

    1) Does using WordPress lower your quality score since it’s slow?

    I sure love the hot looking WordPress templates, but think it’s not worth it if the pretty looks lower the quality score.

    2) When closing the deal to work with a new client, do you just send them a weeks worth of free leads, then call them and present the information to show them the results, or do you first find a client, and then send them traffic?

    Lovin’ this blog!


    • Hey Randall,

      1) WordPress can be as slow as the server, or just as fast.

      You can use cloudflare and various optimization plugins (w3tc) to speed it up.

      Once again, for simple LP’s HTML is fine, but for an authority site, I recommend wordpress for its ease of use and functionality.

      2) In affiliate marketing, the companies are already ready for new leads. B2B you build your own clientele, and have your own conditions.

      Thanks again for the 1 up!

      Cheers 🙂

  5. Great post as usual.

    Do you run much PPCall on Bing? I’m struggling to get traffic, and wonder if it’s just something I’m fundamentally doing wrong. Do you just run WAP Mobile Ads, or Text Ads (or both)? If you run text ads, you can’t do just click-to-call, right? You need to have a lander too?

    • Hey Nick,

      You can run both on Bing Ads. But for SM, you should make a LP. A lot of their ppcall-only traffic still slips through onto the landing pages.

      Test it out.

  6. Thanks for your response to my questions..

    By the way, I’ve decided I am going to ditch the SEO & Google+ ideas previously mentioned to concentrate on Pay Per Call so I can join in the fun and games lol.. Still need to save a little more capital but am committed to it now.


  7. Leonidas, ive got 800$ in bing vouchers, and wanted to test it out, put auto insurance campaign, and i got 50 clicks, and only 100 impressions on call extensions, and no calls, wih 7$ bid, is bing so bad?

    also, is it important in ppcall to use your own Landing page with your number, instead of finind someone elses from 5-10th page from google, i mean, do people still call you when they visit your landing page?



    • Hey Andrius,

      I believe you can only use 1 voucher per account. Don’t try to game the system. It’s gonna burn you in the end (I know from experience).

      An LP isn’t required for click-2-call only. But some traffic may go to your LP. Recommend still having a simple HTML lp.

      Good luck!

  8. when you say mobile ppc, i am confused. does it mean WAP phones or smart phones? or both together?

    Isn’t it that for smart phones, there has to be a landing page, cause you cannot simply click on the phone number on smart phone?

    thank you for the clarification

    • You can track your conversions with the call tracking options within adwords.

      You can also gauge by Revenue – expense = profit for each phone number.

  9. Hey Leo,
    Do you still use websites that aren’t yours for the sake of saving time and good QS ?
    I mean, as you showed us in the first Campaign On Adwords video :

    I took some websites that aren’t mine and divided them into different ad groups, to see which one gets the lowest CPC, and the highest QS.
    Everything was fine until Google asked me to change something in one of the sites, or my account will be suspended. Did you had this before ? If yes, how to deal with this issue ?

    Thank you so much for the info, helped me ALLOT !

  10. Hi Leo,
    I just signed up on Ringpartner with the affiliate link provided on this post and am waiting to get approved. Do I need to seperately sign up with Ring Revenue/Invoca ? Do I need to signup on Ring Revenue independantly or will I be able to get the pay per call number internally from within Ringpartners. IF I signup with any of the affiliates like mundomedia etc do I need still do a seperate applications with RingRevenue/Invoca.


    • Hey Santoz,

      Call up Ringpartner and get your application fast-tracked.

      Ringrevenue/invoca is a free platform within ringpartner/mundo you get access to upon being accepted.

      Np Santoz 🙂

    • I was having the same problems as you Santoz, Leonidas confuses us a bit with the Invoca thing 🙂

      Invoca is a platform that all networks use to track calls. You don’t need to sign up with them, once you are in a network, you will have access to the invoca platform.

      I had to contact Ring Partner for them to approve me. It is pretty weird, maybe they have too many affiliates and they don’t want more…

      • Hey Fernando,
        Ringrevenue = old branding
        Invoca = new branding

        Ringpartner recently only approves with a phone call due to the number of affiliates applying.

  11. Gentlemen, I got a phone call from my affiliate manager within 24 hours of applying and was asked few questions and then was approved promptly. They had a few questions about my experience with Pay per call and what kind of campaigns I planned to run. Fortunately I had watched all the 4 week 1 videos here on premium post and was able to answer them and was approved immediately. He did recommend that I start applying for only 1-2 campaigns to start with and not apply for all of them. In any case since I am waiting to see the rest of the videos on this blog , I am just applied for 2 at the moment to get a hang of the flow of the process. I hope to get access for the rest of the premium posts and then will take my next step forward.

