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So what can be better than having someone do most of the heavy lifting for you when trying something new?

How about giving it away for free?

If you haven't read “How To Setup A Profitable Mobile Pay-Per-Call Campaign On Google Ads“, then go and get this guide first. If you have already gotten the guide, then continue below.

Top 5 Tips For Google Ads Pay Per Call AdvertisingTop 5 Tips To Increasing Conversions & Calls With Google Ads Pay-Per-Call

This guide covers the following:

  • Building your campaign correctly (the 2nd time)
  • Dynamic KeyWord Insertions To increase Your CTR's
  • Call For Free Adcopy, Dropped Calls, And Google Forwarding
  • Implementing Call To Actions To Increase CTR's
  • Advantages & Benefits Of A Mobile Landing Page

This guide basically saves you cash from testing unnecessarily with things that don't work in Google Ads, while at the same time, decreasing your costs using advertising tricks, and increasing conversions.

This guide is outdated.

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  1. Hey, I’ve been trying to get my feet wet in Pay Per Call,thanks to you and your pay per call guide. I just set up my campaign and noticed that i had 2 clicks however i realized that ringrevenue is not showing any stats. Can you help me see where i could have gone wrong?

    • Usually, there is leakage clicks, because people will click, and not really expect a call.

      To circumvent this, you need to ensure people know they are clicking to call in your ad copy, as well, make sure you target your keywords by “PHRASE” match, thus eliminating weird BROAD keyword variations that have nothing to do with your ad, and don’t typically warrant a call.

  2. My keywords are exact match.So there is no keyword variations. Also i downloaded a firefox addon and try to see if my ad would appear for the given exact keyword and i couldn’t find the keyword. My ads are targeted for US and Canada. I’ve got 2 keywords that’s given me clicks however now i’d want to eliminate the other keywords that’s driving the impressions and not giving the clicks to increase my CTR however not knowing why my clicks is not registered in the ringrevenue is driving me insane.

    • Yea, clicks that you get charged for, but no calls are made. Similar to clicks for websites, that the user simply closes upon opening.

      The best issue, in this case, is indirect. You simply need to choose an offer that provides an ROI of 50%, even if only 1/5 ppcall clicks convert.

  3. This is good stuff. I’m really struggling to get pay per call off the ground. Having loads of clicks and still no calls so this was helpful, thanks.

    • No probs. There is definitely a trade off with a lower volume for a higher conversion rate.

      As long as you chose offers that have a high payout (10-15+), and bid low (1-3$), then your ROI should be profitable.

  4. Thanks for both these guides. I’m still confused about the landing page / QS issue. From the first guide, I can’t tell if you’re using a landing page or just sending the web traffic to the offer site and hoping to get the call. For example if you were promoting Allstate Auto Insurance, you’re just sending them to

    • No, you simply make your ads into click-2-call only. This still works in Enhanced campaigns. The site is simply for a Quality score to lower you bid costs.

  5. Hi Leonidas,

    Thanks for your awsome guide!

    Now, if you dont mind I do have a few questions that I would like to ask you, since you seem to have quite some experience with pay per call offers already.

    Would you care to share some offers/niches that were your first “big” success? Of course I am not going to ask for any active campaigns, but just a tip on what offer type is a good to get start with ppcall.

    When i first thought about some campaign ideas, the first thing that came to my mind were local services. Like “plumber near me” or “plumber in new york”… but I soon started to think that this local niches might be saturated by now? Whats your thoughts on that? Do you think the local service thing is saturated?

    Also, I was wondering if you could share some very basic numbers with me:

    – What’s the local search volume that you consider to be high enough to start making a campaign?
    – Whats the highest cpc that you consider to still be potentially profitable when the payout is about 10USD (I saw most ppc offers pay around ~10usd for 90 secs on the line)?
    – Do you like to bid on a lot of small [low volume] keywords or do you rather target just a few but big keywords?
    – long tail keywords or short keywords?
    – With the new Google enhanced campaigns, whats your trick to get mobile traffic only, as you can no longer specify it in your campaign settings?

