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As promised, I'm continuing to update the PremiumPosts & Forum with the latest advanced training that you need for next year.

In this video, we take a deep-dive into using the Google Ads Editor, with Excel, and creating our own keywords using a list of 2000 cities, as well as my personal Adcopy for Ads.

Update: National Campaign With Excel & Google Ads Editor

National Keyword & Adgroup Strategy

Things We Will Do

  • Install Google Ads Editor
  • Build An Excel Table
  • Add Campaign Names, Adgroups using a list of 2000 cities
  • Implement Excel formulas for creating 4000 keywords
  • Import into the Google Ads Editor
  • Setup the Campaign in Google Ads Editor
  • Create Ads (plus show you my adcopy) + Extensions
  • Add some negative keywords
  • Upload to Google Ads
  • Add a schedule
  • Double Check & Launch

The link to the new video is below:

Week 1: Creating A National Campaign With Excel & Google Ads Editor


As always, stay tuned for more content updates coming up.




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~ Guy Laliberte


  1. Hey Leonidas

    I was wondering would it be possible to create multiple Adwords accounts using different gmails, domains, payment methods, landing pages but still promote the same phone number without issues of being banned?

    • Hey Eric, while this is not something I would recommend, I personally don’t know about promoting the same phone number across multiple accounts.

      The safer bet is to just create a forwarding number to the same phone number on the other account. This will prevent google from assuming you are double-bidding across accounts.

      But you can definitely ask them as well.

  2. Hey Leonidas,

    Love the blog, and I’m signing up for premium posts as soon as I get paid.

    I’mean struggling though with a carpet installation offer, I’m sure you know which one I’m talking about;).

    But would $10 a day in select cities be a good start?

    Right now google tell me my bids are too low for the first page.


    • Hey Johi, great to have you on board. I wouldn’t recommend touching those low-end offers. The payout is too low, and the competition too high. If you really want to try this offer, try hitting up a direct carpet-leads buyer on facebook, in various ppcall groups.

      Otherwise, try a higher-payout offer.

  3. I paid last night but not sure what I am getting here. I see a blog of travel intermixed with some adwords content, most of which I cannot access. In particular I am looking for the mastermind forum and the information on how to convert mobile visitors straight to click to call. Thanks.

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