Adventures in Vilnius, Lithuania

After blowing through Western Europe in just a month (Portugal, Spain, Andorra, Southern France), I decided to stay in Vilnius for a month.

Vilnius was my first post-soviet era country to live in (I stayed in the old-town of Tallinn, Estonia the year before, but that didn't feel very soviet-era).

Most of my adventures took place in the old town of Vilnius. If you manage to find a place in, or near the old-city, then you will have night-life almost every night (whether it's very busy, or just a few locals at the pubs/bars).

Walking around the old-town, you can feel that some of the buildings haven't been repaired since their soviet-era days, with the decades-old decay of their exteriors. While others have been refurbished for the rapidly growing tourism industry in Vilnius.

Vilnius had some of the friendliest people on the planet. This is probably because they have not been hit by an extreme influx of tourism like Tallinn, or Riga.

Nonetheless, the cost of living in Vilnius was very low (for a western tourist), and the city felt relatively safe.

I definitely recommend Vilnius, Lithuania.

Top Photos from Vilnius, Lithuania

Quick side note about the photos:

I took these photos when I first had my Canon M3 in 2016. As such, I was actively using the built-in filters in the camera. This was ultimately a bad idea, because, looking back, they look over-filtered.

For 2018, I re-edited them in lightroom, to decrease the strong contrasting lines. But lesson learned: don't use the built in filters on your camera.


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