Previously, we covered the top 7 email marketing tips to increase your CTR.

Those were the fundamentals, but now lets add some numbers and statistics into the mix with today's Top 5 Email Response Boosters With Statistics!


1. What is the best Frequency to Send Emails?

According to Forrester Research and NFO World Group:

  • approximately 31-35% of e-mail recipients prefer: only 1 email per week;
  • 18% prefer 2-3 days between each mailing;
  • 13% said only once per month,
  • 6% went e-mails after more than 1 month.

Interestingly, 8% replied with never.

So conclusion? 1-2 e-mails per week will net you a nice 50% of your preferred audience.


2. Click-through-Rates On The Decline

Various studies have shown that CTR's for emails are on the decline.

A poorly crafted email can net anywhere less than a 1% CTR.

A high quality e-mail can get 20% or more with an incentive sent directly to your own list.

In retrospect, CTR's don't mean conversions or sales, but then again, to get the sale, you need clicks.


3. To HTML or to Plain Text Dilemma

Opt-In News tells us that more than 68% of email marketing uses HTML (text emails with graphics).

More importantly, more than 60% of email users can view HTML-based messages, which evidently can receive a 200% better response rate!

The best way to see what works is to perform a split-test with your email provider, and see which version performs best with which readers.


4. How to Statistically Get Your Emails Opened

Opt-In News tells us that the average open rate is 69% or higher.

If you incentivise your list, then this could be even higher, yet 60% is considered an excellent open rate.

So, what will influence your open rate the highest?

  1. Use a familiar name (typically from you, or someone recognizable)
  2. Personalize the subject line by including their name.
  3. An incentive offer

Also visit 7 email marketing tips to increase your CTR for the breakdown of each tip.


5. ‘What Does that Mean?' = Higher Open Rates

Sending an email with the subject line “HOT WOMEN” to your hardware tools list will definitely increase your open rate!

But you will have a much lower conversion rate, and ultimately risk alienating your list.

Having the key message in the subject line will lower the overall open rate, but will target the list whom are actually interested to know more, and even make a sale.

By applying these 5 tips into your current email campaign, you will see a marked statistical increase in your overall open-rates, CTR's, and conversions.

Finally, by keeping an eye on your metrics to assess the effectiveness of your changes, you will guarantee a more successful email marketing campaign!


Quote of the Hour:

“I find I use the Internet more and more. It's just an invaluable tool. I do most of my research on the Net now – and certainly do the bulk of my communicating through email.”

~ Nora Roberts, Author of 209 Romance Novels

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