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Have you already gone through dozens upon dozens of domain names when testing and offering up new products and services?


Why Not Get Unlimited Domain Names For Free?

One major reason is to have a customized domain name for a specific niche or even offer.

You simply link to that domain with a custom name such as “”, and this provides an element of credibility (all other factors aside).

For every offer I promote, I like to register a new domain name.

This provides full control over the linking process, what you run in the back end, and even how you monetize your visitors.

Check out Leonidas' WordPress IFrame CPA Package of Glory on how to combine the 3 respective elements.

Obviously, we all have our own reasons for registering a domain name.

  • its free (in this case)
  • have a personalized domain name for yourself
  • have a business domain name
  • promote an offer
  • use it as a redirect
  • test out a new website idea

Now, to get the Domain Itself.

These of course are all Top-level domains. This is nerd-speak for ‘'

Because each domain typically costs anywhere from $5-15 (depending on the hosting provider), I'm sure you understand the cost-benefits of getting them for free instead.

As of writing this post, I have roughly 12 domains registered (all for free).

So to get the link to Unlimited Free Domain Names, simply opt-in to the email newsletters (I promise to only send you high quality content), and the method is yours.

Technical Steps For Everyone

To connect your offer/website hosting to your new free domain name:

Option 1: Forward this domain to:

Insert your offer link


Simply input your Offer/redirect link in here, and anytime you type in ‘', your site will load up, but with the new domain name in the address bar (this is called ‘cloaking').

Option 2: Use your own DNS (Domain Name Server?)


Using name servers to redirect to your hosting provider


This will forward to your hosting provider (in this case, HostGator), which will link to your wordpress website.

In HostGator (or cPanel for your host), go to the account information section, to find your name servers.

HostGator Name Server section

Then, in the domains section, select “Addon Domains”

Create an addon domain.

Install WordPress (your first install or another one instance) by going into:

Software/Services -> Fantastico De Luxe

Install a new instance of wordpress

Install wordpress with your new domain information

Login to your New Domain

Enjoy Your new domain name

Quote of the day:

“Another example of this is the word ‘ringtones.’ It is worth millions right now, but five years ago, it wasn’t worth 50 bucks. If you see a trend or something that you see coming out that the next guy doesn’t–spend ten bucks and buy up that name.”

~ Marc Ostrofsky, President of Internet REIT

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  1. Hey bro,

    Do you know if this will work when advertising iframe offers on Facebook ads? I tried another URL forward service and Facebook banned the ad until I removed the URL forwarder 🙁

    Cheers man


  2. hey there,
    have you tried this with facebook offers yet since you last replied dec 3 2012? hope to hear more on this.

    i appreciate your great feedback.

    • I assume you are refering to using these domains for facebook offers, then sure, facebook definitely allows it.

      Good luck David!

  3. when I enter my own hostgator DNS information for both primary and secondary it is not accepting it, gives me error “this nameserver is not valide”

    • I also get that error occasionally. Forgot how I resolved it, but create the website, and then update the DNS’s afterwards.

  4. BEWARE! These folks will cancel all of your domains if you get too many or have too much traffic coming.

    I had 20+ domains, each connected to a separate Adwords campaign and they took them all down. They cited some vague section of their T&C (none of which violated) and invited me to purchase all the domains to remove the restriction. No one would give me a specific reason (because there is none) for why my domains were cancelled.

    I should have known there was a catch to using a free domain registrar. Back to Namecheap I go.

    • Hey Paul,

      Not sure why you had this experience.

      I’ve never encountered such an issue, so this may be relatively new, or an isolated incident.

      Good luck!

      • Leo
        This isn’t new, what happens is if you recieve a lot of traffic on these TK domains they will just redirect somewhere or they’ll just park it on sedo and profit on your traffic.
        So If you are thinking of pushing 1000’s hits daily then I would reccomend not to run with these .tk domains.

  5. Hi Leonidis, I have signed up to the email newsletters. How can I get the link for the unlimited free domain names? Thank You. Antonio Leon

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