  12. Hey Leonidas,

    Awesome content, bro! I’ve been online for a couple years now and until yesterday I didn’t even know what pay per call was (or who you were for that matter) haha. Fellow Ontarian eh? When I get some time this week I’m going to implement this strategy and see how it goes. Thanks man!

    Will Cowan

    • Heh, no problem Will 🙂

      Some guys are already doin 1k/week, which is very quick in my book.

      You will get there quick if you focus on it.

  13. @Santoz:

    What network approved you? I signed up for Ringpartner on Thursday, called them up on Friday…they told me they will email me shortly and still no email.

    • @Yi . Ringpartner is the network . I got approved but still waiting on getting approved for the campaigns . I did get a email shortly after I registered and was able to login and view the AM manager contact information etc and give them a call. You may want to check with them since you did not get the email if perhaps the application did not go thru

  14. Hi Leonidas
    Can you please tell me that what are the requrements to run a technical support campaign as we are onsite and online technical support provider . We got suspended by Google to advertise .

    • Hey Saad, according to a google rep, you need to have a license to run tech, or some other legit certification with Google.

      Feel free to ask a google representative.

      • Hey Leonidas
        I tried to ask from google rep but they did not tell me any thing .We do have onsite support ,registered in US also have a legitimate office in Rhode Island but still we got banned by google . we followed all the terms and conditions of google after one month. Now when we ask for the reason and how can we run our business on google they do not tell us anything . Is there any way that you can help me to start with google and what all things do they need to start again on google .
        Thank you
        Saad Khan

        • Hey Saad, unfortunately, I can’t help in this regard. Google policies say no services providing remote tech support or something. It’s across the board.

  15. Hi Leonidas!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and it always has great content! I just started actually doing Pay Per Call, I did what you mentioned in the video and I did a Text Ad. I added the call extension number as you showed. I had a question, how do I know that it will work? When a person clicks on the ad will it automatically call the company or take it to the URL I gave?

  16. Hi Leonidas, I am just starting but one thing I noticed is that my clicks on ad words dont match what my affiliate network says. Example: per 10 clicks on ad words, 1 or 2 might display on my network. Do you have any ideas? I followed your video accurately.

  17. Hi Leonidas,

    Just getting started on calls. Been doing well with ppc leads – but now you’re convincing me into looking at calls. So, looking to optimize the adword campaigns.

    Raises a question, how can I optimize _existing_ campaigns for calls? I have two call extensions (own number) – one for desktop, and one mobile. So all I would need to do is increase mobile bids by X%?

    • Hey Mark, segment your desktop/tablet campaigns from your mobile campaigns.

      Then increase your bid to 300% for mobile, just like in the videos.

      • Thanks Leonidas!
        When you say segment, you mean literally create segmented campaigns? Or you mean just view the segments and then increase the bids?

          • Sorry, nevermind.. just read my question – sounds stupid.
            In other news, I did put the number as “Just phone number” and it increases the number of short duration calls by a LOT. A lot more mobile click to calls that don’t even go as far as getting to the IVR.

            What do you suggest for that?

          • Hey Mark, this is a common question answered in the premiumposts comments and forums 🙂

            Feel free to ask other questions.

  18. Leonidas, i just have one question about the video. When You add the phone number extension, put the phone that Pay Per Call Network gives you for the offer you applied? Is that ok? Thanks

    • Hey Carlos, yes to your question 🙂

      Grab the phone number from the ppcall network, and place that in, and set your ad to ‘only display the number’

  19. Hi Leonidas and gang…..

    Lee here from Manchester UK hope you are well.
    I have been spending the last few years doing something kind of the same put with
    video and SEO but getting folks to phone my tracking number from ACT and getting live
    calls to plumber clients…..But video and SEO is much harder now from having lots of videos
    up at the top of page one getting calls at $15/20 was doing ok.

    I wanted to get into PPC but i dont think FB is right i want good traffic and know clients so
    i can just do pay per call via affiliate products.

    Would you guys always use a lander for this with phone number on or just get the click to call
    which is best i will give bing ads ago as they seem to have got there act together now with
    call ext seem a lot like Adwords now.

    One last thing would you use Google planner or MSam for you keywords or just use
    your head i.e cheap tax advice or emergency plumbers Miami or has any one got a better
    way to get PPC keywords.

