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The Ultimate List of Pay-Per-Call Networks

Not sure where to get offers for your Pay-Per-Call campaigning?

Or do you simply need to look for MORE offers that might appeal to your marketing tactics?

If you haven't already, make sure to read How To Setup A Profitable Mobile Pay-Per-Call Campaign On Google Ads.

I for one, joined a particular network that currently has a very niche PPCall campaign that appeals to ONLY Ontario, Canada residents.

Other networks may have offers that only appeal to specific states in the U.S. or even internationally.

Finding them, and maximizing on them, may lead to ridiculous money-making results.

As such, here is a list of Pay-Per-Call networks that both newbies, and experts can apply for, to get more offers.

The Ultimate List of Pay-Per-Call Networks

Palo Media <–

Aragon Advertising <–

InterG Media <–

Commission Junction


Astoria Company

PayPerCall Inc

RingPartner (Currently Closed For Signups)

*keep in mind, there are even more networks out there that you can apply for that might not be on this list.

Bonus For Pay Per Call Mastermind Forum Members Only:

–> Finding Secret Networks & Offers To Promote <–

Some Tips Before You Apply

When you are applying, make sure to highlight your strategies as ‘mobile ppc (pay-per-click)', and ‘mobile display networks'. You can mention adwords as your primary source of traffic.

Some of the networks may take ages to accept your application, while others may reject you. There are more than enough to get accepted into.

Finally, just go and apply, and start running offers 🙂


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  • I will warn you about Commision junction and the Astoria network they kept over $6,000 of my hard earned money this how they do it I was accepted in Commision junction with this website After I earned over $4,500 from promoting the pay per call offers they said my website is a link farm and they dont allow link farm website but it is same website they let me join and never paid me the $4500 owed Astoria does soemthing similar I was accepted into Astoria network i earned over $1500 in commisions and they suspended my account saying i was secret shopper

    • I'm not exactly sure how your website works, since it doesn't exactly look to offer anything.

      Nonetheless, if a networks deems that you are running fraudulent traffic, instead of continuing to let you make them money as well, then they can rightfully suspend your payment.

      Some networks will still pay out, indicating that they clearly don't value the relationship with their advertiser.

      Either way, I wish you luck in getting your funds back.

  • I am not a newbie in affiliates but looking for a trusted Pay Per Call site to join. Please suggest me.

  • Hi Leonidas, thanks for your amazing article. Can you please give me some landing page idea/link. I am stucked here.

  • Leonidas, what do you think is a smart way to have independent tracking for phone recordings? Would you recommend something like Callfire or Twilio? Or are you usually pretty confident that the networks are tracking everything everything properly?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    • Hey MorethanSEO, those are both great platforms for listening to calls (I've used callfire extensively in the past). The network can also use a platform that allows you to listen to calls sometimes (invoca does not).

  • hi Leonidas
    i am having trouble with signing in google adwords current in 2016 .So please can u upload a new video for it or please guide me about it.

    • Hey Shehreyar, I'm sure there is a video to signing up with adwords out there. It's a simple process of submitting your info and verifying your account :)

  • Leonidas, friends,
    You mention some of the big pay-per-call networks. Adding to what Arun wrote, there are other networks, some smaller, some bigger, which are promoting call offers. Before going directly to the names mentioned in the article, I would recommend talking to a few, going over the offers list and understand the payment terms. Most networks take the offers from a handful of advertisers but the margins they leave for themselves can differ. At, we value our affiliates and offer great payouts and terms on all verticals.

  • Hi Leonidas
    Please list our pay per call network in your list .We are are also paying $50 signup bonus to all publishers.

  • Hello Leonidas ,

    hope you will be doing well ..
    can you teach me personally ppc .


  • In that case please suggest a way to drive tech issue based calls against scary virus pop ups
    We are looking to bring in software issue based calls- ppcall Ppv ppsale or any good method
    RP no longer accepts new tech support advertiser sign up
    Emm off late quality isn't good
    Please help

    • Pretty much every affiliate network does tech support offers. For PPV networks, it's a hit and miss, depending on how you are promoting it.

      Since most people are running scammy/black-hat PPV tech support, it's not a niche I recommend.

  • Hi Leonidas, do you also know PPC networks that operate in Spain/Italy and South America?

    Kind regards,


  • is there any network that can accept offline methods (call center traffic) for pay per call auto insurance campaigns. if do please share the link, we can sign up right away.

  • Callbox is also great and is growing very fast. They run a pay per call marketing and analytics platform... So you can buy and sell calls as well as track and attribute calls just as if you would with invoca, but in one platform.

  • Leonidas K nice person..just i see that very helpful to online. very important topics he shared. can you plz suggest me which pay per call network supports dating/adult pay per call program me.anyone who knows about dating/adult pay per call network plz inform me?