    And more generally: do you have experience with mobile traffic from leadbolt as well?


    • Heyhey buddy,

      Thanks for the one up, glad to help 🙂

      My first big success was with a university offer that had a terrible IVR (interactive voice response) and call center. Essentially, they didn’t filter call traffic, thus I made a good sum of cash on their error. I found this out after recording the calls, and determined that a good IVR will determine your conversion rate.

      After that, I ran a couple ‘find a lawyer’ offers, and had success with those on adwords. These still run strong, and highly recommended.

      As far as your ‘local offers’ question, I can’t really say about search volume. The best strategy is to run as many offers as possible, at a low CPC, and see what converts. My recommendation is anything that pays $10+. Pump out offers, and see what converts well.

      The issue with bidding high (aside from burning your funds very very quickly), is the other factors that can mess up your conversion rate: click to call loss, IVR filtering, and underlying payout conditions (ie. only specific cities or zipcodes not mentioned in the offer description).

      And with the enhanced campaigns, one trick you can use to only bid on mobile is: “If someone doesn’t want to run on mobile, then they can decrease their mobile bid adjustment by -100%, which will effectively mean their ads don’t show up on mobile. So yes, all the bid adjustments can go up or down. If they value mobile more than desktop/tablet then they can set a lower base bid and then crank up the mobile bid adjustment by +300%.”


      Also, leadbolt and airpush is definitely worth a try. But I haven’t heard any success from running ppcall on those kinds of campaigns. Mobile display is another animal altogether, and tracking can be tough to figure out.

      P.S. Mobile display traffic (ala leadbolt, airpush), has HUGE click discrepencies… or click fraud. You basically lose 30-50% of your clicks from what the traffic network says, to your tracking platform. Thus, it’s a tough gamble sometimes.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  6. Hi Leonidas,

    I clicked on the “Click Here To Get The Guide” in your OP but it just brings me to a blank facebook page, i.e. I see the page and facebook layout but where the ebook/guide is supposed to be, there is just a greyed out scrolling bar and blank page, nothing else. Is there a way to just get access to the pdf? I’m not a fan of facebook at all, to be honest…

  7. And something to add to my previous comment: Where can you actually get access to pay per call offers? I can’t find them in my usual CPA networks.

  8. Duuude.. You’ve GOTTA get that PPCall Mastery course out!

    Love the value on the site..

    Quick couple questions for you:

    Now I’m an SEO guy trying to tackle adwords so I have some pretty basic questions..

    1)For Adwords, when first starting a campaign, how many adgroups and KW’s per adgroup are you setting up? Do you have a general rule?

    2)What’s a good “est. Traffic” for a set of keywords? As in est. clicks per day (during campaign set up)

    3)Say I’m doing an auto insurance offer and i want to target three states, would it be best to make 3 separate campaigns, each targeting one state? or can i just create one campaign targeting all 3 and just create targeted KW’s?

    4)DO YOU OFFER COACHING?! 🙂 I would definitely be interested..

    Love the value on the site.



    • Heyhey D, I might start working on it again this summer, thanks for the push 🙂

      1. Use BMM (broad match modifier) keywords, and limit them to 1-5 KW’s/group.

      2. I don’t look at traffic when using BMM.

      3. There are various strategies in this case. One would involve making a camp/state. Another is enhanced campaigns, with individual phone #’s per adgroup. Testing is key.

      4. As far as coaching, the best I can do is these posts, and maybe one day that Adwords PPCall course.

      Cheers D 🙂

  9. Hi Leonidas

    I Liked the Facebook page and I invited a friend who also liked the page, but I simply cannot seem to download the guide.

    Whenever I click on the link “click here to get guide” I am just redirected to the facebook page…

    Please let me know what I am doing wrong?

    • Hey Jdawg,

      This article is a bit outdated, so I took down the product. Previously, you would signup to the email list (another one), and it would forward to you.

      But it’s outdated now.

      I should fix that, thanks for the update jDawg 🙂

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