    Thanks for your time


    • Heyhey Lee, to answer your question, I would use the keyword planner for generic keywords, spyfu for keywords the competition is bidding on, and a few tools + angles within the premiumposts for bidding on your competition for low cost keywords.

      The UK market is great for pay per call since it’s still fairly new there.

      Let us know how things go Lee 🙂

  20. Hey, Leo. I was wonder, in the part where you put the fake number in, do you put your real cell phone number or the number for your campaign?

  21. hey Leonidas i today i was call for interview ringpartner & revimedia//they wanted to talk with me . but i am google adwords professional & email marketer…can you plz tell me what type of question they ask me ..plz tell me..i have to prepare for itself?

    • Hey Rob, the questions are generally what you would see on the application form when applying. Income, types of offers you’ve ran, other networks you are on, time in affiliate marketing.

      Just answer them truthfully 🙂

  22. Hi Leonidas,

    For the Click to Call only campaign do you recommend having separate domains for each offer? For example, if I wanted to promote mortgage offers, should the domain be mortgage specific? Also, for the click to call only campaigns, is it important to have high quality landing pages or it’s irrelevant?

    Thank you!

  23. So whats the fastest easiest way to make landing pages that get good QS, for use with the new call only campaigns? Since the page itself is not really that important, can we, for example, spin a bunch of related articles for content then add the standard policy, TOS, contact, etc pages, or would Google see that and give poor QS?

    Or should we just copy some real site word for word with a new domain? Does duplicate content matter that much with adwords?

    • Hey Michael, the most important factors for QS are Click-through-rate and Ad-relevance.

      Have the your keyword in the ad-copy. Get a good click-through on your ad. Build this up for 2-3 weeks, and you will have a great QS 🙂

      The LP for mobile-only is irrelevant, but as long as it has the phone number, or is linked to your adwords account through the conversion scripts.

      Good luck Michael

  24. I am CEO of a solar company
    I will love for you to do the payper call campaign for us
    Will you take on a campaign like that or refer me to a person who can do it for us on cost per call campaign
    Thank you Nicki zvik

    • Hey Nick, there are a couple affiliate networks that deal within that niche, and help companies like yours advertise.

      I’m not familiar with this niche, but you can certainly re-engineer the sales process of existing competitors through various affiliate networks.

      Good luck Nick

  25. Hey, Leonidas
    I am currently on an internet marketing journey to find a profitable way to make some QUIT MY JOB income!! LOL I currently am apart of ringpartner but have not made use of it because I don’t really know what I am doing. I am interested in taking your course. However, when will I start making income? How long will it take on average? Also I currently have some clients will this course help me better market for them? Is this a passive income or something I have to work on daily?

    • Hey Fran, good to see you are getting ready for the grind.

      When? Atleast 6 months+ of learning. Not just pay per call, but every sector of internet marketing. Atleast a little bit of everything.
      How long? 6 months+ again.
      Will this help my clients? Yes, if they are lead-gen related businesses.
      Is this passive income? No, and yes. For the first year, probably not. After that, most likely, and ultimately yes.

      Check out the free stuff first here:

      Good luck 🙂

  26. I can’t seem to find info on how you structure your AdWords setup. I can’t risk getting my account banned, so I want to use another one.

    Where are the risks? Did you ever get your account banned? I read tech support is not allowed and people got banned en masse a few years back. Is this still the case?

      • I’m talking about account structure.

        Do you use an MCC? More than one MCC, perhaps?

        Do you structure accounts per offer in there? Which is against AdWords policies, since you can’t have more than one account per legal entity. But they seem to be relax about that.

        I have an MCC for my clients, but I’d rather not interfere with that one.

        I’m not planning to do tech support, because of the risk. Any others that are risky?

        • Hey Kristof, I don’t use an MCC. In the past I did, but there is no need for it for affiliate marketing, in my opinion.
          Other ‘risky’ ones would obviously be anything that is not allowed by adwords 🙂

  27. Hi leonidas I want to buy your premium posts membership but i have no paypal account as it is not available in my country. Can you add any other payment method. Suggest me how i can get into this without paypal. I am waiting for reply.

  28. Great post.I would like to ask you if its good to do tech support with Facebook ads. Would that be a problem ? and if i can cloak them , can they still be a problem ?