  • We found your company by typing in "pay per call". We are an Orlando law firm that only represents injured persons. If your company actually charges its customers by the number of calls that it actually generates for its customers, then we are very interested. otherwise, we are not.

  • hello every one ,

    h-ow would a Telemarketing agency would benefit from these offers. Please help . I hope to hear from you all .

  • Hi, I would like to personally invite you and your readers to check out our pay per call offers at We are a print media agency that promotes some of our more unique offers on a pay per call basis. We are looking for quality publishers and affiliates!

  • Leonidas,

    ZenFinancial is one of the oldest and trusted Call Center Network in the world.

    We are now on RingRevenue / Invoca.

    Interested Call Centers / Publishers can check out our current list of campaigns ONLINE on our BLOG at


  • Hello please help. need to rent a room for an extra charge for any incoming calls. where to do it? calls come from customers who use my information services

  • I know you specialize in PPC however I am sure you have some insight on which one of these networks could be used for local lead generation

  • My name is Josh and I am working with Hypertarget Marketing a reputable, growing Pay Per Call network with mostly exclusive offers. We are just starting to branch out and look for awesome publishers who are willing to send calls to our clients. These clients include the expected mortgage, credit, home services and other verticals along with less expected clients such as adoption services. Working direct allows us to have very competitive commissions for publishers and at the very least we would be delighted if you tested us out.

    We are looking for legitimate publishers who are looking to drive qualified traffic to specific offers. Our commitment to you is awesome service and fair treatment for everyone driving traffic and paying for leads. We obviously ask folks to avoid poor advertising practices which is why we need you to communicate with us prior to acceptance into the network. We will never ask for specific practices that might reveal any secrets. We just want to have good relationships with folks.

    So with all that said, please email me at so we can get the process moving along for you.


  • Hey Leonidas

    For remote technical support business, According to google policies it is very difficult to run the campaign , Please share any source who can provide tech support leads and charge per call.


    • Hey Tarun,

      You can certainly promote technical support on Google. I'm not sure which policy issues you are referring to.

      Please clarify Tarun :)

  • hi

    I have a computer support company and have been looking for pay per call modules. Any suggestions.

    • Hey Sunny,

      The premiumposts can help you learn adwords and paypercall for your business.

      Check it out Sunny :)

  • Hello Leonidas.

    As an advertiser; do you have any advice on using Facebook as s source of Pay per Call leads?

    • Hey Jack,

      You will need to master mobile landing pages, and figure out tracking from the Facebook APi, through to the landing page, and into the affiliate network API.

      You also need to pass parameters to determine which demographics are converting.

      Slightly confusing, but do-able.

  • Hi Leo, one question.
    As a newbie, is there any website you would recommend?
    So far, all of the PPC network are asking for my company name and website. I have none, and having no experience in PPC, there is not much relevant content i can post on a website if i create one. Any advice ?

    Thank you and keep beasting

    • Hey Speeds3,

      At least for ppcall, I have a couple videos on my blog you can check out.

      For the website/company name, you can generally create one, or at least register hosting and a domain.

      Maybe even a simple facebook page works, but the networks need to know you are real, and not scammy.

      Good luck!

  • Pay Per Call Inc. has over 100 campaigns paying from $10 to $100 per call! If you are an experienced publisher or you are a new publisher but you have the ability to reach consumers... WE WANT YOU!

    Come see what everyone is talking about and visit now!

  • I see, I I read this but still have no access to google. Any suggestions of other ad networks with click to call?

    • Try a mediabuy on, or bing, but not much else available in the marketplace at the moment.

    • Bing only allows WAP ads with click-2-call, which is incredibly limiting, since their traffic is almost inexistent.

      In the 2nd PPCall ebook I released, I noted how limiting the user to click-2-call only, actually increases your conversion rate, since they are directed straight to a phone call, and thus the call center.

  • I'm using bing ads as I can't use google, got banned for something I promoted years ago (not illegal, just affiliate stuff not liked by google). You think this can still work?

    • Banned or suspended? You can make another account for adwords, and promote legitimately. Should be fine :)

  • Got accepted to OfferMobi pretty quick so that might be worth a try for any newbies. They dont have that many pay-per-call offers yet but I've just set up a campaign which is getting a lot of impressions, only a few clicks and no calls yet though.

  • Some of these networks like "as seen everywhere" and "Atrinsic" are not even operational networks anymore, or don't appear to be. In fact, I just searched for the the real atrinsic site and it's now a adult/porn page. Hardly a network I would trust! Anyways thanks for the list, probably just time for an update...

    • Good call, thanks for the update.

      It's also a heads up to fully research the various affiliate networks, to ensure they are stable, and have been around for a while. Nothing worse than spending cash on one aff network, and then not getting paid.


  • For you need a company name and site. Would you just use any site for this or do you have a profile site?