Got Keywords?

Here is a quick video on how to use Spyfu to steal unlimited sets of keywords.

How To Steal Keywords Using Spyfu


In the video above, I show you how to collect thousands of keyword using SpyFu.

==> Get SpyFu Here <==

Compared to KeywordSpy/SEMRush and those other ones, Spyfu lets you literally scrape as many keywords as you want per day. KeywordSpy/SEMRush have limits/day.

You can dig REALLY deep into a niche, and come back with MILLIONS of keywords.


When naming your campaigns, append ‘ – domain – organic/paid' to the end of it, for better organization.

Also, remember to use my Keyword & Adgroup strategy when creating your campaigns. 

This will allow you to track conversions properly for HUGE lists of keywords.

Finally, I recommend you remove duplicate keywords, using the Google Ads editor, or Excel.

Good luck with Spyfu.

I literally spent an entire 2 days collecting over 50+ lists, with 80 to 500,000 keywords (hotels.com)

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P.S. Some Fantastic Testimonials This Week

Allen having his first $100 Day!

Allen having his first $100 Day!

Ravi Killing it with $1000/week

Ravi Killing it with $1000/week

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  1. I agree Daniel. Easily worth sacrificing a couple of cups of coffee and donuts for the monthly membership…truly golden nuggets of info and what’s shaping up to being an active little tight niched pay-per-call community as well. Good stuff.

    I do have questions for you though Leo. First question, why Spyfu? Just curious as to why you don’t refer us to simply use Keywordspy since it’s been your go-to tool in all your videos for seeing if certain domains were running ads.

    Second, I notice there used to be 3 day trial periods and such a while back for Spyfu. Is there anything like that going on right now so we can “test” out Spyfu first, before we plunk down $80 initially? Also, is SEM Rush something to consider as well?

    One last question. With all these keyword tools, like Google Keyword Planner and some others, why do we never have to focus on “how competitive” some of the KW’s we are choosing and scraping actually are? Wouldn’t it make sense that a lower competition KW (whether long tail or not) that has a lower ad spend and decent amount of searches technically yield better results? Or is the answer just simply totally different since we’re advertising on mobile phones only?

    Sorry for all the questions.


    • Hey May,

      KeywordSpy was just an example of finding competition. But they have a limit to how many keywords you can export per day.

      SpyFu has no limit to the number of keywords you can export.

      KeywordSpy/SEMRush and it’s other competitors would limit you to 50,000 keywords/day.

      As far as a trial, I believe they have a 7-day money-back guarantee.

      Finally, long-tail keywords are less prevalent in mobile searches (imagine the difficulty of typing up a sentence on a mobile phone, for the average user).

      Most keyword searches on mobile phones are 2-4 keywords long (check your search query reports for a better example).

      Finding low-competition keywords easily would be gold… but finding them usually consists of plugging 10,000+ keywords into adwords, and checking the search queries for golden nuggets later (see what Google thinks is relevant to your keywords & ads).

      Hope that helps May 🙂

      Ultimately, SpyFu is another tool to boost your probability of success.

      As I say, it takes just 2-3 money keywords to break the bank 🙂

      • {Quote} Finally, long-tail keywords are less prevalent in mobile searches (imagine the difficulty of typing up a sentence on a mobile phone, for the average user).

        Most keyword searches on mobile phones are 2-4 keywords long (check your search query reports for a better example). {/Quote}

        Hi Leo, I’m finding with organic search traffic that a large % of Google search visitors appear to be using “Voice Searches” . Lot of buzz about this… and wondering if you see any of these in your Pay-per-Call adwords campaigns?

        Example Keyword – “how much does a divorce lawyer cost in orange county”

        I assume these keywords originate from those phone users saying “Okay Google” and then asking for their personal Genie a query.

        Personally, I use “Okay Google” all the time for directions and location needs, especially when travelling. Latest android gets fine-tuned to the phones GPS location point and delivers excellent results for something as mundane as “where can I get my shoes shined.”

        • Hey Jan,

          ‘voice searches’ are extremely prevalent. Almost 50%+ of the searches. You can see them under search queries in your adwords interface.

          They typically look like ‘ok google call divorce lawyer’, or ‘ok google where is a ‘, as you mentioned.

          I like to look at these queries for ideas as well, as well as actively adding negative keywords, because google still manages to match the worst queries to your ad spend.

  2. Hey Leo

    This sounds like a great tool!

    Whats your opinion on the use of the “organic” keywords though? More or less useful for our purposes in mobile ppc?

    Is there a reason why you seperate the two types of lists and not just run them together?

    • Hey Kelvin,

      The organic keywords are really hit or miss. A lot of garbage in there. You are better off targeting keywords that the big guys have tested for a while now.

      Segmenting them is also, always important. Feel free to test out organic as well though, and see how it works out 🙂

  3. Leo, so you use both the tool in that 3700 dollars post and this one on 1 campaign? Now kinda confused on which one to use and if I should use both at the same time on one offer…


    • Hey Yi,

      The collect keywords in different manners. The $3700 one is more exclusive in it’s keyword collection process.

      SpyFu is great for just ripping the keywords from large competitors, aggregating the lists, and letting them rip.

      2 different tools, 2 different keyword collection methods.

      No probs 🙂

  4. Have you ever used Jumptap? I tried to add the Ringrevenue phone number for the click to call feature. It wont let me add it. Says must be a proper number with an area code?

    • Hey Ken, I would recommend a landing page for mobile display traffic. It doesn’t convert at all well from a direct click to call. Also mobile display that doesn’t come from adwords/bing ads typically consists of 60%+ fraud traffic. FYI.

  5. Hey Leo,

    Thanks for the post, great value and straight to the point, much appreciated.

    I was wondering where you get the statistic of 60%+ being Fraud. I know lots of marketer having great success with mobile display at some various ad network.


    • Hey Laurent, the guys running large volumes and profits are either running adult mobile traffic, or using illegal cloakers with adwords, bing ads, or facebook.

      Most other ad networks have massive volumes of click-fraud. A simple google search will pull up many articles on this.

      Nonetheless, Affiliate networks don’t care, and generally accept these methods regardless (cloakers).

  6. Thanks for the answer Leonidas.

    What about keyword research, I know you recommend Spyfu and I would love to hear you opinion about other tool like market samurai or keyword extreme…What is in your opinion the best tool out there we could use?

    I have a copy of market samurai but it seems it won’t be useful to scrap 100s thousand of KW, it is more a long tail type of tool which is limited for mobile as you pointed in your comment.


    • Hey Laurent, SpyFu is the best, in my opinion, because you can scrape unlimited keywords per day.

      Other providers have a cap on your scrape limit per day.

      Last time I used market samurai, it simply pulled data from the Keyword Tool on Adwords, and don’t know Keyword Extreme.

      But SpyFu is the best for mass keywords.

    • Hey James, just test one list at a time, bid low, and see what impressions, what search queries are coming up, and if conversions are coming in 🙂

        • Hey Andrew,

          Simply download the keyword lists, import them using the adwords editor, filter out obviously bad keywords, set a low bid, filter out some more keywords slowly, then find the 3-10 keywords that crush it, and scale them (increase bids, budget, expand on variations). 🙂

  7. Hey Leo,

    The main problem of SpyFu is that it is scrapping results only for US and UK.
    As my business is elsewhere, this tool is useless for me, SemRush is much more friendly if you need results for other countries.

    • Hey Tony, so if you are profitable, I recommend getting it, to get an advantage over your competitors 🙂

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