    • Hey Anurag, tech-support is not sustainable, and you will get all of your accounts banned eventually. I do not recommend doing this 🙂

  29. Thanks for all the advice and tools you provide on this article, Leonidas! I guess we tend to focus a lot on the tools, but a lot of this online marketing thing is about testing, little by little, and see what works. Pay per call marketing is no exception. The Pay per Call company I own, uses technology to make sure clients get only qualified leads, but no matter what online resource you use to make people to call you, the buying decision will be made based on their offline experience with your company or brand, so you can’t overlook that. If you’d like to sign up as a Pay Per Call Market affiliate, visit our site:

    • Try just making a general website. This will help you in the long run to get approved by other affiliate networks as well. WordPress is your friend.

      Good luck Nofian.

  30. I am current think about promoting “find a bail bond agent” and I a thinking about promoting it in the state of Indiana with ring partner, they allow off-line marketing such as direct mail, any ideas?

  31. great video! but i have a question.
    – So if i’m promoting someone else’s offer and i do not own the domain. does that mean i can’t do “call only” ads?? what if i have a lander connected to that offer, can i do it with a landing page. how would google verify that it is my lander?

    • Hey Anderson, before, you could use someone elses domain, and it would be fine. But now you need to verify the lander/domain with a verification script, or placing your phone number on the page. I hope that helps 🙂

  32. Great post and finally find something that can help me to set up my first pay per call ad (soon). Just want you to know that I sing up for the premium content, but somehow I have still nothing received in one of my folders (also not spam)?

    I notice you have a Pay Per Call training and I really thinking to use your offer 🙂 but I must save some money for having at least $500 – $1000 for my budget.

    Cheers..and the greetings from the Netherlands

    • Hey Charlie, thanks for the compliments! The only email list at the moment is within the pay per call training. You can message me through the contact form as well if you have any questions 🙂

  33. Hey there! When applying for campaigns in ringpartner’s dashboard, the requirement is to submit creatives. From what I understand you’re supposed to submit a landing page even if it’s a call only ad (?).

    Does that mean we should buy a new domain for each campaign we test? (Because the url is supposed to match the offer). Or did I get something wrong?


    • Hey Karolina, I’ve submitted the ads, but blurred out the domain name for privacy reasons.

      If they REALLY want you to submit the domain name as well, then you will need to comply.

      But otherwise, just blur out the domain name.

      • Thanks Leo! So you just bought one generic domain you used for all your adwords ads? Doesn’t that influence quality score if the url is irrelevant to the keywords? Or do you have one generic domain for insurance campaigns, one generic for home repairs etc?

        • Hey Karolina, your QS is influenced by your adcopy relevance, and your Click through rate.

          So make your adcopy REALLY relevant to get to those clicks 😉

  34. I don’t understand how you profit? Adwords keywords are very expensive and the Ringpartmer offers are like $8….how on earth do you profit?

    • Hey Jay, great question!

      You modify your ads to be more directed for your keywords, and you look for keywords that no one else is bidding on. I show this within the course itself.

      Let me know if you have more questions Jay.

      • Hey Leo,

        So are you saying that you are seeking longtail keywords within the search terms panel to find new keywords that nobody is bidding on?

        Also, is there anyway to get your entire course in one go? I presume you have drip feed content, I would really prefer all the content straightaway.

  35. Hi Leonidas, thank you so much for this training but I just want to know what is the minimum budget to start as a beginner? and how many hours should I work everyday?,thanks.

    • Hey Abderrahim, I recommend a budget of $500, that you don’t mind spending on the learning curve. Luckily, with the guides, you will be able to skip newbie mistakes as well.

  36. Hi Leonidas I have been trying to get a hold of you in order to purchase your advanced feature that enables text ads to only generate calls on google ad words. Please get back to me.


  37. Hi Leonidas, I am a paid premium23 member. Where do I find the information about converting text ads into call only ads as you mentioned in the Adwords Video 6.0 above?

  38. Hey Leonidas,

    Purchased the pay per call Mastermind and still have no access. The links you sent me will only take me back to the signup page. Not sure what to do. Can someone please get in touch with me and let me know how to proceed please?

  39. Hi Leonidas,

    Excuse my ignorance… why do you create both an Expanded Text Ad that targets Mobile, AND a Call-Only Ad? If both will target Mobile, and the ultimate goal is for both to get that call, not to even visit our website, why create both instead of only one (Call-Only Ad)?

    • Hey Ruben, call-only ads have a low display rate for many of the niches, despite all phones having the ability to make phone calls.

      Thus, an expanded text ad WITH the click-2-call hack allows you to drastically improve the display rate for your call-only ads.

    • Hi Shauna, most of the content is about generating traffic for an offer/product using pay per call traffic. It’s not specifically geared towards just “affiliate” offers.

      Most of the time, running “direct” to a buyer/client is more profitable as well.

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